Sunday, October 13, 2013

Comic-Con 2013: Free Stuff and Sweaty Nerds

Here at Underrated Heroes, we get press passes to all the biggest events. Movie premiers, rooftop parties, coffee dates with the Princess of Sweden, you name it! But none of these events match up to the glory of Comic-Con. Being a New York based blog, we talked to some guys who know some guys who know some guys and ended up at the Thursday of the 2013 NYCC. While the fewest celebrities show up on Thursday, the floor is only open to VIP, industry professionals, and the press. This makes for much shorter lines, fewer sweaty neckbeard fans bumping into you, and less tripping over groups of teens playing pokemon on the floor.  I was able to cover much more ground than last year.



So with that said, I've broken up my time there into the categories that people actually want to hear about. To be honest, there aren't many earth-shattering reveals at NYCC; those are usually saved for San Diego. But we still have the essentials: Cosplay, Toys, Comics, and Free Stuff.

I suppose a disadvantage of the VIP day is that most cosplayers aren't allowed in. We still had a plethora of anorexic Deadpools, overweight Catwomen, and cardboard Iron Men. I left my DSLR and Go Pro at home, so my phone pictures of the standouts will have to do:

 Inspector Gadget

 Black Cat, Viking, Two Face

 Green Arrow

 This guy's costume and posing was so well done most people thought he was a statue

 Captain America and Red Hood

Not sure actually...still pretty well done

Black Widow, Black Cat, and Captain America 

Selfie with my homeboy Deadpool

Some guy dressed as Rob Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead

The Queen of Cosplay, Jessica Nigri

I thought I outgrew toys a long time ago, but seeing some of these had me questioning myself. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Megaman + Friends

Life-size Megaforce Red Ranger

Stark's Armors from Iron Man 3

Like all of them

Thank goodness he has a lever on his back, or else how would Iron Man lift heavy things? 

He clearly tried harder on some than others

There's more??

There's more..
Gotta give him credit on the names
For those times Tony's quarters fall all the way under the bed.

Death's Scythe from Darkstalkers

Nightwing arsenal from Arkham City

Batman's hand and batarang

WWE Superstars

Not that much to report here. None of the big reveals happen on Thursday. However, there were tons of booths full of comics for cheap for anyone trying to fill gaps in a collection. Off the top of my head, I know I picked up:

Thor, God of Thunder #1
Thor #2
Rogue #1
Wolverine #121
Unity #1
Marvel Knights Daredevil #41
War Machine #3
Hulk Agent of Smash #1

All for about $1

This is my favorite part of comic-con. Honestly, most of the free junk you get is just junk: bookmarks, stickers, buttons, comics, posters, portraits, trading cards, and coupons.  I would make another list, but instead here's just a picture of what I was able to grab in a few hours.

Well that about sums up everything from the first day. Hope you enjoyed my experience vicariously!

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