Saturday, September 21, 2013

How I changed my view on Wrestling.

  About 5 months ago, right  when we first started this blog. So this is when we were still trying to figure out who we are, what will be our strong suit and what we can add to the internet ( 3 things that are really the same but worded differently so that it sounds more important. Because that's what I do). One night after our first Walking Dead podcast Mikey,Nick, Parks and I high off recording an hour and a half of what was the best off the cuff work we have done so far. We started bullshitting about the possibilities of what we can do.  Mikey,Nick and Parks are big wrestling fans and were on the verge of heading to wrestlemaina with in the next few months so the idea of a wrestling podcast came up. All 3 of them blew up with excitement and how it will start up after wrestlemaina. Needless to say they spent the next few weeks trying to get me back into wrestling.

 A little background on me , is that I will do my homework on something before I form an opinion on it. For instance  my brother Jimmy told me that I should read the Hunger games and then watch the movie. So instead of saying that it wasn't for me automatically I read all 3 books and watched the movie . It's not for me. Same with when Mikey told me to watch Lost. I watched about 11 episodes before I tapped out. I couldn't stand it. A friend at work told me to check out Sherlock and I really liked it. I thought it was a great all around show. All 3 are on Netflix if you want to go check them out  ( Plug City). I could have stopped at 2 examples but I want you to know that when I say I am going to watch or read something I commit.  

It had to happen 
  I haven't watched wrestling since I think 2002 , so I missed out on so stuff I guess you can say. So I had my reservations about starting up again. All the stars I cheered for as a younger version have all retired, went to a different company or just have been replaced. Going in blind and expecting the same product that was the reason why I stopped watching over 10 years ago. But honestly I was surprised on what I saw.  This is a fry cry from what I was used too. What ever happened to Grand Master Sexay? Did Al Snow and the Job squad ever find a real opponent? I have questions that need answers ! 

   So I gave it a chance and I have to say I think it's better now then it was in it's glory days. I think the talent is better in the ring, on the mic and even the story telling is not as ridiculous as it once was. But still crazy because of the fact it's wrestling. But with whats going on now and how the stars are basically wrestling fans who studied and mastered some form of fighting that would have been made a lame gimmick back in the early 80's- Attitude era. Guys like Daniel Bryan, Cm Punk, Bray Wyatt, Dolph Ziggeler,Zack Ryder and one guy who the guys showed me his name is Sami Zayn who used to be a big time indy wrestler by the name of El Generico and he is really good at the type of wrestler he is. But these guys back in the day would be used as those no name guys who get stomped by the normally untalented big guys that are basically the same. Which I think is part of the main story line right now. But I have missed a few weeks after SummerSlam so I am kinda lost on whats going on. But I really like it now. It's just an overall upgrade. The hits these athletes take and the show they put on is out of this world.  You might notice I use the name athletes for wrestlers, I do this for two reasons. 1. They are hands down more athletic then most pro athletes and 2. I don't know what else to call them. 

Though I have given it some thought and I think I have come up with a pretty accurate list of what each writer for URH would be as a WWE Superstar.  But that's a post for another time.

I've never been but I've heard it's a good time
 I have noticed that wrestling fans are tremendously loyal. I am a big baseball and football fan and I have had conversations with people who were fans of a player but when that player does something wrong or even when the players career is coming to an end and they aren't as good as they once were. I have noticed that people will give up on their once favorite. But with wrestling fans they hold these athletes in their hearts forever. Like guys like Scott Hall who's had a ton of run ins with drugs and the law but is working very hard to clean himself up. His fans and wrestling fans have been behind him 100% since the start. There are Yankees fans who do not like Robinson Cano ( There best player on the team hands down)  because he's too good and doesn't really give it all.

   But I guess that's the thing. Wether  players give it all or not you can tell when they take a page off. But wrestlers really can't afford to give anything less then everything, because that would lead to a shorter career by firings or injury. So when you see something like a standing ovation for any legend or after a great match by a future legend.

What's up ?
 In closing, I greatly respect  everything that these athletes do. It takes a ton of conviction and commitment to put yourself on the line like that.  Now If you think there are Superstars/ Divas I should check out please let me know. I do like A.J Lee there is something about a girl who is mentally unbalanced and can throw on a submission move , that makes me feel all warm inside.  So let me hear who you think is worth a look. Like always you can get me on the Facebook Fan page and on my twitter.

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