Monday, May 5, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the case of the Cleverly placed sonyproduct... I mean It's Movie Mayhem # 2 or whatever


   Well, good evening friends. Welcome back to the most mediocre review in the world. Welcome back to Movie Mayhem. It's been a while since I posted... Just about a month, also it's been a month since we did the podcast thing. Sorry things have picked up with everyone not being on the same schedules, people finishing up school, agents of shield picking up (lol jk that show is a garbage). I'm just saying the slow paced winter is done and now the go-go spring and summer have taken over. 
   This weeks feature is : The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - secret of the ooze ? Wait that's not right. There wasn't that much ooze in this one. The amazing Spider-Man 2 - the new vivo computer is available. No, that's not it ok it's just Amazing Spider-Man 2. All kidding aside. It was very good. You should absolutely  see this movie. 

  I'll be honest I went into this movie with very low expectations. I was not a fan for the first Amazing Spider-Man. I felt they sacrificed story to shove a mediocre love story with two young up in comers who one might be a crack addict. But this one was different. They really went for it on this. I'm still shocked by the last 25 minutes of the movie. If you're a Spider-Man comic book fan, you'll be able to piece together what will happen pretty quick but will be stunned with its execution. 

The Future is bright for this one. I feel it in my heart 

  Let's get into the performances. Andrew Garfield did a much better job this time around. I think he kicked his habit, he was speaking in almost full sentences as the voice over of spiderman. Emma Stone will forever be the girl next door. She was engaging and adorable, I'm pretty sure she is set up to have a great run a lead actress. Jamie Foxx came into Spider-Man under a lot of scrutiny and no one thought he could cross-over into the comic book movie world. Foxx has been in the zone with the critically acclaimed more serious roles like Django, Ray, New Year's Eve, and shit like that. But he created a Max Dillion/Electro that you almost felt for, until his point of no return. The makers of the movie didn't handcuff his powers. Which I thought was a nice touch, Because we are now only seeing a villain(s) who we all know and want to see their fun powers but we don't because the hero has to win. But they really gave him his due. This brings me to Dean Dehaan  ,I think that's his name. He played the Harry Osborn/Green Goblin and he was great. The way they had his character arch over the whole movie was like I said... Great. At first you could tell that he was struggling a little with the character he didn't know if he could be intense with his dialogue in scenes  with Peter Parker but as his story fleshed out he opened up and explored it. He gave by far one of the best performances in the movie. Coming in a close second is photoshopped Dennis Learhy. Ground breaking stuff from the Irish hammer. 

Take it easy buddy. I still love ya 
    This was not the quintessential (like that) Spider-Man movie. It was good but it had it's faults and goofy parts that could make you check out. I mean Cgi Paul Gamete face is tough to swallow and really he didn't need to be their but what ever you have to plant your squeal seeds. There were something's where I wished they gave a slight more attention to but whatever they had a time crunch. 

  In the end I give this movie a solid 7 out of 10. Not even close to Cap 2 but it was a good Spider-Man movie. Like the second best Spider-Man movie which goes Sam 2 Amazballs 2, Sam 1,Amazballs1 and that is it. See you next time. 

(For some reason even when I tell spell check I want to leave Amazballs in, they replace it with assemble. I think I fixed it.)