Saturday, February 14, 2015

The first Movie mayhem of 2015: Kingsman : The Secret Sauce ... wait a minute


  Right about now, most of you have settled in after a night of candles, chocolates, romantic dinners at a fancy restaurant, holding in your farts and you probably finished off the night going to see 50 shades of grey so you can get in the mood to finish the night. But since I am single and I am a guy. I did not do any of that....No, instead I went to the movies with a bunch of bros to see Kingsman: The Secret Service.

   Kingsman: The Secret Service is based of the Mark Millar comics about a secret privately funded, expertly trained,  well dressed, super polite and mega Britishey  organization. In simple terms, it's like a more than meets the eye type of story. Where you think "ohh this guy is wearing a suit. He can't be that tough" and after you finish your though you get stunned in the face by an umbrella. The movie stars , Colin Firth who plays a veteran Kingsman and after recruiting Eggsy played by Taron Egerton to take the place of a fallen Kingsman. The Kingsman have to stop an evil genius played by Samuel L Jackson. So now, you'll see it's like the older spy movies. They do make it known that they are kind of playing in that world, but it's done very genuinely so it doesn't take away from the story.... AND that's all I am going to say ,except. Go see this movie.

Shit Went down 
  Look, this movie is fantastic. It's a lot of fun and I feel it is a well done movie. The fight scenes were well crafted and believable. The Acting from Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Sam Jackson, Mark Strong, and the rest of the cast was good. It was cheesy at parts but they played their parts well. Just a good, fun movie that reminds you of the Sean Connery James Bond films.

  There is a fight scene near the end of the movie that is absolutely insane.... In the figuratively of course . But  its sick. The whole fight is in one shot. Which is pretty fucking cool. Also  the sound track is very solid. Lot of deep tracks that are got me grooving in my seat... Well not really. But  still I was on youtube during work trying to find one of the songs.

  Also I have a weekly podcast with My buddy Matt where we talk about some movie and tv news along with a Movie review show and other stuff that interests us. We are still new and learning the curve. So check us out at The Movie Mayhem Podcast ( and if you don't have iTunes. Then this is your link)

PS-I found the Song.

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