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Underrated Heroes #1: Iron Fist

In early November, Marvel announced a partnership with Netflix to produce four live action series starring Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist. The individual series are then set to culminate into a Defenders series.

This is pretty big news for a group of heroes that most would consider small-time. It's also the perfect opportunity to launch the new self-titled Underrated Heroes Series, in which we take heroes that most would consider low-card, and tell you why they should be in your top ten. The first hero in the series is none other than the powerhouse of the Defenders line-up: IRON FIST.


"Long Live the King"Iron Fist, aka Danny Rand, is the son of a wealthy business entrepreneur Wendell Rand, who as a child had discovered the inter-dimensional city of K'un Lun.  The city was founded a million years ago by extraterrestrials, and is now ruled by the alien descendants called Dragon Kings.  Wendell, thinking this would make a great spot for a family vacation, embarks on a journey with his wife Heather, Danny, and business partner Harold Meachum, to find the city in the Himalayas. But in a textbook Lion King moment, Wendell fell off of a mountain cliff and, as he grasped on to the edge, was betrayed by Meachum.  

After killing Wendell, Meachum abandoned Heather and Danny and went back to New York to take control of Rand's business shares.  With no where else to go, Heather and Danny continued to search for K'un Lun.  After many days of searching they finally found the city, but were ambushed by a pack of wolves.  Too hungry and tired to outrun the wolves, and without Wendell to fight them off, Heather sacrificed herself to save Danny by literally throwing herself onto the pack. 

With both of his parents killed right before his eyes, one being thrown off a cliff and the other being torn apart by wolves, Danny already makes Batman's biggest childhood trauma comparable to getting the white iPhone 5 instead of the black one.

Upon arriving at K'un Lun, Danny vows to avenge his parents and begins his studies in martial arts under the tutelage Lei Kung the Thunderer.  Over the next ten years he mastered his body, mind, and Chi, or natural energy.  He then requested to earn the power of the Iron Fist by taking on Shao Lao, a mystical dragon who placed his own removed heart into molten lava and guarded it with his life.  Danny fought and killed the dragon by using his body to break the connection between Shao Lao and his heart, resulting in the dragon shaped scar across his chest.  In simpler terms, he straight up killed a dragon with a bear hug.

Getting bitten by a spider is cool too, I guess..
After killing Shao Lao, Danny obtains the power of the Iron Fist by shoving his fists into the molten lava and through the dragon's heart. Already, the Iron Fist has done more just to earn his powers than most superheroes do throughout their entire publication.

Now that he has the power to punch through mostly anything, the Iron Fist travels back to New York to seek his revenge. Instead, he finds Meachum already defeated, having lost both of his legs to frostbite after abandoning the Rands. Overcome with pity, he lets Meachum live and takes control of the company. After doing some private investigation work, he crosses paths with Luke Cage, and together they founded Heroes for Hire, a New York based organization of paid crime fighters.

POWERS & ABILITIES            
In addition to peak human strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and durability, the Iron Fist can use his chi to augment any of the above traits to superhuman levels. Other abilities granted by his chi mastery include healing, energy projection and absorption, and mind melding:

Chi Healing: Iron Fist can channel his chi for healing purposes, allowing him to treat injuries and illnesses both in him and other people.  His healing also happens unconsciously, allowing him to fight for days without fatigue.

Iron Fist Punch: By channeling all of his natural energy into his fist, Iron Fist can make his punch insanely strong and resistant to pain and damage.  With this attack, Iron Fist has knocked out Colossus, shattered Scorpion's tail, and punched through a H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier with one punch.
In case anyone was wondering what punching through a helicopter looks like

Energy Manipulation: Fist's chi can also be used to absorb the energy from enemy attacks and convert it into his own power.  He can also utilize this ability to disable obstacles like electromagnetic fields.

Mind Meld: Danny can channel his inner Spock to share emotions, memories, and knowledge with others.

Martial Arts Mastery: Danny Rand is one of the greatest Martial Artists to ever walk the earth.  He can go toe to toe against Captain America and the Hulk, and has defeated the likes of Spider-Man, Daredevil, Sabretooth (while blind), Wolverine, and Nightcrawler (at the same time). He's really good.

WHY HE'S TOP TEN                 

He has a really strong punch

  • The Iron Fist once stood in front of a bullet train filled with explosives and stopped it with one punch. Remember how F = ma. The acceleration of his fist is so high that it overcame the mass and acceleration of a speeding bullet train.  
    Literally faster than a speeding bullet. 
His healing abilities are umatched

  • At one point, Danny Rand contracted cancer.   He dealt with this issue by simply channeling his chi to heal the cancer himself. While unconscious.  All without making a big deal of it like DeadPool.

He's a really nice guy

  • Iron Fist has founded Heroes for Hire, The Immortals, and the New Avengers,  volunteered his services to help the Avengers and the Defenders, and even assumed the role of Daredevil during the Civil War to avoid suspicion of his true identity.

  • Danny Rand inherited all of the wealth that his father gathered over his lifetime, making him a multi-millionaire.  But after fighting for so long in the streets of New York, he realized that there were many that needed his money more than he did, and he instead used his money to establish the largest non-for-profit organization in the world, and a martial arts school for kids. He's like Iron Man, but with a soul.

He's beaten everyone

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

Hope anyone who bothered to read through all of that now realizes that the Pajama'd Punchmaster is the bomb.com. 

Stay tuned for Underrated Heroes #2, featuring: Whoever's relevant at the time!

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