Saturday, February 8, 2014

This is for your benefit …Please let me help you ,I love you


  There comes a time in every customers life where they feel like its time for a change. right now I am at that point. I have been a Netflix subscriber for  a while now. The first time I obtained a Netflix subscription was when I bought my PS3 and got the free instant disc which gave me a free month of Instant and Dvd. But when I made my commitment to keeping instant because I could not be held to the responsibility of returning a dvd. It's too much pressure on a person. No late fees and no return date? So many opportunities to lose it. So I axed the Dvd real quick. Like most of the world when they said you will pay 2 separate prices. Which was a bold move and I love that whole changing name shit
they tried. Hilarious move, why change the name? Ihop does breakfast lunch and dinner but they're still called the international house of pancakes, they don't change it every 4 hours.

    But I am not here to talk about pancakes. As much as I want to and I would love talking about those soft, fluffy, sweet, fill, cakes of pure heaven.  No, I am here to talk about what I can suggest to my favorite application/website/movie viewing holder(?). So here are my suggestions. I know  they won't listen to me. Maybe if I worked for Buzzfeed they would. 

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1. Update the home page. Seriously  bro. You're a  
multi million dollar business and you're website is boring. Look  I get it, you have a lot of titles to showcase and the conveyer belt of photos was cool. It still kind of is. But why does it still look like it was made with "my first website" tool? Take it from me , my site is by the gift of google. We put no money into this thing and because of that we are pretty basic and happy about it. But why is the layout on Ps3 and probably Xbox look way cooler then your desktop layout? Just punch it up  a bit.

2. Make the New Releases a priority- How many weeks can the same season of Bones or The Walking Dead or American Horror Story be considered a new release? I think Bones has been on the New release line for about 2 years and there only has been one new season. They need a hard timeline before moving the titles to their special category for the rest of their days.

3. Have a feature of the week. We all know Netflix has a vast library of movies and since we are living in the second coming of the ice age. Safely leaving the house has been almost an exercise in survival. So why not have a saturday night feature? This is obviously just for streaming.  But every Saturday pick out a movie to showcase people make a night of it. You can sell the whole thing for family togetherness. You know that mushy shit.

4-6. This one goes back to #1 but it's a bit more in-depth, I guess you can say . While you punch up the home page, why not make it a bit more interactive. When you scroll over the title you are interested in, they give like a 2 sentence synopsis and an accumulative rating on what your interest will be. That's cool and all but why can't they throw up a link to the trailer? Most people make discussions on what they want to see based off the trailer. I do like how they put up the new profile system. Because they know whats what. They can also add the highest rated review be added to that little box.

5. Have a Review section. Get guest writers, famous people or what ever write up something one why a certain title on Netflix is their favorite movie, t.v show, documentary. A ganglion people love Netflix. That's why Blockbuster went belly up and the law of averages says one or a bunch of them have to be some what famous in some way. I know they have a bunch of people on the youtubes throwing out free month subies   like candy. People like Epic Meal Time, Phillip Deference and Sourcefed ,Toby Turner, and probably a whole bunch of other people who live in the gated community of Plug City. Netflix can have them write up a little something about their favorite movie that happens to be on Netflix. Something like that.

6. Have trivia games on the site. This is pretty self explanatory. Instead of that bullshit Netflix Max shit that is slow to load and really annoying. Have a Seen it/ you don't know jack  type game that keeps a high score. It's a nice way to break the boredom and people like trivia

7. Clean up the categories better. All I am saying is that Discovery Channel specials don't count as documentaries. Have them be there own little section called TV specials. Speaking of TV. I am tired of waiting for season 5 of Breaking bad. I have been good no spoilers no hints no clips on Youtube. I have been tempted. Mainly this stems from my " Where is Batman the Animated Series ?" conundrum. They have Justice League, They have Batman Beyond, Where ad Fuck is BMTAS ? Come on now get on that shit.

8. More original programming or picking up canceled shows. Netflix is the perfect place for shows to get new life. Where would House of Cards be if it wasn't for Netflix… It'd be on Starz called Boss staring Kelsey Grammar, Where would LilyHammer be.. No where because it doesn't have mass appeal( I like little Stevie too but only playing guitar for the Boss), and what about Orange is the New Black? I hear that's a good show. These shows would have a limited run on TV, no question. But on Netflix the fans of the show can watch as much as the want and when they want. Also Netflix is known to given old shows a new life. Like Arrested  Development. To be fair I wasn't the biggest fan of season 4 , but I know people enjoyed it and it was left open ended. Netflix is basically a new relatively untested frontier for movies and T.V.


   I think this is a good place to stop. Look for all my complaints I do love Netflix, for realz yo. The instant game is  changing quickly. These are just suggestions that I think would help keep Netflix up at the top. Now on to something more serious. You guys hear about the Batman/Superman casting?

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