Thursday, March 27, 2014

A little update and the first 2 installments of insomniac theater

Hey guys I just wanted to post a quick little something to give you the old heads up on what we've been up to lately.

   Not that much. Just kidding, calm down everyone. If you listen to the podcasts and I am sure you guys do. You have not

iced that our sound has been muffled. Well, we fixed that and have taken the appropriate  steps to give you high quality podcast noise. It turns out that the microphone on my Ipad got covered in dust and grime or something. After a good cleaning you can hear Mikey's chuckle loud and clear.

  Another thing I wanted to tell you guys is that I am A. going to finish that 3 part saga of Marvel Vs D.C the battle of the medias and B. Along with the return of Movie mayhems I am going to start the insomniac theater.
The Wonka Knows 
    Insomniac theater came about because I can't fall asleep any more and I need to burn my brain out in a constructive and cheap way before I go crazy pants. So what I am going to do is search and dive the depths of Netflix, Hulu + , Youtube, and my own dvd collection for movies that I peak my interest. I will not review new movies that come out on the big screen. Nope , that's for the mayhem. I will also be live tweeting them on my twitter . That sentence was redundant but if you want to watch and follow along with me. I swear I don't hold anything back. Like I hold all movies to a higher well thought standard that no one. AND I MEAN NO ONE !!! Can live up to. I actually did two movies already. So I will give you a little bit of a taste.

The closer you are the clearer it is 
  The First film up is " Iron Sky"-The heart warming tale of Nazi's who have been living on the moon. Look I get they knew this was not meant to be a serious movie. But movies like that are pretty much a way for young screen writers, directors, and directors of photography  to get some experience  and try some new shit without a major box office flop. But this movie was just down right offensive.
 Like you ever have a relative who when you were 10-19 you found really funny because you didn't fully understand what they were saying and you barely knew anyone besides your small circle of friends. But then you grow up and start realizing that the world is pretty fucked and what your relative is saying is grossly offensive... Well this make your relative look like Wayne Brady. They were trying to offend someone but I could never grasp who was the #1 target was. I guess nazi's because they turned out to be dumb, even though they mastered space travel and moon colonization in the fucking 40's. For example the "new" hitler was on the verge of killing his ex girlfriend and electrocuted himself after doing the Hail move.

TIME OUT, They turned a Black model White, never told him, said they did him a favor, He became
This is an actual scene in the movie 
homeless, Went to a Charlie Chaplin movie, went back to space, and turned black again to only fall in love with a Nazi.  I shit you not! This movie was crazy.  The writer must have hated Sarah Palin because the Female President who didn't have a name besides President of the United States and she is the fucking worst! She took a speech from Space Nazi ( Even if they wrote the greatest speech every they are nazis) , She wants to be a war time president because they always get reelected, Also she claimed the moon as American soil  because there is an alternate fuel source up there only reason why is because we put the flag up there in 1969. But if you think about it the moon belongs to Germany because thats where the nazi's started.  I can go on and on about it for another 6 paragraphs but nothing. Characters were poorly fleshed out. Also they called a solider "Moon Commander ". I've never heard any military  call a decorated soldier  Location Commander. Like someone who is stationed here is called Long Island Commander Jeff. Nonsense. But like I said this movie is dumb. So I gave it a 2 out of 10. But you can get through it quickly . Also there is a lot of the High heel influenced violence.
4 more Years

"Trust me John. People will believe this love story" 
   Second Film is The Raven Staring John Cusack , Alice "Big Boobs" Eve and a bunch of people who kinda look alike. Going into this I thought this movie had one of those bad reps by the critics, Box office numbers and would really be a perfect Netflix gem. How I was mistaken. The Movie itself    is about an hour and fifty something minutes. And by minute 24 you stop caring.  The Story is someone is using Edgar Allen Poe ( who is played by John Cusack. Don't worry they will let you know he is Poe. Over, over, over ,over and over again) stories to kill people .But  I guess they wanted to  put us in the time when Poe was a struggling , down on his luck, creative writing teaching, only having one drink alcoholic, social butterfly and hot chick bedding time in his life. You know before he was really famous but he was famous. So somehow creepy cool Poe is in a secret romance with Alice Eve but is scared of her " Gun toting father" because in the late 1800s carrying a gun is out of the norm. So the Baltimore Pd  suspect Poe until Alice Eve gets kidnapped at some party. Then the game starts. Or whatever, I was so bored that I started cleaning my room and never missed a beat. There is no real glaring holes in the stories except for the historical inaccuracies, and advance police work that moved the story along. My problem is the fact the makers of this movie killed they're ending by just letting the big reveal go by with no music or no tension rising elements. It pissed me off to no end. So I just have to say I hate this fucking movie so much. It gets 1 out of 10 . Don't watch it and seriously fuck this movie.
What happened to you Bro?

   So that is that it's now 3 am and I think I might watch Ghostbusters 2 which is now on netflix. Check out the Tweeter feed for more insomniac theater.

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