Thursday, September 19, 2013

Movie Mayhem #14 : The World's End

 OH SHIT! Sorry everybody. I totally forgot to jot this one down. I got pretty carried away with the whole thing and the stuff that goes on when I need money. Same Song different dance, this time its the soft waltz and not the hot step juke.


 Right but Back to The World's End. Which is Edgar Wright 3rd installment in the brilliant and every evolving Cornetto Trilogy.If you don't know what the Cornetto  Trilogy is , well I will tell you. It is Shaun of the Dead which is the first of the Rom/com/Zoom movies. So suck it Warm Bodies. It is you standard Boy loves Girl, Girl breaks up with Boy, Boy gets drunk with Friend, Zombies , Boy tries to win girl back , Zombies, Hilarity ensues and Zombies. You know that old story. Hot Fuzz is their take on out of hand crazy bang bang shoot 'em up Buddy Cop comedies  like Point Break, Bad Boys, 48 hours, Lethal Weapon and Tactical Force Staring Stone Cold Steve Austin... Side note awesome movie. But I'll keynote it. Super cop transferred to small town, impressionable partner, mysterious murders, and hilarity ensues. Look, the movies have been out for like 9 & 5 years you should just go buy them at Best Buy. I bought the Blu Ray versions of both movies for $10. Seriously $10. Get on it

 So here is what I am going to say about The World's End. Is I loved this movie. Though It is not my favorite of the Three but it is tied for a close 2nd. But I feel I would change my mind if and when I see it again. I like watching these movies on dvd because I can watch it at my pace and not have to deal with the movie theater vibe. But here is what I have to say About it. Go see this movie . By far the best movie of the summer.

So that is it. I would have loved to go into full detail on why I think this was the best complete movie in the past two years.  The direction, the dialogue, the action, the comedy, the movement and the everything in this movie is on point. But not everyone feels the same about Edgar Wrights movies. It's a serious issue because fucking Riddick is in the top 3 at the Box Office and This movie is not even top 5.  


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