Monday, October 21, 2013

The Walking Dead: Twitter Round Up I

You're just delicious bacon to me.

Hello random people of the internet, I had the brilliant idea to post the writer's tweets here in the blogspot.  I like to think most of us offer some form of neat observation and maybe we could get a chuckle out of y'all.  As you all know, if you watched the episode, things are going south quick for Rick and his group; people are getting sick, pigs are dying. and the group is being infiltrated by Hippy Liberal Children.  THE WALKERS HAVE FEELINGS MAAAAAAAN.

Andrew Parker - @parksxcore

In reference to Patrick:

"Yer a walker Harry."

The main characters and their ability to not die:

"The Walking Dead has too much plot armor. At least one main person should have died during that whole thing."

"Idk if plot armor is the correct term, but they don't kill off enough people that aren't Woodbury randoms."

Rick is assuming direct control

"You cough, you die. Ricktatorship lockdown is in full swing."

Bryback McCormick - @BlueandOrange17

Bryan loves Patrick

"Milhouse is on the loose"

Bryan has no clue where a walker came from

"Whered that fucking guy come from?"

Bryan is not impressed by the secondary character deaths and Rick's farming skills

" Red shirt count :1"

"Hopper or hawppaha?"

"Well isnt that stereotypical"

"Red shirt count : 15?"

Bryan's idea of a fun family event is stabbing dying family members in the head and Daryl/Carol love

"Family fun time"

"Can Daryl be any cooler? Sitting backwards on his chair"

"Carol is telling it like it is."

"Powerful scene right here. There will always be a Carol."

Beth is a singing sensation

"Beth's new album drops at the mid season finale"

Bryan feels Rick's pain about losing his beloved pigs

"Ricks pigs !"

"Mr. Squeakers , Nooooooooooo!"

"Curly bob !!!!!!!"

"That was the saddest scene of all time"

Mike DeQuatro - @Desquatro

I don't need to explain this

"Carol is a fucking cunt."

Nobody knows why Michael hates Carol, my guess is that he doesn't like that Carol has developed into one of the more fleshed out and deep female characters in the show. Mike would prefer if Ed was still in the group because he had a sparkling personality and a wicked left hook.

Nick Wilhelm - Nick_Willy

I enjoyed the irony that was Carol getting to be a guardian of any child

"Yes this guy asked Carol to watch after his daughters. She did such a good job with Sarah, Sally, Dora, whatever the fuck her name was."

"It's like trusting Michael Vick with your dogs"

If you look at the tweet it will be different. When I think I have a good joke I stumble all over myself.

I as well felt Rick's pain at the loss of his pigs

"They could of used the people from Woodbury and I'd be less upset."

"Rick should of thrown himself on the ground and cried after every piglet kill."

"Rick sucked at farm simulator so his failure came as no surprise."

Nick mocks Tyreese and doesn't care for the red shirts

"Instead of bringing flowers tyreese should of brought some medicine. You failed her tyreese."

"I felt no emotion for these paper thin characters that they killed off. Bad."

Jimmy McCormick - bigQ1118

Jimmy twisting Mikey's balls about Carol

" look at Carole being a bad ass "

Missy - Marb_Reds

New work out ideas and fan service

"Killing zombies through the fence looks like a great core workout "


Chris Perkowski - doctor_perk  He does not possess any medical degrees, if you need any type of medical advice Jimmy is most qualified.

Chris doesn't care for the red shirts either

"We lost a lot of good people. Most of whom we saw for the first time tonight! "

Chris enjoys Two-Dog and his romance story

"I think my favorite Tyreese is "in love, happy go lucky" Tyreese. "

Woo, that wasn't fun to copy paste over! Hell I didn't even put in the witty banter between the writers that involved plot armor, the hippy liberal kid, and the pigs! So if you want to see those glorious tweets you should click on the hyperlink. or don't. This concludes the first and possibly last of TWD: TRU. I hope you enjoyed it.

This video is in reference to primary characters and their plot armor. God bless em and god bless TVB

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