Friday, January 17, 2014

We on the Itunes now and can't be stopped.... Like Robocop !


Hey you guys have you subscribed to our official Itunes podcast/channel or whatever it is? But yes.... The podcast of 4-6 people from this site and friends yelling at each other over questions that they made up about topics they kinda know about. We are taking charge. I the vast pool of podcasts we are up there and the crowds just loves us.So see what the interwebs is raving about...Insert cool gif. We watched The Phantom Menace recently and one thing I learned is to over load the space with a lot of shit.
  Here is the best thing or things  about it, Not only do we stop off at #plugcity frequently, We now have cool intros , We cuss up and down left and right.... ummm... umm oh yeah it's free. How great is that? I tell you It's really cool.  Come on whats an hour an episode amongst friends. Here is something cool. If you go to the FaceBook page and leave a question we will throw it into the jumble and probably most likely 100% answer it in the next show.
Please Listen 

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