Monday, December 16, 2013

Mikes' 2013 Top 5's

 As I am here in my graphic design class, waiting to go home, I am blessed with boredom and internet connection.

In our latest podcast, we teased some of our favorite movies of all time. As this is our first full year together as a site, I feel like I have found a new home for my usual Facebook post of my top 5 favorites. Below is a small list of a few of my favorite things to happen in 2013. Who knows, I may fire from the hip.

Top 5 Movies
5. We're the Millers
4. This is the End
3. Hunger Games: Catching Fire
2. The Worlds End
1. Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek tops my list off for this year, as I think it is the stronger of the two movies in the series. The worlds end is a very close 2nd, It was pretty much a coin flip in my eyes. Both movies were great, and I actually want to watch both again.

Top 5 TV/Web Shows
5. Arrow
4. Red vs Blue
3. Video Game High School
1. The Walking Dead

As anyone who follows this site knows, we are a very Walking Dead heavy site. All of us are huge fans, so the number 1 spot for me is kind of bias. But the mid season finale and the two episodes leading into made the first half of the season worth the wait. I also must admit I do not watch much TV, So sorry Breaking Bad / Game of Throne fans, looks for Bryan's list. I watch mostly online web series because with such a busy schedule, so that is why 2-4 cannot be found on television (but Hulu and Netflix).

Top 5 Bands
5. Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
4. Attack Attack (Farewell Show)
3. Barenaked Ladies
2. A Day to Remember
1. The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years really got to me with their latest album. The only thing I can really say about how much the band has meant to me this year, is the fact that since April, The Greatest Generation has not left my CD player in my car.

Top 5 Video Games
5. Injustice
4. Pokemon Y
3. GTA (Not Online. Fuck that)
2. Battlefield 4
1. The Last of Us

For a PS3 game, the last of us was nothing short of absolutely beautiful. The storyline and acting was beyond fantastic. It was the best looking game, until I played BF4 on my PC. Now that is a beautiful game. But multiplayer, single player, TLoU is easily my game of the year.

Top 5 things I hate the most.
5. The Harlem Shake
4. Daft Punk
3. Iphones
2. Final Papers
1. Randy Orton winning both belts at TLC

Top 5 things I love the most
5. Kickstarter
4. Aksana
3. The idea of the Cowboys getting a new QB
2. My Beard (Going strong since January)
1. Rooster Teeth Expo

I hope you guys enjoyed my list. Stay tuned for the rest of the writers to put out their lists as well! Follow me on Twitter!

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