Friday, April 4, 2014

Movie Mayhem 2014: Captain America Due the Winner Winner Chicken dinner


So here we are once again. It's that time of the year that I know you all have been waiting and as the natural showman that I am. So who am I to keep this boring first three sentence going and I should just get to my point.... But While I have you here I did try the Waffle taco... It was blahhh. Maybe I had one that didn't put its best Waffle foot forward because it doesn't travel well. But any who , It's time for


 Yes, your favorite day late and dollar short movie review blog posts are back. And Still with in opening weekend. This week The gang and I hit up Captain America 2 The Winter Solider and on a quick review I would say that.... This was a great .

    You automatically give the Avengers the top slot of best Marvel movies because it was an eye orgy of awesome. But Cap 2 is strongly taking the #3 and maybe the #2 spot. I haven't been that impressed by a solo movie since Iron Man.

    All the actors brought a new level to their roles. Sam Jackson was a boss and really exploring theonion that is Nick Fury, Chris Evans shined as Cap, Scar Jo was super Hot and actually belonged in this movie, Anthony Mackie was a solid addition as The Falcon. The whole cast did a great job and they worked well in this world that marvel has made

  I don't want to go too deep into this movie because I think you should go and see it because it is worth every penny. Just maybe not 3d. Which is what we did, while I don't regret seeing it in the third dimension. It was not a game changer. It had some cool spots but there are other movies that use 3d better like Spider-Man, the hobbit or the oogiloves .There is a whole bunch of things that will make you grunt with joy while you see Cap kill it with his rag tag team of highly trained friends.Ohhhhh so much awesome.

   Sorry bout the limited Mayhem. I just think you should see this movie for your self. It's fun full of action and goodies.  Also stay for the atleast one of the after credits. If you know who the Winter Solider is you should stay for both and you will understand why that is another basket full of puppies , marshmallows and winning lottery tickets.


  1. This was a good movie, especially the fact that they played on the theme freedom vs security very well. It is actually scarey how close we are to that happening, though the final twist is a bit cliche. Still enjoyable non the less :D

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