Movie Mayhems

 This will be where you can check out all of our movie reviews. Or Known to the World as Movie Mayhems.

 Summer Movie Mayhem - A list of all the movies we want to see and review this summer

#1. 42 - The Jackie Robinson BioPic
#2. Pain and Gain - Marky Mark + the Rock + Weight lifting + Inner Monologs = Michael Bay
#3. Iron Man 3- The exciting fourth chapter in the Iron Man movie saga
#4. Star Trek Into Darkness - Set Your Nerd boners to Star Wars
#5. The Hangover 3 - The Second best Hangover movie and the 19th best hangover I've ever had
#6. Now You See Me- Sony and Magic
#7.  Fast and Furious 6-  Non stop thrill ride to the Oscars
#8. This is the End- Bromance of the season
#9. Man of Steel - It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a billion dollar movie that will change the destiny of a dwindling company...... Ta DAHHHHH
#10. Pacific Rim - It's extremely Voltron
#11. The Wolverine - Its really really not that bad
#12 &13. We're the Millers & Kick Ass 2 - Double dip  son
#14. The World's End : The last and the Best

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