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2013 a year in review… And poor picture placement


  Wait what just happened? Where there just 3 posts from other writers? I'm shocked I am floored. It must be a ChrisMiz Mizicale. Just kidding, the guys have been getting into that old swing again, since the podcast is going so well. It's basically been a shot of much needed life. So keep listening to the podcast…. Which we are on the iTunes, so download us, put us on you Iproduct, listen to us while you run or read a book or while you sleep. Nothing creepy about that… Us shouting softly into your ear while you drift off to sleepy time village. Nothing creepy about that.

   So it looks like it's my time to give my top 5s of 2013 

Top 5 2013 Movies- This I guess would be the best place for me to start, right? I mean I am the movie guy

5. This is the End
4. Pacific Rim
3. Man of Steel
2. Star Trek into Darkness
1. The World's end

Pretty solid. Hmm Looks like all of them are action movies. But then again a lot of the movies that are award bait usually come out now. I really enjoyed the World's end…. Do I have to go into why I loved it. or you could read the review. I already did one so if you just clicky click that link just above us. Not only can you read The World's end you can read all of these movies…. #Plug City 

Top 5 2013 TV shows

5.The Walking Dead
4. Community 
3. Legit
2. Parks & Rec. / Breaking Bad
1. The Following  

  Of course I could have picked the easy way out and say Breaking Bad was the best show. I could but I never watched it during the season. I catch it on Netflix. So I avoided Twitter and Facebook during the season. I don't even know how it ends. But If you haven't seen the Following or Legit I recommend it.  If you haven't watched The Walking Dead, Parks and Rec., and Community  by now… your at the wrong site bubba.  The Following is tense and gripping. Legit is from the mind of Jim Jefferies who has become one of my……

Top 5 Comedians
5. Amy Schumer 
4. Azis Ansari
3. Bill Burr
2. Louis C.K 
1. Jim Jefferies 

 All you need to do is watch this

Top 5 Finds on Netflix/ Hulu +
5. Dredd
Watch it now 
4. Sherlock
3. Brooklyn 99
2. Buckaroo Bonzi
1.A Band Called Death

 Ok so maybe I am on Netflix a little more then Hulu. And I know Brooklyn 99 is technically a regular tv show. But I only watch it  on hulu. Kinda like Breaking bad. But  you have to check out Dredd and Buckaroo Bonzi. Two very underrated movies in their own way. It took me a while to like Buckaroo but I gave it a more focused watching and I like how it is it's own movie. It doesn't force feed it's back story to the audience. And The GOLDBLUM as a cowboy. But  I absolutely loved the doc " A Band Called Death". I am a huge fan of that old school punk sound and their story is compelling and interesting.

Top 5 WWE Talents
Just doing work like a champ 
5. Antonio Censor 
4. Renee Young/AJ Lee 
3. Cody Rhodes
2. CM Punk
1. Daniel Bryan / Renee Young 

 All of these talents have put in a ton of work and deserve to be respected. DB, Punk and Cody have been on fire lately. Granted I am late to the party. I have been hearing that they have been doing this high level of performing for years. Especially Renee Young. 

Top 5 worst WWE Talents
1-5. Natalya and the whole Total Divas entity
This hurts Female Wrestlers 
They are possibly the worst humans on the planet. If this is an act then they are the worst actresses on the planet. My dumbass watched it. I hate my self for it.

Top 5 biggest disappointments
5. The Giants season
4. Iron man 3
3. Batman Arkham Origins
2. My Softball season
1. Batman Arkham Origins / Iron Man 3

 So much hope. So much promise. Such a big let down. The Giants and my softball season are whatever. Yeah Who would't want to win the big game. But dust off the bruises and get back at it next season. But Iron man and Arkham. That's a one shot thing. Both looked like they could have taken a huge risk with going with two villainous characters that really were that big in the main stream. But they just lost faith mid way through because someone might have said something stupid that made them second guess themselves.

Top 5 songs that Motavited me this year
5. Liberate - H2O
4. I'm the Man - Aloe Blacc
3. Fire Burns - KillSwitch Engage 
You can tell everybody I'm the Man 
2. Started From the Bottom - Drake
1. Level- Avicii

This year I started Running and I would go with out head phones. So I wasn't that into it. But after talking to my best friend and former blogging buddy Mike about running. He told me to run with music and watch how fast you get into it. So I gave it a chance and 8 months later I still love it.  I put all of these songs on my playlist and when they hit ( normally when I am starting to fade) I get a boost of energy and keep on pushing. 

In 2013 :
I lost a bunch of weight, I have a PMA mindset, Ran in 2 gimmicky 5k which were awesome, got to be a part of the MLB All Star event ( all 3 days of it),went to some cool shows/events, grew a really cool beard, Became friends with some very interesting people, and Started this whole thing.  So I guess 2013 wasn't that bad. Wasn't a great year, wasn't the worst. It was fun at times and shitty at other times. A real fair and balanced year.  I am proud of what we have and will accomplish here at Underrated Heroes. So tune in on iTunes, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and  keep on coming back. #Plugcity .

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