Saturday, February 1, 2014

John Candy on a cloudy day makes the world a better place.

   It's about 1 am , right before Super Bowl sunday. I am sitting in my living room because I have no life.  I already dozed off for 2 hours because I do feel a bit under the weather and I don't want to risk any problem because  later today I guess would be the annual Super Bowl game that we have every year.  But any way, I turn on one of the few movie channels I have and see that an old favorite is on. I settle down with my bag of Jack Link's Beef Jerky ( Plug City). Just a little side note I am not like one of those guys who eats Beef Jerky to be cool or because I love beef jerky. I eat it because it's surprisingly healthy. 13 grams of protein, 97% fat free, 0 trans fat, ok the sodium is pretty fucking high but its better to eat Beef Jerky then it is to get cookies or cake. I do recommend  Jack Link's original compared to other types because the serving sizes are nicely portioned. So I can keep my calories to a limit. 

This was my look for 5 years
   I could go on and on about beef jerky and how it's a healthy snack. If you pair it with a nice big cup of ice water and a few hershey dark chocolate fun sized bars for calcium. Just a good time. But that's not what I wanted to talk about John Candy. The larger then life comedic legend. We are coming up to the 20th anniversary of his passing. Which by the way I don't like saying anniversary of a passing?  I just want to talk about his work and what it meant to me. Just like my Bill Murray post Except more Machaully Cullken.   

  John Candy is in my top 5 canadians of all time. He is probably # 3 Right behind Renee Young and Dan Aykroyd depending on how I feel. He is above Mark Messier and Bryan  Adams. That's a solid starting 5  we could contend for the Cup.

 John Franklin Candy born on Halloween in 1950 in up there in the great white north. He got a few small time acting gigs but where he really got his start was ... well it was basically the  Canadian Saturday night live which was called SCTV ( Second City Television). Just like old school SNL which produced talents like Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, John Belushi. Second City was the launching pad for  Rick Morains, Harold Ramis, Shelly Long, Catherine O'Hara, and everyone's favorite parent Eugene Levy.  So really if there was a good comedy to come out in the late 70's-the early 90's it had one or more of these talented Canucks in it. Candy like the others transferred very well into the film business because he knew what worked for him. 

 If you look back to his movie career , he isn't really known for his leading roles. Sure Uncle Buck and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Canadian Bacon stand out among his best work. But really what he is known for in my opinion is his supporting roles. Think about it. The Candy is I think I said it before  Is this larger then life personality who's presence stole the scene every time he comes on. 

  Out of his starring roles these are my favorites
1. Uncle Buck 
3. The Great outdoors
4. Summer Rental
5. Armed and Dangerous- 
6. Only the Lonely - I may be the only one who likes this movie but I find it extremely relatable 

Doin' the mess around
 A nice top 5 . I know what you're thinking . Where is Spaceballs? If you remember he wasn't one of  the main stars. It was Bill Pullman or Paxton or Clinton I could never remember which BIll it was,  Rick Morains , and Daphne Zuniga.

 So here is my list of my favorite John Candy Supporting / Cameo roles that he is known for

1. SpaceBalls
2. Blues Brothers / Home Alone
3. Stripes
4. National Lampoon's vacation
6. Bruster's Millions
7. Splash
8. Follow that Bird 
9. Little Shoppe of Horrors
10.Rescuers Down under - He was the Bird 

    John Candy should be remembered as kind hearted man who was funny,full of life and brightened up everyone he knew life. He was taken from this world too  soon and he was a legend in the comedy game and has left some amazing work for us to remember him by.
    If you haven't seen any of his work and you're not that big into the Super Bowl. Go to netflix.  They Have SpaceBalls, PLanes trains and Automobiles and The Great Outdoors up on instant. So check them out and enjoy  
Cooler then his time 

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