Monday, December 30, 2013

We will be back in 2014... In a few days

   Ending the year strong I see. 5 new posts(4 not from me) a podcast that is skyrocketing on the iTunes Charts, new ideas keep popping up in the writers noodles here at the URH HQ (we rented office space. Seems like a smart investment with our $0 a month revenue stream). 
  Yes 2013 was a good, then ok, then bad, then ok, then bad, then bad, then ok and now good year. What we all can't be winners. I would just like to say thank you for reading our posts, thank you for listening to our podcasts, thank you for watching those wired google handouts we tried and most of all thank you for being a you. You awesome little scamp you. I hope you come back for the fun that 2014 will bring. Have a happy new year and most of all you can't unseen this bro......

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