Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey do you like 6 strangers shouting at each other ? Well do we have something for you.

Some questions and the Crew 
This past sunday of November 17th or  whatever you'd like to call it. The Gang ( Mikey, Andrew, Nick, Matt, New Mike, and My self) got together after  our weekly football game and finally did something with our time. We recorded a podcast. Now we don't know what kind of podcast it is going to be. But we are determined to figuring it out. We could stick to the audio only where the good people over at . I downloaded the app on my iPad and set it up. Over all its about 55 minutes. We promise to bring in more guest ( somehow) some more insightful questions and who knows what else. The future is bright. Maybe… Also we will try to figure out how not to all get on Mikey so much.

Part One is here on this link

Part two is here on this link.

This makes sense in part 2

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