Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This is whats best for business


   About a month or so ago I wrote a post about how I made a complete 180 on retelling and how I guess I am apart of the WWE universe. Well, I went to a Raw when it came to my home town. I gotta tell you I feel like a welcome part of the universe. Now I know how that sounds to some of you and probably a year ago I never thought I would say these words. I just have to say going to Raw is an experience. It was better then a lot of concerts I have been to and the crowd was all about what was going on…

Vince and Capri Sun 
  Only three of us went to the show, we weren't in full force  so one of us had to sit next to strangers…. It was me. It's always me. But as I proclaimed to Mikey on our way to pick up Parks. I was going to enjoy this at all cost. Positive mindset. I was going in blind I didn't know what I was getting into. What's going to happen? My mind was racing 100 miles a second. Basically I was walking to my seats thinking "are we where the Shield enter, should we have brought signs, Will Ryder get on Raw , are people going to block my  view, Whats a cheese cup? " shit like that. If anyone has been to the Nassau Coliseum and you are over 5'6 feet tall. You know that you're in for a close fit as a man who is  6'2 with the weakest of ankles. But it didn't matter I was pumped. Did I care that getting 3 sodas which were a one size only and the only size is collector , a pretzel, 2 fires ,a cheeseburger , and a fucking cheese cup cost $67 ? No,  I was buzzing, though it could have been the 40 oz of pepsi too. But When I got back to the seat The strangers who were sitting next to me ( older man and his son. Dad had to be late 50's kid late teens early 20's. Really nice people, did not mind sharing the armrest. Good people all around) was wearing a Rey Mystery  mask and the smile that went away right after I signed away my fortune for a Cheese cup , came right back and I was locked in.Also Capri Sun Cost $6.
  * I added this on pretty much after the editing process. But I do have to say I really enjoyed the show. It's a great experence. The crowd around us was great. We all had a great time doing all the chants. I did feel bad when I stood up in front of the little kids, but they didn't complain and when they were going after the Heath Slater fan. I've been to a lot of sporting events where fans couldn't wait to get on each other about their differences. But there were no fights, everyone was there to have a good time. It was an electric atmosphere and I can't wait till they come back.

It's not for everyone. So whatever 
 The Show went on and it was a heel heavy card so Parks and Mikey dug it. But it was also a very weak for a post pay per view Raw. But over all great night. But it allowed me to see the Cena issue (Let's go Cena/Cena sucks) in person. But listen I know I am going to get some shit for this. But I like Cena. He isn't my favorite but I respect what he does and what he is about. Overcoming adversity, positive attitude, hard work, being all about what you are doing and wearing shorts in 27 degree Long Island. Respect.

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The card wasn't that great but I know wrestlers or "superstars" that are impressive and I think could be great in the future for the company. Guys like Big E. Langston ( who tagged with Mark Henry and looked like Mark's young son. Henry is a Giant), Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, and Big E  are going to be in the hunt for the whatever the belt will be after Cena and Orton are done with it, Golddust is better then ever, Xavier Woods will be something interesting, Punk and Bryan are basically the feud that will be the next Rock Stone Cold. Also I think Big Show may have died ? I mean he went down and then didn't get back up until after the whole thing ended and they took him out in a fork lift. Kidding but he looked hurt and I am worried.

   So call me a mark, call me a nerd, whatever I had a great night and you weren't there. BOOM  Heel turn…. but maybe not... But maybe I did.

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