Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Spiderman Movie coming out… Just shut up and Take my money all ready

 Well, Well, Well. Looks like Spider-man 2 is going to be the kick off of the 2014 summer movie shit show that we all will hand our money over to. Look I normally will sit here and write 50 long paragraphs about the history of Spiderman, maybe a couple paragraphs about the cartoons that have come out ( Spiderman and his amazing Friends was fire flames all day) and about the movies that have well some have changed the comic book movie game ( 1&2 mainly 2 ) and some have really just have been garbage ( 3 and the new one with the lizard ). But I am not going to do that.

Haters gonna Hate. Spidey Gonna Spidey 
  No. So Spiderman 2.2 looks like a whole different animal in its self.  This looks like the start of some sort of crazy Spiderman stand alone universe. The SpideyVerse is upon us. It's finally happening! I am going into this movie with lower expectations but I am excited of the future of what Sony is doing with the SpideyVerese. Even with the gaudy CGI and the changing of some characters. It looks like the SpideyVerse is in capable hands. Fuck it, that is what it's going to be known as. SpideyVerse will be a recognized word by the end of 2014. If selfie and Twerk are words then so will be SpideyVerse .


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