Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The top 10 things that make me cry like a bitch.

Hello everyone, I hope every has had a great beginning to 2014. If you haven't, just know that we are the site to look at to cheer you up. A recent conversation between the writers had me thinking of things that make me cry, so I figured I'd share a nice list with you all. I hope you all enjoy, this list that is in no particular order. There may be some spoilers, but only for stuff that has been out for longer than a year. #sorrynotsorry

  • Charlie dying in Lost. 
God this scene makes me cry every time I watch it. Being one of my favorite characters on the show, and the whole lead up to it seriously hit me hard. He wasn't the big hero of the show, and knew he was on the island for a reason. He realized what he had to do and did it. Not to mention he also took his last few breaths to warn the survivors that the boat they were hoping for, was not going to come. God this scene gets me every time. Especially when Aaron cries once Charlie dies.
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will and his father scene.
I have such a wonderful relationship with my father, so any scene like this gives me goosebumps. It just makes me realize how lucky I am to be able to wake up in the morning and go to work every day with my dad. Laugh and make fun of things together, I'd be lost without him, so this just reminds me that it is possible to have it worse than I do.
  • Adam Sandler dying in Click.
This kind of falls into the same category as the one above this one, as it is a father and son moment that came out of nowhere. Coming out of the hospital even though he is practically on his deathbed, just to talk to his son was heartwarming. It wasn't the greatest acting, to be honest, but it got me thinking of my dad once again. This scene also measures up to the part of the movie where Sandler screams at himself for not talking to Mr.Winkler before he passes away. What can I say, I'm a sucker for father-son moments in movies.
  • Dom dying in Gears of War 3.
FUCK THIS SCENE MAN! THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A BRO GAME DUDE! WHO THE FUCK MAKES PEOPLE CRY IN A GAME WHERE EVERYONE SCREAMS "YO BRO, GNARLY HEAD SHOT BRAH!". God this was so uncalled for, especially since Gears 1-3 I always played as Dom, since I only played Co-Op campaign. We had a connection. We had a bond.
  • Soldiers surprising family members back home.
Who ever thought it was a good idea to start posting these...I hate you. I can't just watch one, I get sucked into the YouTube time machine. I watch one, and that leads me to watching 50. It is such a painful rush of joyous emotions, I can help but hold back the tears. I'm just glad my cousin who served in the navy had the decency to give me a heads up when he was on leave, so I didn't cry like a bitch in front of my family. These are two of my favorites.

  • USA chants at events.
Not much to say other than watch these.

  • Series finale of FRIENDS.
Growing up, I didn't have many friends. I was bullied and picked on, but I found a lot of solace in this show. I watched all 10 season in the course of a month, and broke down when it ended. This series taught me a lot about friendships, relationships, and family. I will always hold a special place in my heart for this show.

  • It's not your fault.
For obvious reasons. And would you look at that beard?!

Speaking of beards

  • The Bryback Shaving.

And last but not least, This horrible video.
  • Quad Aces losing to Royal Flush.
After losing all my money in AC this past weekend, this brings back horrible memories of some pretty bad beats I had. This is just sad in so many different ways.

That is it for me tonight folks, I hope you all cry just as much I have rewatching all of these. If you feel I missed something, be sure to let me know on twitter! @Dequats.


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