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Marvel Vs Dc part 1 of 3 or whatever. Tv ,Video Games….. and Waffle tacos

 I just want to start this post with a simple fact. I have been flustered the past couple of weeks. My brain has been basically scrambled because I am not ready for this. I haven't prepared my mind, my soul and most importantly my body for this event. I feel that I will crumble when the day comes.

 No I am not talking about the WWE Network. I haven't bought into it yet but I have heard very little from Andrew, Mikey, and Nick. I am actually just talking to them now because I have concerns about our shitty location scouting for our podcast. By they way you should check us out  we are on the iTunes and on Podbean ( if ay don't like the iTunes )… Will it change your life? No. Will it make you laugh? More then likely we are pretty funny. Will it make you … umm lost my point but you know give it a listen, you will have a reaction. That's all I can promise you but back to my original point. I am grossly under prepared for what is about to happen!!!  Taco's made of Waffles and being sold at taco bell!!  

 Everyone knows that waffles are the # 2 breakfast food right below pancakes  and above bacon/ eggs they are in an eternal  struggle to what is the best side dish to go with pancakes.  Well waffles have now changed the fucking game. No longer will waffles sit out the have food stuffed in-between them game.  Waffles has let the universe know that they are ready for a higher class of war. Yes I have heard of Burgers made of waffles and other waffles like sandwiches. But this is crape territory. Oh man I just had an Idea a breakfast burrito with a pancake wrap !!!!!!!!!  This war will have it's causalities… What side are you on? Pancakes literally the least offensive food in the world or Waffles a darker more adult like breakfast food…

 Time out was that not a perfect seg-way into my actual post topic? Marvel Vs DC movies/tav shows. Lets talk about it some because it's a topic I find interesting and well really the only thing I have a decent  handle on.
The 90's 

 Lets start at Tv shows. Dating back to the 30's comic book stories have been translated in to radio shows and then progressing to Tv. The first real big popular comic book based TV show was the Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves and since then more and more comic book characters have been coming up through the live action waves. Trust me I will get to animation , but not now.  Each company has their big hits but really one company has been more confident with their shows.
 D.C has pulled zero punches with their shows. They put established characters into shows. Unlike Marvel who after the Hulk hasn't given a character a run as a t/v series. We all know Marvel owns it in the movies which I will get to.  Lets take a look at a small list of T.v shows from both companies

                                      D.C                                                Marvel
                                    Batman                                        The Incredible Hulk
                               Wonder womans                                   Spider man
                                   The Flashs                                        Nightman ( who the fuck is this)
                            Lois and Clark- Superman                        Mutant X - Xmen I guess
                                     Smallville                                       Blade: the series
                                     Arrow                                            Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Successful for a reason…. He's throwing a Bear 
The D.C shows have had multiple seasons and varying success. While the only Marvel show that had more then a 2 year run was the Hulk. Well, who knows how long S.H.I.E.L.D will last for. Disney put a good number of eggs in that basket. Even though no ones knows what that basket is holding for the universe.  So the Winner of the Live action show is = D.C and will continue to win because they are building up character so they can make movies about, if they so Choose…. Blue Beetle ?????? Though I have watched a few Smallville episodes and the first season of Arrow. I know they are not good but they appeal to an audience that has deep pockets. But, that could all change in the next couple of years with the deal Marvel and Netflix worked out.  DareDevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. Which is smart because these 4 shows will go right to the fans that want to see them along with the netflix user who says " Well this looks interesting. Maybe I'll watch one season of Breaking Bad… OMG THIS IS AMAZING"… By the way the full Season 5 is up. So I win !!!!!!!!!
Let the world hear your song 

---- Time Out I forgot that D.C has a Gotham T.V Show coming out. Marvel argument is invalid they lose. Due to the Batman Formula. Which is for those who don't know… Crime Drama+ Gritty world + Batman rouge's Gallery + Alfred = Success with Birds of Preybeing the exception.  That one was ahead of it's time. ------

What next should I go with video games? Because lets face it , Arkham Asylum is hands down the best series of games and they keep on  making Spiderman games with very little popularity and if you think about it long enough. Spider man should be a fantastic game. But I am not a big Video game guy so I won't embarrass myself in pretending to give a list. Lets  just move on.

  This concludes part 1. I would have continued but I spent so much time talking about the wafflco or the taffle  or the Breakfast Taco and pancakes. So  breaking this up into different post should be good for all parties. Plus I was doing some research and the animation part is going to be a doozy. There is so much content that I can cover. But that's a post for another day. If you have any add ons or questions. Hit me up here or on the Facebook site. Lots of fun to be had with this topic.

Winners of Round 1… What will round 2 bring 

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