Monday, December 16, 2013

It's The Drizzling Shits!: Nick's Not Top Of Anything List 2013

The Drizzies 2013

It's the end of the year and The Bryback has asked us, his fellow writers, to do a top 5 list of movies, games, shows, and the like.  At first I was excited to do a list about stuff that I loved, but after viewing the other writer's post I feel like it would be redundant. Sure I have a different show of the year and movie, but it wouldn't be as different than I want it to be. Instead, I have decided to do a list of my least favorite things of 2013.  Let us get this shit show underway.

Disappointing Game: Batman: Arkham Origins almost had me fooled. Kind of like a salad that fools people into thinking it is tasty.  I was against this game when it was first announced, Rocksteady were not the developers and Paul Dini, the scribe of the first two games, had no hand in the writing.  The red flags were all over the place, but after the first trailer showing Deathstroke I jumped right back onto the Bandwagon. So when Mike told me he had the game and would like me to play it during his Extra Life gaming marathon I jumped all over the opportunity.  I was disappointed.  The combat is cut and paste job and the story which at first had my interest turned into yet another run of the mill Joker story.  I do not know if WB Montreal was scared of doing something original or just wanted to make a game that would hold over the fan base till Rocksteady pumps the next Batman game out the door for next gen, either way the game for me was a huge let down.

"I Am Going To Be A Lumberjack."
Worst Show: Dexter.  The internet knows what happened to this fine show. Sure it has been on a downward slope for a couple seasons, but the last season was a total mess.  I hung in there, I fought the good fight, but sometimes you got to acknowledge that the show that you loved during the early years turned into a hot mess.  Congratulations to the cast and crew for collecting their paychecks.

Worst Movie: Movie 43 is what is. If you like Dance Flick, Epic Movie, or any of the lesser Scary Movies this should be right up your alley. The comedy gives you the punchline and then just beats it to death.  He has balls on his face! She is having her first period! This game of Dare is getting out of hand! It has a huge cast of stars, and if you would like to see them doing comedy that you would never think to see them doing this is your movie.

"Arrive. Botch. Leave."
Worst Wrestler: Sin Cara is the worst wrestler of the year.  Sure you have The Great Khali and his friends, but there is something about a guy who came in with such hype and just flopped the way he did.  He was so bad that they have resorted to putting Hunico under the mask because at least he doesn't fuck up every time he goes out to wrestle. To quote my friend "I was watching his videos when he wrestled in Mexico and he looks amazing. I just don't know what is wrong with him." 

So that wraps up what I thought was the Drizzling Shits in 2013.  I made the list out of stuff that I have seen, so while I have heard and have seen how bad that Cricket video game is I haven't played it.  That is pretty much the basis of this list.  I hope this list can at least deter you from investing time in any of these horrible things. If one person doesn't watch Movie 43 or invest time in Dexter I have done my civic duty.  To close I will post what I consider to be the best of the best of the best. As I said up top it is in line with the other writer's opinions. 

Best Game: The Last Of Us

Best TV Show:  Drama: Breaking Bad
                         Comedy: Parks And Rec

Best Movie: The World's End

Best Wrestler: Daniel Bryan

My twitter is @Nick_Willy. I talk about a large range of my personal interest. Follow me if you want to bitch about what i deemed terrible. That way I can calmly explain how fucking stupid you are.  Have a Nice day.

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