Friday, October 4, 2013

An observation on life. The plane across country!

Hey bitches, what's up my loyal readers to my very sporadic postings.  So a lot has been going on in my life since my last post so I'm just gonna blame that for my lack of posting.  So this post is being inspired by the fact that currently I am on a plane going to visit a friend of mine in San Diego California. My initial goal of this flight was to sleep but after that only happened for the first half of the trip I did one of my favorite things in the world; people watching!!  

Before we boarded the plane I do what many people do and scoped out the cast of characters that I would be in a metal tube with some 40,000 feet in the air with for six hours. And to no dismay there was some awesomely amazing people and personalities.  I have flown many different places in my life so far (so not bragging, ok maybe a little bit) and each destination has their own set of characters, but there are a certain few standards; which lucky you the next paragraph will be all about. 

Now I know flying can be stressful, and trust me I used to freak out every time in would get on a plane (get into a long distance relationship and that problem flies out the window), but the first person I always spot is the flier that has the support system and the hidden bottle of let's just call them calm in a bottle, sitting right I front of the gate and everything an announcement is made the clench happens.  So the clench can happen in many different areas but the most obvious is the poor spouse of significant other who's hand is now broken because another flights gate has been moved.  I sympathies for this person, never being that bad,  but having those same issues I get it.  My next favorite is the lesefaire parents with their child running around the terminal, "Excuse me (insert random spiritual child's name) can you please come and stand next to me,  Thank you 18 month old who just looks at you and laughs and runs away down the hall way, you are now N.E.R.D. Famous.  After that comes the polar opposite couple, and I'm only talking about the way they dress, because let's face it I'm not hear to talk to you unless I'm traveling with you, just saying.  This couple consists of one person in full business attire for an 8 am cross country flight, and their partner in flip flops sweats and their hair in a hat.  I currently the one in sweats because let's face it I'm not spending six hours feeling uncomfortable, and it's not like I need to go somewhere super nice after I get off the plane, though I'm sure at least one of those two do.  Then comes that person who wants to talk.  What the hell?  Do I really look like I care who, what, where, why, or when, you are doing here?  Nope, that why the awkward time when electronics have to be powered down is my least favorite party of flying.  And just my luck my neighbor is a chatter, at least I slept for like four of the six hours and she slept for a little bit of it, but I see her now peering over my shoulder looking at what I am doing. 

Finally the best person in the world to be near on a plane is take a guess.... It's ok I'll wait.  No it's not a screaming child, over the years I have learned to tune those out, nope is the guy who like clock work every fifteen minutes releases gas from his bowels that smells like he has a dead human being festering up there for the last 3 months.  I swear there is a low hanging fog in this plane right now of his gas.  Come on buddy, the air exchange in here is not enough for your foul ass to be releasing that many bombs in your seat, I'm pretty sure the last one he shit himself, but now that wouldn't be the first time I was on a plane and that happened.  

So thanks for giving this lil rant blog a chance, I know it's not my usual reviews or advice blog,  but the idea hit and I had the time.  Lol.

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