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We will be back in 2014... In a few days

   Ending the year strong I see. 5 new posts(4 not from me) a podcast that is skyrocketing on the iTunes Charts, new ideas keep popping up in the writers noodles here at the URH HQ (we rented office space. Seems like a smart investment with our $0 a month revenue stream). 
  Yes 2013 was a good, then ok, then bad, then ok, then bad, then bad, then ok and now good year. What we all can't be winners. I would just like to say thank you for reading our posts, thank you for listening to our podcasts, thank you for watching those wired google handouts we tried and most of all thank you for being a you. You awesome little scamp you. I hope you come back for the fun that 2014 will bring. Have a happy new year and most of all you can't unseen this bro......

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Matt's Top 5 Top 5's of 2013

Well hello there reader, and thanks for spending one of your last days of 2013 with the fam here at Underrated Heroes. We each decided to make some top 5 lists of our favorite and least favorite things, but one top 5 wasn't enough. I needed 5 top 5's! So here we go. My 5 five favorite lists of 5 favorite things:

5) Comics
I grew up on comics. I idolized the big names: Spiderman, Batman, The X-Men. But now I'm in college, and with all the reading I need to do for school, the last thing I want to do when I finish is more reading, regardless of the subject material. That being said, I was delighted to read at lest five archs with my favorite characters. While I wasn't able to hop on some of the indy comics that are all the rage at the moment, here are my top five comics of 2013:

Warning: List will be Marvel-heavy. I am admittedly biased.

5) Batman: Death of the Family

Man, this one is dark. After getting his face sliced off, Joker is back and he's hitting Batman where it hurts. As someone who falls into depression every time a Robin dies, this one cut me deep. 

4) Hawkeye:
One of my favorite avengers, Hawkeye is one of the most Underrated Heroes because he doesn't have any superpowers. Instead of going against that grain, Matt Fraction embraced it, and focused on the least super aspects of Clint Barton's life. Whenever someone gets on my boy, I'm showing them this comic. 

3) The Superior Spider-Man
Of all the controversy any superhero has gathered throughout its years of publication, Spider-Man has gathered the most. From the clone saga to Miles Morales, Spidey fans have seen it all. But among these archs, none has gathered more controversy than Superior Spider-Man, in which Otto Octavius literally takes control of Peter Parker's body.  I too was skeptical, but it actually is somewhat refreshing to see a completely new take on Spider-Man, and Peter Parker isn't completely out of the equation. 

2) All New X-Men

As a huge Cyclops mark, seeing the original X-Men team from the 60's go up against the man Scott Summers has become was great, and seeing the original team in the present tense has really showcased how far the X-Men have come over the years. 

1) Deadpool Kills Deadpool

I like Deadpool. I'm sorry, but any Deadpool story that you think is cool, I think is awesome. So when the Deadpool Kills saga takes leather-bound Deadpool on a quest to kill all of Deadpool Corps, it gets reckless. 

4) Wrestling
I also grew up on wrestling, but in addition to the lack of free time on my hands nowadays (which keeps me limited to a mainstream WWE viewing schedule), there's also the "Wrestling is so fake, they're not even hitting each other!" bullshit to contend with.  I want to say I tell these people to piss off. I wish I could vehemently defend it to the grave. But it's hard to defend good wrestling when the WWE shows so much bad. For this reason, wrestling is only 4 on my list. Here's my top 5 wrestlers:

5) Dolph Ziggler
He may be lower than the low card now, but the night he cashed in is top 3 pops of the year hands down.  I can't tell you anything any other wrestling blog wouldn't, but his first half of 2013 earns him a spot on my list over Big E, who's bound to break out in 2014, but only started picking up steam a couple of months ago
4) Roman Reigns
What a powerhouse. This guy can hit a spear and a superman punch better than anyone in the WWE right now, and nothing is more hype than a well done spear. He sells well for someone his size, and with his hair of an amazonian goddess, he's got the look. As much as I like his quiet personality, he would be higher on the list if he had any mic skills 
3) Antonio Cesaro
While his giant swing has been getting him over in recent weeks, this guy has been brutal all year, with the superhuman strength to carry Jack Swagger on his back for months on end. His gauntlet match with Daniel Bryan is top 5 matches this year hands down. 
2) Daniel Bryan
Pretty self-explanatory. I remember beardless DB jobbing while barely grasping the US title in one hand and reaching for even a modest crowd reaction in the other. Now look at Raw in Seattle. The only reasons this man isn't number one are because he's #1 in everyone else's list, and because there's one man who's made an even bigger comeback. 
1) Goldust
I'm as shocked as anyone else that two of my favorite matches of 2013 (Goldust vs Orton, Rhodes family vs Shield) would involve Goldust. But by Odin's raven Goldust is in the best shape of his life, and every week he whips out a new move that has me marking out. He can tell a story, he's almost as athletic as Cody, and the chemistry they have makes them fitting Tag Champs. Can't wait for him to send Cody into superstardom next year.

3) Music
Everyone likes music, but I put it #3 on my list mostly to provide some juxtaposition to the genres of music that the other authors here threw on their lists. I don't expect most of our 12 fans to agree with this, but that's ok. This is only based off the few albums I've been able to listen to this year. Again, don't expect anything apart from mainstream on this list.

5) Justin Timberlake - 20/20 Experience pts 1&2

Shut up. Just shut the hell up. JT is my boy.   
4) J. Cole - Born Sinner

A few decent rap albums came out this year (My Name is My Name, MMLP2) but Born Sinner is 21 tracks of well-produced, honest, consistency. I only skip about 3 tracks on the album, and rather than bombarding me with the standard cash/hoes/gang that rap tends to be, I feel like Cole actually writes about what's going on in his life. He can be corny, but I appreciate the album for the most part. 
3) Rise Against - Long Forgotten Songs

I don't know if this counts because it's mostly old b-sides and bonus tracks. Nonetheless, I really enjoy rise against, the earlier the better, so even though I have a lot of these songs already, it was cool to hear them slightly remastered as an album 
2) Arctic Monkeys - AM

I'll always be partial to their first two albums, but I respect the direction they took their music in. I think AM finally hits the target that Suck it and See and Humbug were aiming for, so it was good to hear them come into their own. 
1) Wax - Continue

Wax is an unsigned rapper coming out of LA that has surprisingly gathered a large audience in Germany. He's got mixtapes for days, but his debut album, Continue, takes what makes me a fan of his and cranks it out song after song. Wax is a lyrical gymnast, with flows that got flows and disgusting metaphors that are both hilarious and effective. He's got songs that make you forget about your problems and focus on how good your life really is, but at the same time he has songs that make you wallow in sadness. We're all people, we have to do both sometimes. Regardless, I think there's always a song off this album that can make my day better, and that's why it's #1.
2) Video Games
What Top 5 list is complete without a healthy does of vidyagames? 2013 was a big year for gaming, and while my taste is specific for console gaming, it didn't stop me from playing some dope. ass. games.

5) Tomb Raider

I'm not sure how much of this game was "Wow i'm really enjoying this!" and how much was "Wow, I can't believe this doesn't suck!" but Tomb Raider was definitely the biggest surprise of the year.  While it had issues with combat and narration, it was a fantastic reboot in that it reinvented Lara Croft as a strong but extremely vulnerable protagonist. This made for a progressive experience that allows players to invest and care for Croft in a way they haven't in decades, while witnessing her genesis into a total badass. 
4) Battlefield 4

The multiplayer of Battlefield 4 is all in all the best console FPS multiplayer around. As someone who thoroughly enjoys COD, I can honestly say that, in terms of scale, pacing, physics, and what we like to call the 12-year old banging my mom factor, Battlefield is superior. 
3) Bioshock Infinite

In terms of storytelling, enemy design, shooting and RPG complexity, and setting, Bioshock Infinite has it all. While all of these traits impressed me, the most memorable is the floating city, Columbia, in which the story takes place. The colors, navigation, and multi-level dimensions of this city frequently make me want to pause the game and just admire. 
2) Grand Theft Auto 5

I'll start with the bad. I don't enjoy playing the GTAV multiplayer. It suffers from COD's aforementioned 12-year old factor. Sometimes I feel like I really can do EVERYTHING, but when simply collecting 5 stars I often find myself in a 5 block radius, ignoring the beautiful city at my disposal. Now with the good. The three protagonists are all fleshed out, likable, believable characters that I enjoy playing as. The entire city is a hilarious satire on Hollywood, which must have taken years to imagine and then implement so well.  The firing mechanics and driving mechanics, while requiring  a learning curve, are the best they've ever been, and the story mode is, for me, the best in the series.  
1) The Last of Us

Remember that feeling of desperation in the first two Resident Evil or even Dead Space games that had you under so much stress that a piece of glass breaking would send you flying out of the room? Remember the story telling and voice acting in Heavy Rain that made every button press feel like it was actually affecting someone you care about? Well if you combine these two elements with an intense combat system that adds even more intensity to the experience, along with mutants, bandits, an oppressive government, and a post-apocalyptic urban setting, you have my game of the year, The Last of Us. If you're starving with only $60 to your name, spend it on the last of us and die playing this game. 

1) TV Shows/Movies
Man, I love TV and Cinema. Nothing stops me from getting to my favorite shows, or watching a long-awaited movie.

5) Arrested Development

Season 4 of this show took a lot of heat because it changed the AD format. Many of the actors are busy, go figure, so rather than the constant character interaction that we enjoy most about the show, each character had their own focal episodes. While I agree that it doesn't meet the caliber of the first seasons, the humor is still the same, and I enjoyed it nonetheless. 
4) The Walking Dead

Amazing show, but definitely not without it's flaws.  I love watching zombies getting put down, garnering affection for fleshed out characters then watching them get brutally murdered, and obnoxiously heavy-handed metaphors. But the show has essentially become a compilation of bad decisions by people who, almost a year into a zombie apocalypse, should know better. If it were less predictable in this respect, it would be higher ranked. But it keeps its spot for it's music, gore, and the last 10 minutes of every episode. 
3) This is the End

Seth Rogan comedies are among my favorite, so This is the End, aka the placing of all of Seth Rogan's friends in James Franco's house during the Rapture, had me rolling. Each character, from Danny McBride's douchebag, to Jonah Hill's obnoxiously nice guy, was contrived and executed beautifully. Placing them in contrast to Jay Baruchel's "normal" persona made for laughs from start to finish. 
2) Star Trek: Into Darkness

Oh my word, what a blockbuster. It really covers everything off the checklist
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan for Villain of the Year
  • The Enterprise almost being destroyed for the entire movie
  • Each character being portrayed accurately yet with respectful liberties (Scotty, Bones)
  • Sexy people. Damnit, everyone in this movie is so sexy. Even the aliens.
My biggest problem with the movie was the (SPOILERS) Kirk dying cop out. Don't do that. 
1) Breaking Bad

What a way to end a story that has kept people entertained and invested for 5 years. You know a show is good when your heart pangs every time a character dies. You know a show is good when you can't watch the second half of the final season in quick succession because your heart is pacing too quickly. Why I liked the show this year is an entire post in itself. If you haven't watched it, I guarantee it's more important than family or whatever you're doing this holiday.
 Well that about sums it up. I know many of these picks are too mainstream for some of you authentic vintage nerds, and I know most of them won't tickle your fancy. But regardless of your opinions, I want each of the four of you still reading to have a wonderful holiday!

And to Buzzfeed:

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2013 a year in review… And poor picture placement


  Wait what just happened? Where there just 3 posts from other writers? I'm shocked I am floored. It must be a ChrisMiz Mizicale. Just kidding, the guys have been getting into that old swing again, since the podcast is going so well. It's basically been a shot of much needed life. So keep listening to the podcast…. Which we are on the iTunes, so download us, put us on you Iproduct, listen to us while you run or read a book or while you sleep. Nothing creepy about that… Us shouting softly into your ear while you drift off to sleepy time village. Nothing creepy about that.

   So it looks like it's my time to give my top 5s of 2013 

Top 5 2013 Movies- This I guess would be the best place for me to start, right? I mean I am the movie guy

5. This is the End
4. Pacific Rim
3. Man of Steel
2. Star Trek into Darkness
1. The World's end

Pretty solid. Hmm Looks like all of them are action movies. But then again a lot of the movies that are award bait usually come out now. I really enjoyed the World's end…. Do I have to go into why I loved it. or you could read the review. I already did one so if you just clicky click that link just above us. Not only can you read The World's end you can read all of these movies…. #Plug City 

Top 5 2013 TV shows

5.The Walking Dead
4. Community 
3. Legit
2. Parks & Rec. / Breaking Bad
1. The Following  

  Of course I could have picked the easy way out and say Breaking Bad was the best show. I could but I never watched it during the season. I catch it on Netflix. So I avoided Twitter and Facebook during the season. I don't even know how it ends. But If you haven't seen the Following or Legit I recommend it.  If you haven't watched The Walking Dead, Parks and Rec., and Community  by now… your at the wrong site bubba.  The Following is tense and gripping. Legit is from the mind of Jim Jefferies who has become one of my……

Top 5 Comedians
5. Amy Schumer 
4. Azis Ansari
3. Bill Burr
2. Louis C.K 
1. Jim Jefferies 

 All you need to do is watch this

Top 5 Finds on Netflix/ Hulu +
5. Dredd
Watch it now 
4. Sherlock
3. Brooklyn 99
2. Buckaroo Bonzi
1.A Band Called Death

 Ok so maybe I am on Netflix a little more then Hulu. And I know Brooklyn 99 is technically a regular tv show. But I only watch it  on hulu. Kinda like Breaking bad. But  you have to check out Dredd and Buckaroo Bonzi. Two very underrated movies in their own way. It took me a while to like Buckaroo but I gave it a more focused watching and I like how it is it's own movie. It doesn't force feed it's back story to the audience. And The GOLDBLUM as a cowboy. But  I absolutely loved the doc " A Band Called Death". I am a huge fan of that old school punk sound and their story is compelling and interesting.

Top 5 WWE Talents
Just doing work like a champ 
5. Antonio Censor 
4. Renee Young/AJ Lee 
3. Cody Rhodes
2. CM Punk
1. Daniel Bryan / Renee Young 

 All of these talents have put in a ton of work and deserve to be respected. DB, Punk and Cody have been on fire lately. Granted I am late to the party. I have been hearing that they have been doing this high level of performing for years. Especially Renee Young. 

Top 5 worst WWE Talents
1-5. Natalya and the whole Total Divas entity
This hurts Female Wrestlers 
They are possibly the worst humans on the planet. If this is an act then they are the worst actresses on the planet. My dumbass watched it. I hate my self for it.

Top 5 biggest disappointments
5. The Giants season
4. Iron man 3
3. Batman Arkham Origins
2. My Softball season
1. Batman Arkham Origins / Iron Man 3

 So much hope. So much promise. Such a big let down. The Giants and my softball season are whatever. Yeah Who would't want to win the big game. But dust off the bruises and get back at it next season. But Iron man and Arkham. That's a one shot thing. Both looked like they could have taken a huge risk with going with two villainous characters that really were that big in the main stream. But they just lost faith mid way through because someone might have said something stupid that made them second guess themselves.

Top 5 songs that Motavited me this year
5. Liberate - H2O
4. I'm the Man - Aloe Blacc
3. Fire Burns - KillSwitch Engage 
You can tell everybody I'm the Man 
2. Started From the Bottom - Drake
1. Level- Avicii

This year I started Running and I would go with out head phones. So I wasn't that into it. But after talking to my best friend and former blogging buddy Mike about running. He told me to run with music and watch how fast you get into it. So I gave it a chance and 8 months later I still love it.  I put all of these songs on my playlist and when they hit ( normally when I am starting to fade) I get a boost of energy and keep on pushing. 

In 2013 :
I lost a bunch of weight, I have a PMA mindset, Ran in 2 gimmicky 5k which were awesome, got to be a part of the MLB All Star event ( all 3 days of it),went to some cool shows/events, grew a really cool beard, Became friends with some very interesting people, and Started this whole thing.  So I guess 2013 wasn't that bad. Wasn't a great year, wasn't the worst. It was fun at times and shitty at other times. A real fair and balanced year.  I am proud of what we have and will accomplish here at Underrated Heroes. So tune in on iTunes, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and  keep on coming back. #Plugcity .

A Quick Review: The Walking Dead: Game Season 2 Episode 1

Good To See You, Clementine.
The surprise of last year was The Walking Dead developed by Telltale Games.  The game offered players something fresh and new.  It told a great story and gave the players difficult moral choices to make throughout it's 5 episode season.  Yesterday, TTG picked up the series right where it left off. It is still a great albeit depressing as all hell story, still gives the player difficult moral choices with the  big change being this time you play as Lee's protege, Clementine.

This was me waiting for the game to download.
Clementine isn't the same little girl from season one that complained about her ears ringing after shooting a gun.  This time around she is a hardened survivor.  This comes across in several of the dialogue choices that I could and in some cases did chose in the first episode.  As Clementine you can also use her age to appeal to other survivors, but she is still a little girl, which offers a completely unique experience. As Lee you were able to do a lot more with just his height and strength. As with Clementine it might take a few extra moves to get to the same spot.  Outside of dialogue choices there is one scene in particular that shows Clementine isn't the same girl coloring with chalk and making leaf prints.  At one point in the episode Clem comes across a box full of toys. She looks down at the box and picks up a doll.  She holds it in her hand for a couple seconds, and puts it back into the box.  This scene is just one of many that showed Clementine's growth from an innocent protected girl into a survivor. She knows that she can't still be a child in an unforgiving world.

She Is No Longer The Same Frightened Girl
Clementine is also no longer in a large group like the one in season one.  She no longer has the security blanket in Lee to protect her. She can no longer be an innocent child.  Clementine does come across a new group in this episode and they are not exactly the most friendly bunch.  They are skeptical of a girl who has survived on her own. They fear that Clementine can be a threat to their loved one's safety.  This is a huge contrast to the first season where the Lee and company where not completely hardened before meeting Clementine. The old group still had some moral compass telling them to protect a little girl in need. The group that you come across in season two is having none of it.  They have seen what the new world has to offer, they have their own experiences with letting a stranger into the group and they don't want to risk their safety even if it means a little girl is put in harm's way because of it.

The game itself still plays the same. It is a point a click adventure. The interface for looking at and picking objects has been improved dramatically from last year. Also improved is the action game play itself.  Both the interface and game play have obviously borrowed from TTG's other project The Wolf Among Us.  The action feels just as fluid as the fight scene with the Woodsman or the giant troll that you encounter in a bar later.  It is a noted improvement that helps add tension to the game instead of the frustration I would feel playing as Lee and having to use the game's poor mechanics to shoot at zombies.

The game still has the same comic book style as it's predecessor.  The facial animation of the character's are still great, showing rage, sadness, and regret. TWD is story that doesn't need Battlefield graphics to get it's point across. Unfortunately, the game still has the same frame rate issues when it comes out of a loading screen. I didn't experience anything game breaking the first time I played through it and didn't see anything when I watched a friend did as well, which is a good thing as I still live in fear of the rogue camera of last season's episode three.  The soundtrack is once again perfect.  It is subtle during long character moments and fast paced when in a fight to the death.

The Walking Dead still doesn't hold back. The story in episode one was more of a character piece for Clem while it set the table for the events to come.  It also clocks in about 2 hours of game time so you can easily complete it in one sitting which is appealing to busy gamers.  The main plot is a bit murky for now, but they most certainly planted the seeds for a big bad in the near future. If you were worried about a quality drop off from last season don't be.

8.5/10 would recommend


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It's The Drizzling Shits!: Nick's Not Top Of Anything List 2013

The Drizzies 2013

It's the end of the year and The Bryback has asked us, his fellow writers, to do a top 5 list of movies, games, shows, and the like.  At first I was excited to do a list about stuff that I loved, but after viewing the other writer's post I feel like it would be redundant. Sure I have a different show of the year and movie, but it wouldn't be as different than I want it to be. Instead, I have decided to do a list of my least favorite things of 2013.  Let us get this shit show underway.

Disappointing Game: Batman: Arkham Origins almost had me fooled. Kind of like a salad that fools people into thinking it is tasty.  I was against this game when it was first announced, Rocksteady were not the developers and Paul Dini, the scribe of the first two games, had no hand in the writing.  The red flags were all over the place, but after the first trailer showing Deathstroke I jumped right back onto the Bandwagon. So when Mike told me he had the game and would like me to play it during his Extra Life gaming marathon I jumped all over the opportunity.  I was disappointed.  The combat is cut and paste job and the story which at first had my interest turned into yet another run of the mill Joker story.  I do not know if WB Montreal was scared of doing something original or just wanted to make a game that would hold over the fan base till Rocksteady pumps the next Batman game out the door for next gen, either way the game for me was a huge let down.

"I Am Going To Be A Lumberjack."
Worst Show: Dexter.  The internet knows what happened to this fine show. Sure it has been on a downward slope for a couple seasons, but the last season was a total mess.  I hung in there, I fought the good fight, but sometimes you got to acknowledge that the show that you loved during the early years turned into a hot mess.  Congratulations to the cast and crew for collecting their paychecks.

Worst Movie: Movie 43 is what is. If you like Dance Flick, Epic Movie, or any of the lesser Scary Movies this should be right up your alley. The comedy gives you the punchline and then just beats it to death.  He has balls on his face! She is having her first period! This game of Dare is getting out of hand! It has a huge cast of stars, and if you would like to see them doing comedy that you would never think to see them doing this is your movie.

"Arrive. Botch. Leave."
Worst Wrestler: Sin Cara is the worst wrestler of the year.  Sure you have The Great Khali and his friends, but there is something about a guy who came in with such hype and just flopped the way he did.  He was so bad that they have resorted to putting Hunico under the mask because at least he doesn't fuck up every time he goes out to wrestle. To quote my friend "I was watching his videos when he wrestled in Mexico and he looks amazing. I just don't know what is wrong with him." 

So that wraps up what I thought was the Drizzling Shits in 2013.  I made the list out of stuff that I have seen, so while I have heard and have seen how bad that Cricket video game is I haven't played it.  That is pretty much the basis of this list.  I hope this list can at least deter you from investing time in any of these horrible things. If one person doesn't watch Movie 43 or invest time in Dexter I have done my civic duty.  To close I will post what I consider to be the best of the best of the best. As I said up top it is in line with the other writer's opinions. 

Best Game: The Last Of Us

Best TV Show:  Drama: Breaking Bad
                         Comedy: Parks And Rec

Best Movie: The World's End

Best Wrestler: Daniel Bryan

My twitter is @Nick_Willy. I talk about a large range of my personal interest. Follow me if you want to bitch about what i deemed terrible. That way I can calmly explain how fucking stupid you are.  Have a Nice day.

Andrew's Top 5 lists of 2013

It's that time of year once again where we all like to talk about the best/worse things of this past year, but here at the Underrated Heroes corporation (That's right we're a corporation now, because why not?) we like to do things a little differently than everybody else. We will post about our favorite things of 2013 and on next Sundays podcast its only fitting that we discuss the most 'Underrated' things of this past year.

2013 was a fantastic year. We saw football players arrested, we saw America's sweetheart George Zimmerman literally get away with murder, we saw Paula Deen fired for doing her best impression of our own Mikey D, and who could forget the Royal Birth 2013? I know i was pumped. However, if you come to Underrated Heroes looking for your world news, there may be something wrong with you. We heroes like to focus on the simpler things in life, like asking why Daniel Bryan isn't the WWE Champion? Or why did they Hangover needed 3 movies? 2013 was the beginning of this websites journey, and here are my personal favorite things of this past year that we experienced along this ride.

Top 5 TV/Web Shows
5. The Goldbergs
4. Warped Roadies
3. South Park
2. Video Game High School
1. The Walking Dead (WARNING: Season 4 Spoilers Below)

If you asked me a few weeks ago what my favorite TV show was, I probably would not have said The Walking Dead. The season 3 finale fell short for me, and the first half of Season 4 was very slow paced. I understand they needed to set the stones for what was to come, but I found myself wondering if the show had lost its touch. I was starting to give up when the Season 4 mid-season reinstated my faith in the program. We saw the deaths of Herschel & The Governer amongst others, and everyone in the group is now split up, which will lead to new fresh storylines and a happy Andrew. The Walking Dead continues to be a fantastic television show that you really should be watching by now, if you are not already.

Top 5 Albums
5. Letlive. - The Blackest Beautiful
4. Defeater - Letters Home
3. Beartooth - Sick EP
2. A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy
1. The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation

The Wonder Years is a band that I have spent the later half of my teenage years growing up with. Every album they release is full of tracks that know how to hit home. Whether vocalist Dan "Soupy" Campbell is singing about hating his college and not fitting in ( See 'The Upsides') or about not being able to be with a dying relative in their final moments ("Dismantling Summer") the band knows how to make each track sound like it was written for you personally, and "The Greatest Generation" is no different. I am proud to say I attended  the 2AM release show for this album, I'm proud to say I spent $80 on the pre-order for it, and I'm proud to say I've driven from Long Island to Chicago to see them perform. I've been listening to this since it came out in the spring and I still get goosebumps from the emotion that was poured into this album. Do yourself the favor and check this album out, you wont be disappointed.

Top 5 Movies
5. The Wolverine
4. This is The End
3. Pacific Rim
2. The Worlds End
1. Django Unchained

Before people freak out on me, yes TECHNICALLY this came out in 2012, but it came out 6 days before the end of the year, and I saw it in theaters in 2013, so I'm counting it as a 2013 movie. Django Unchained is my favorite movie of this year, It was a compelling story, full of action, and I loved every minute of it. It is really that simple, go see it.

Top 5 Wrestlers of the Year:
5. CM Punk
4. John Cena
3. Sami Zayn
2. Cody Rhodes
1. Daniel Bryan

The video I posted above was Daniel Bryan's 2013 moment. Daniel Bryan has been busting his ass in the wrestling industry for years and this is when he final became a Main Eventer. A lot of people are still angry that DB isn't the champion yet but I promise that he will be champion in the year 2014, otherwise I will eat my hat.

Other noticeable things from this past year:

Game Of The Year: The Last Of Us

Match Of The Year

Song Of The Year

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, and I hope you'll be back to join us in 2014! Remember to subscribe to the Underrated Heroes Podcast on Itunes, and check our our "Most Underrated" episode next Sunday! As always be sure to follow me on Twitter @ParksXcore, and Have a nice day!

Mikes' 2013 Top 5's

 As I am here in my graphic design class, waiting to go home, I am blessed with boredom and internet connection.

In our latest podcast, we teased some of our favorite movies of all time. As this is our first full year together as a site, I feel like I have found a new home for my usual Facebook post of my top 5 favorites. Below is a small list of a few of my favorite things to happen in 2013. Who knows, I may fire from the hip.

Top 5 Movies
5. We're the Millers
4. This is the End
3. Hunger Games: Catching Fire
2. The Worlds End
1. Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek tops my list off for this year, as I think it is the stronger of the two movies in the series. The worlds end is a very close 2nd, It was pretty much a coin flip in my eyes. Both movies were great, and I actually want to watch both again.

Top 5 TV/Web Shows
5. Arrow
4. Red vs Blue
3. Video Game High School
1. The Walking Dead

As anyone who follows this site knows, we are a very Walking Dead heavy site. All of us are huge fans, so the number 1 spot for me is kind of bias. But the mid season finale and the two episodes leading into made the first half of the season worth the wait. I also must admit I do not watch much TV, So sorry Breaking Bad / Game of Throne fans, looks for Bryan's list. I watch mostly online web series because with such a busy schedule, so that is why 2-4 cannot be found on television (but Hulu and Netflix).

Top 5 Bands
5. Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
4. Attack Attack (Farewell Show)
3. Barenaked Ladies
2. A Day to Remember
1. The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years really got to me with their latest album. The only thing I can really say about how much the band has meant to me this year, is the fact that since April, The Greatest Generation has not left my CD player in my car.

Top 5 Video Games
5. Injustice
4. Pokemon Y
3. GTA (Not Online. Fuck that)
2. Battlefield 4
1. The Last of Us

For a PS3 game, the last of us was nothing short of absolutely beautiful. The storyline and acting was beyond fantastic. It was the best looking game, until I played BF4 on my PC. Now that is a beautiful game. But multiplayer, single player, TLoU is easily my game of the year.

Top 5 things I hate the most.
5. The Harlem Shake
4. Daft Punk
3. Iphones
2. Final Papers
1. Randy Orton winning both belts at TLC

Top 5 things I love the most
5. Kickstarter
4. Aksana
3. The idea of the Cowboys getting a new QB
2. My Beard (Going strong since January)
1. Rooster Teeth Expo

I hope you guys enjoyed my list. Stay tuned for the rest of the writers to put out their lists as well! Follow me on Twitter!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Not as much Yelling but just as much talking

We are back at it again. The crew got together after a brutal yet friendly game of football and shot the shit about a slew of topics. Topics such as The Wonder Woman Casting, Sports, The Walking Dead MidSeason finale, and some other shit. I hope you enjoy.  We went over to to see what that is about. Like I have said we are still new at this. This is episode  3  I mean 4.

Listen to the show. Here at this link.
Which one is Wonder Woman 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Spiderman Movie coming out… Just shut up and Take my money all ready

 Well, Well, Well. Looks like Spider-man 2 is going to be the kick off of the 2014 summer movie shit show that we all will hand our money over to. Look I normally will sit here and write 50 long paragraphs about the history of Spiderman, maybe a couple paragraphs about the cartoons that have come out ( Spiderman and his amazing Friends was fire flames all day) and about the movies that have well some have changed the comic book movie game ( 1&2 mainly 2 ) and some have really just have been garbage ( 3 and the new one with the lizard ). But I am not going to do that.

Haters gonna Hate. Spidey Gonna Spidey 
  No. So Spiderman 2.2 looks like a whole different animal in its self.  This looks like the start of some sort of crazy Spiderman stand alone universe. The SpideyVerse is upon us. It's finally happening! I am going into this movie with lower expectations but I am excited of the future of what Sony is doing with the SpideyVerese. Even with the gaudy CGI and the changing of some characters. It looks like the SpideyVerse is in capable hands. Fuck it, that is what it's going to be known as. SpideyVerse will be a recognized word by the end of 2014. If selfie and Twerk are words then so will be SpideyVerse .