Friday, August 16, 2013

Little double trouble Movie Mayhem going on : We're the Millers and Kick Ass 2


   Past two weeks have been crazy. So much work, softball, getting my fantasy football shit together for the draft, trying to get my miles in and getting a wave of the gloomies all at once has really just sucked. But I managed to go see two movies.  So I guess I will do my thang like I do my thang right heeer.

 First movie up : We're the Millers staring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Su…
Sudekis ... Sudakis… The dude that is banging Olivia Wilde, Emma " Iron fists" Roberts, Ed Helms and Some other kid.  So Jason  plays a drug dealer named Dave who is living life fantastic. Selling weed in Colorado, living in a pretty sick pad, making stacks. You know normal shit for a White Drug dealer who lives in the Whitest State in the whole world. Trouble occurs when he gets mugged by three of the lamest criminals ever thanks to his neighbor Kenny, who by the way steals the show. The muggers take all of Dave's cash and that is no buneo to his boss Brad or Pablo Chacon  played by Ed Helms in his return to comedy. Brad tells Dave he has to smuggle some weed across the border which throws Dave into a tale spin of panic which leads to him coming up with plan to rent an RV and have a pretend family help help smuggle.        Dave gets the help of his neighbor is hot ass Jennifer Aniston who plays an aging stripper Rose who is a bit down on her luck when new girl " Boner Garage" starts working the pole to play his wife, Emma " Break yo face" Roberts who plays Casey a street tough who is a runaway and Kenny his naive neighbor who is just the luckiest mother fucker in the game.  After the "Team " is a put together comedy ensues.
  So here are my thoughts after that expertly worded plot description. It was funny, It was maybe the second funniest movie that came out this year if you don't count Iron Man 3 as a comedy and not as funny as "This Is the End".  There was a good back and forth between the whole cast which added to the whole feel of the movie. Because you can see when actors who do not get along trying to be funny, it really falls to one of them to pick up the slack. It was a predictable movie. But there is enough comedy juice in this movie that will get you through the kinda dull parts. Emma Roberts was surprisingly funny at times. But who ever the kid who played Kenny was top flight straight through. Since it's been out for 2 weeks I really don't recommend going to see it in the theaters now  But when it hits on Demand I'd check the shit out of it. Though if you have access to time travel. Go back two weeks and go see it.

Batting second: Kick Ass 2 staring Aaron Johnson, Jim Carey, Chloe Grace Mortez  and cloven. The  much desired sequel to the surprising hit movie. If you don't know by now and your t.v  doesn't work. Aaron Johnson plays self made super hero Kick Ass and Chloe Grace Mortez  plays down right bad ass Hit Girl. Before I continue I have to tell you that there was on point in this movie where every dude in the theater took out their phone and went to the IMDB app ( which is free BT Dubs)  to do an age check and they were left with the knowledge that they were creeps. So  Hit Girl is still at it while Kick ass has taken a back seat to the whole superhero game.  As the montage continues we find out that Kick Ass wants in and Hit girls guardian wants her out. So a bit of a switch.  So now Kick Ass is looking for a team and Hit Girl is now in Mean Girls.  With Kick Ass's new team we meet Jim Carey who is Colonel  Stars and Stripes who is a former Mob Enforcer turned Born again who hates Cursing, Night Bitch who is a ballet teacher , Dr. Gravity who is Dr. Turk, and a bunch more. While the good guys are doing good feeding the homeless and busting up Asian Hooker dens. We see McLovin  becoming the "Mother Fucker" which is such a good name after the scene that came before it. Is building up his army of racist stereotype super villains as John Leguizamo  put it.
   Now its time for the final verdict. You should probably see this movie.... Like right now. Even if you never saw Kick Ass one. They do a good job of reminding you on what happened before hand so you pretty much know what you are getting right before the meat of the movie. It's a little slow in the middle and you really feel like you are watching a high school drama but then someone gets hit with a sick stick and you get right back into it. You laugh , You think, you feel like a creep and you like this movie. It's not perfect but there is a great photo of Nick Cage in there so it gets a full point to it so it's around an 8 .

 So did I just plan your weekend? I think I did.  You're welcome.

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