Monday, December 16, 2013

Andrew's Top 5 lists of 2013

It's that time of year once again where we all like to talk about the best/worse things of this past year, but here at the Underrated Heroes corporation (That's right we're a corporation now, because why not?) we like to do things a little differently than everybody else. We will post about our favorite things of 2013 and on next Sundays podcast its only fitting that we discuss the most 'Underrated' things of this past year.

2013 was a fantastic year. We saw football players arrested, we saw America's sweetheart George Zimmerman literally get away with murder, we saw Paula Deen fired for doing her best impression of our own Mikey D, and who could forget the Royal Birth 2013? I know i was pumped. However, if you come to Underrated Heroes looking for your world news, there may be something wrong with you. We heroes like to focus on the simpler things in life, like asking why Daniel Bryan isn't the WWE Champion? Or why did they Hangover needed 3 movies? 2013 was the beginning of this websites journey, and here are my personal favorite things of this past year that we experienced along this ride.

Top 5 TV/Web Shows
5. The Goldbergs
4. Warped Roadies
3. South Park
2. Video Game High School
1. The Walking Dead (WARNING: Season 4 Spoilers Below)

If you asked me a few weeks ago what my favorite TV show was, I probably would not have said The Walking Dead. The season 3 finale fell short for me, and the first half of Season 4 was very slow paced. I understand they needed to set the stones for what was to come, but I found myself wondering if the show had lost its touch. I was starting to give up when the Season 4 mid-season reinstated my faith in the program. We saw the deaths of Herschel & The Governer amongst others, and everyone in the group is now split up, which will lead to new fresh storylines and a happy Andrew. The Walking Dead continues to be a fantastic television show that you really should be watching by now, if you are not already.

Top 5 Albums
5. Letlive. - The Blackest Beautiful
4. Defeater - Letters Home
3. Beartooth - Sick EP
2. A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy
1. The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation

The Wonder Years is a band that I have spent the later half of my teenage years growing up with. Every album they release is full of tracks that know how to hit home. Whether vocalist Dan "Soupy" Campbell is singing about hating his college and not fitting in ( See 'The Upsides') or about not being able to be with a dying relative in their final moments ("Dismantling Summer") the band knows how to make each track sound like it was written for you personally, and "The Greatest Generation" is no different. I am proud to say I attended  the 2AM release show for this album, I'm proud to say I spent $80 on the pre-order for it, and I'm proud to say I've driven from Long Island to Chicago to see them perform. I've been listening to this since it came out in the spring and I still get goosebumps from the emotion that was poured into this album. Do yourself the favor and check this album out, you wont be disappointed.

Top 5 Movies
5. The Wolverine
4. This is The End
3. Pacific Rim
2. The Worlds End
1. Django Unchained

Before people freak out on me, yes TECHNICALLY this came out in 2012, but it came out 6 days before the end of the year, and I saw it in theaters in 2013, so I'm counting it as a 2013 movie. Django Unchained is my favorite movie of this year, It was a compelling story, full of action, and I loved every minute of it. It is really that simple, go see it.

Top 5 Wrestlers of the Year:
5. CM Punk
4. John Cena
3. Sami Zayn
2. Cody Rhodes
1. Daniel Bryan

The video I posted above was Daniel Bryan's 2013 moment. Daniel Bryan has been busting his ass in the wrestling industry for years and this is when he final became a Main Eventer. A lot of people are still angry that DB isn't the champion yet but I promise that he will be champion in the year 2014, otherwise I will eat my hat.

Other noticeable things from this past year:

Game Of The Year: The Last Of Us

Match Of The Year

Song Of The Year

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, and I hope you'll be back to join us in 2014! Remember to subscribe to the Underrated Heroes Podcast on Itunes, and check our our "Most Underrated" episode next Sunday! As always be sure to follow me on Twitter @ParksXcore, and Have a nice day!

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