Monday, October 21, 2013

The Walking Dead: Twitter Round Up I

You're just delicious bacon to me.

Hello random people of the internet, I had the brilliant idea to post the writer's tweets here in the blogspot.  I like to think most of us offer some form of neat observation and maybe we could get a chuckle out of y'all.  As you all know, if you watched the episode, things are going south quick for Rick and his group; people are getting sick, pigs are dying. and the group is being infiltrated by Hippy Liberal Children.  THE WALKERS HAVE FEELINGS MAAAAAAAN.

Andrew Parker - @parksxcore

In reference to Patrick:

"Yer a walker Harry."

The main characters and their ability to not die:

"The Walking Dead has too much plot armor. At least one main person should have died during that whole thing."

"Idk if plot armor is the correct term, but they don't kill off enough people that aren't Woodbury randoms."

Rick is assuming direct control

"You cough, you die. Ricktatorship lockdown is in full swing."

Bryback McCormick - @BlueandOrange17

Bryan loves Patrick

"Milhouse is on the loose"

Bryan has no clue where a walker came from

"Whered that fucking guy come from?"

Bryan is not impressed by the secondary character deaths and Rick's farming skills

" Red shirt count :1"

"Hopper or hawppaha?"

"Well isnt that stereotypical"

"Red shirt count : 15?"

Bryan's idea of a fun family event is stabbing dying family members in the head and Daryl/Carol love

"Family fun time"

"Can Daryl be any cooler? Sitting backwards on his chair"

"Carol is telling it like it is."

"Powerful scene right here. There will always be a Carol."

Beth is a singing sensation

"Beth's new album drops at the mid season finale"

Bryan feels Rick's pain about losing his beloved pigs

"Ricks pigs !"

"Mr. Squeakers , Nooooooooooo!"

"Curly bob !!!!!!!"

"That was the saddest scene of all time"

Mike DeQuatro - @Desquatro

I don't need to explain this

"Carol is a fucking cunt."

Nobody knows why Michael hates Carol, my guess is that he doesn't like that Carol has developed into one of the more fleshed out and deep female characters in the show. Mike would prefer if Ed was still in the group because he had a sparkling personality and a wicked left hook.

Nick Wilhelm - Nick_Willy

I enjoyed the irony that was Carol getting to be a guardian of any child

"Yes this guy asked Carol to watch after his daughters. She did such a good job with Sarah, Sally, Dora, whatever the fuck her name was."

"It's like trusting Michael Vick with your dogs"

If you look at the tweet it will be different. When I think I have a good joke I stumble all over myself.

I as well felt Rick's pain at the loss of his pigs

"They could of used the people from Woodbury and I'd be less upset."

"Rick should of thrown himself on the ground and cried after every piglet kill."

"Rick sucked at farm simulator so his failure came as no surprise."

Nick mocks Tyreese and doesn't care for the red shirts

"Instead of bringing flowers tyreese should of brought some medicine. You failed her tyreese."

"I felt no emotion for these paper thin characters that they killed off. Bad."

Jimmy McCormick - bigQ1118

Jimmy twisting Mikey's balls about Carol

" look at Carole being a bad ass "

Missy - Marb_Reds

New work out ideas and fan service

"Killing zombies through the fence looks like a great core workout "


Chris Perkowski - doctor_perk  He does not possess any medical degrees, if you need any type of medical advice Jimmy is most qualified.

Chris doesn't care for the red shirts either

"We lost a lot of good people. Most of whom we saw for the first time tonight! "

Chris enjoys Two-Dog and his romance story

"I think my favorite Tyreese is "in love, happy go lucky" Tyreese. "

Woo, that wasn't fun to copy paste over! Hell I didn't even put in the witty banter between the writers that involved plot armor, the hippy liberal kid, and the pigs! So if you want to see those glorious tweets you should click on the hyperlink. or don't. This concludes the first and possibly last of TWD: TRU. I hope you enjoyed it.

This video is in reference to primary characters and their plot armor. God bless em and god bless TVB

Friday, October 18, 2013

R.O.C 5k Episode 1 of 3 : Place your bets


 Some time back in April  my brother  Jimmy and I went on a diet to change our basic outlook on life. Well, it did. We lost a whole bunch of weight.  I don't know his exact numbers but I know that I have dropped 60 pounds. But I have been back and forth between 279 and 285, it really depends on if I have a softball game or how many days of work I have. But I have keep a lot of the weight off because I run.... A lot.

All Day Errrvery Day
    I  took a shining to jogging. I like the freedom of putting in my headphones and taking off for about an hour of two.  It clears my head with what ever problems I have,  I don't have to stay to the same path all the time, and I push my self each time out to either go further go fast or go harder. For a guy who thinks of him self as a creative and competitive type of person,  it really makes me happy. This has put me in an all around better mood. 

  In July I ran my first 5k. It was the Living Social  Glow in the Dark 5k at Citi Field.I ran in the dark and with people wearing glowing shit. But I went into it like a serious race. So I was all hyped up to get timed and shit. But it was more of fun run. So I was in the wrong mind set. But ever sine then I wanted to do another one. My cousins Melissa,Kristen  their friend ran,and  also Mikey's Mom/my  aunt ran the Tunnels to Tower in September. If you don't know the Tunnel to Tower 5k is a memorial 5k that goes from the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel in Brooklyn to Ground Zero. It is to honor the Men and Women you lost their lives on 9/11 and has been a great event for the charities and for the city. Hopefully I can run in it next year.  Since I knew I was going to miss out on this amazing 5k I signed up for the most insane 5k I could. 

I was 939 people to early 
 No not the Run For Your Life 5k, which I am trying to get the staff here ready for probably next year. But the R.O.C 5k. R.O.C stands for Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge. It's a game show inspired type race. I don't know why I did it but it looked like  a crazy thing to do and It was on my birthday weekend so I figured what the hell. But since the government Hates my birthday shut down the National park it was going to be held in. 

  But through some crafty work by some motivated people the race is back on for this sunday 10/20. I am so pumped and they released the list of obstacles I will be crushing Brock Samson style. Which got me thinking.  What the hell was I thinking! Yeah I run but I don't run over obstacles. I am going to die. So what I am going to. Then It hit me. Like any other genius I am going to put a betting line
on what my odds are on finishing each obstacle without much injury. But since I don't know how to put odds on anything I am just going to use percents. Because lets face it I am to pretty to do math.  I was so close to being 5446. It would have made my year. 

Obstacles: This isn't in any real order just on what they listed.

1. World's Largest Inflatable Slide : 5% — the only thing I am worried about is the climb up other then that , cake walk city. 

Make your Miley Cyrus joke 
2. Wrecking ball - Odds 85%-Watching Youtube videos of the event, this is the craziest thing I've seen. It's exactly what it sounds like. It's two giant foam wrecking balls swing back and forth as you walk along foam logs above water. Your boy is doomed

3. The Worlds Largest Moon Bounce - 15%; the only obstacle I have trained for. Kinda.  

4. Belly Flop Drop-40% - I'm not putting too much thought in on this but I think I have to drop on my belly some where. 

5. Tarzan Swing-35% - That is being generous. I think I will own this like Ric Flair owned the 80's. Grab robe, Swing across a moat, land safely, R.V.D like a boss. 

6. Tight Rope Traverse - 2% - If I get space I will dominate. Just do a slow side step across another moat. I am used to tight roping through danger

7. Get It up (and Over) — 40% - Look I know my Iq is off the charts. I think I have to lift or climb over something .  Lifting is easy , but I think it's a giant mound of dirt that I have to use a rope to get over. That is my trouble zone. I have a bum shoulder and a fat ass. 

8. Gorilla Bars-25%-  Adult Monkey Bars!  Bring it on 

9. Concree-Stadores - 100% - I have no clue what this is. So I think I will be murdered by it. Because like the old saying goes. What doesn't kill you fucking murders your face! 

10. Aqua Drag-1% - I think it's just a dead sprint through fire hoses. Not worried , no way no how. 

11. Tire Mile-1000000000000000000 %  - Oh I am fucked. I trip over my feet all the time.So a mile (probably not a mile) worth of tires is like Superman on a kryptonite Island with a red sun. As good as fucked... or normal I am not a big superman fan but I know the Red Sun takes away his power so does that mean he is not affected by the kryp  ? 

I am so ready 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Comic-Con 2013: Free Stuff and Sweaty Nerds

Here at Underrated Heroes, we get press passes to all the biggest events. Movie premiers, rooftop parties, coffee dates with the Princess of Sweden, you name it! But none of these events match up to the glory of Comic-Con. Being a New York based blog, we talked to some guys who know some guys who know some guys and ended up at the Thursday of the 2013 NYCC. While the fewest celebrities show up on Thursday, the floor is only open to VIP, industry professionals, and the press. This makes for much shorter lines, fewer sweaty neckbeard fans bumping into you, and less tripping over groups of teens playing pokemon on the floor.  I was able to cover much more ground than last year.



So with that said, I've broken up my time there into the categories that people actually want to hear about. To be honest, there aren't many earth-shattering reveals at NYCC; those are usually saved for San Diego. But we still have the essentials: Cosplay, Toys, Comics, and Free Stuff.

I suppose a disadvantage of the VIP day is that most cosplayers aren't allowed in. We still had a plethora of anorexic Deadpools, overweight Catwomen, and cardboard Iron Men. I left my DSLR and Go Pro at home, so my phone pictures of the standouts will have to do:

 Inspector Gadget

 Black Cat, Viking, Two Face

 Green Arrow

 This guy's costume and posing was so well done most people thought he was a statue

 Captain America and Red Hood

Not sure actually...still pretty well done

Black Widow, Black Cat, and Captain America 

Selfie with my homeboy Deadpool

Some guy dressed as Rob Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead

The Queen of Cosplay, Jessica Nigri

I thought I outgrew toys a long time ago, but seeing some of these had me questioning myself. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Megaman + Friends

Life-size Megaforce Red Ranger

Stark's Armors from Iron Man 3

Like all of them

Thank goodness he has a lever on his back, or else how would Iron Man lift heavy things? 

He clearly tried harder on some than others

There's more??

There's more..
Gotta give him credit on the names
For those times Tony's quarters fall all the way under the bed.

Death's Scythe from Darkstalkers

Nightwing arsenal from Arkham City

Batman's hand and batarang

WWE Superstars

Not that much to report here. None of the big reveals happen on Thursday. However, there were tons of booths full of comics for cheap for anyone trying to fill gaps in a collection. Off the top of my head, I know I picked up:

Thor, God of Thunder #1
Thor #2
Rogue #1
Wolverine #121
Unity #1
Marvel Knights Daredevil #41
War Machine #3
Hulk Agent of Smash #1

All for about $1

This is my favorite part of comic-con. Honestly, most of the free junk you get is just junk: bookmarks, stickers, buttons, comics, posters, portraits, trading cards, and coupons.  I would make another list, but instead here's just a picture of what I was able to grab in a few hours.

Well that about sums up everything from the first day. Hope you enjoyed my experience vicariously!

Friday, October 4, 2013

An observation on life. The plane across country!

Hey bitches, what's up my loyal readers to my very sporadic postings.  So a lot has been going on in my life since my last post so I'm just gonna blame that for my lack of posting.  So this post is being inspired by the fact that currently I am on a plane going to visit a friend of mine in San Diego California. My initial goal of this flight was to sleep but after that only happened for the first half of the trip I did one of my favorite things in the world; people watching!!  

Before we boarded the plane I do what many people do and scoped out the cast of characters that I would be in a metal tube with some 40,000 feet in the air with for six hours. And to no dismay there was some awesomely amazing people and personalities.  I have flown many different places in my life so far (so not bragging, ok maybe a little bit) and each destination has their own set of characters, but there are a certain few standards; which lucky you the next paragraph will be all about. 

Now I know flying can be stressful, and trust me I used to freak out every time in would get on a plane (get into a long distance relationship and that problem flies out the window), but the first person I always spot is the flier that has the support system and the hidden bottle of let's just call them calm in a bottle, sitting right I front of the gate and everything an announcement is made the clench happens.  So the clench can happen in many different areas but the most obvious is the poor spouse of significant other who's hand is now broken because another flights gate has been moved.  I sympathies for this person, never being that bad,  but having those same issues I get it.  My next favorite is the lesefaire parents with their child running around the terminal, "Excuse me (insert random spiritual child's name) can you please come and stand next to me,  Thank you 18 month old who just looks at you and laughs and runs away down the hall way, you are now N.E.R.D. Famous.  After that comes the polar opposite couple, and I'm only talking about the way they dress, because let's face it I'm not hear to talk to you unless I'm traveling with you, just saying.  This couple consists of one person in full business attire for an 8 am cross country flight, and their partner in flip flops sweats and their hair in a hat.  I currently the one in sweats because let's face it I'm not spending six hours feeling uncomfortable, and it's not like I need to go somewhere super nice after I get off the plane, though I'm sure at least one of those two do.  Then comes that person who wants to talk.  What the hell?  Do I really look like I care who, what, where, why, or when, you are doing here?  Nope, that why the awkward time when electronics have to be powered down is my least favorite party of flying.  And just my luck my neighbor is a chatter, at least I slept for like four of the six hours and she slept for a little bit of it, but I see her now peering over my shoulder looking at what I am doing. 

Finally the best person in the world to be near on a plane is take a guess.... It's ok I'll wait.  No it's not a screaming child, over the years I have learned to tune those out, nope is the guy who like clock work every fifteen minutes releases gas from his bowels that smells like he has a dead human being festering up there for the last 3 months.  I swear there is a low hanging fog in this plane right now of his gas.  Come on buddy, the air exchange in here is not enough for your foul ass to be releasing that many bombs in your seat, I'm pretty sure the last one he shit himself, but now that wouldn't be the first time I was on a plane and that happened.  

So thanks for giving this lil rant blog a chance, I know it's not my usual reviews or advice blog,  but the idea hit and I had the time.  Lol.

 So thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog.  As usual don't forget you can follow me on twitter @bigq1118 on instgram @bigq1118 and  vine once again @bigq1118.  Don't forget to like on Facebook underrated heroes . Later Bitches!!!!