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 I finally have some time for this. Well, at least a few hours before I have to go back to work so I will try to keep this short sweet and to the point. Though I feel I have made that promise before and have failed miserably in keeping that promise. It because I love to talk , I am a talker what can I say. But None of that shit today. Lets get real for a minute.

 Maybe I could play Handsome Man? 
   EVERYBODY CHILL THE FUCK OUT BEN AFFELCK WILL MAKE A GOOD BATMAN! Now that I have your attention and probably your anger. But I stand by my claim, I have 100% faith that Ben Affleck will make a good, Not great ,Not Amazing , Not earth sharting. No , Ben Affleck in his new mature demeanor will make a good Batman. If the script is good and if  Zack Attack lets Affleck lend a hand. I don't see how this could be a bad movie. If this link to a photo isn't the Bruce Wayne we as a movie going public have been dying to see. Then I don't know what is. You need the Leading man who looks like he's been in a scrap or two. In sad news I had to turn down the role because I am way to handsome. Look at that jaw line. It's like I was craved from granite. Also I can never pull off playboy billionaire. Though I could rock the shit out of playboy hundredaire like it's no ones business. 24/6 355. I need a few days off a year to keep the awesomeness at a high level. It's in my contract.

First batman with man boobs... Relatable 
  I understand where everyone is coming from by saying that The Flack is not a good actor. I sat through Dare Devil , Gigli, Jersey Girl ( which really wasn't all that bad just cheesy as fuck) they were not his best work. But if you are looking at it all wrong He is better then you think . Just like how people looked at 10 things I hate about you for Heath Ledger and how people looked at Heavyweights for Ben Stiller when he did  dodgeball. Oh wait I am sorry that was the same role. How about when Tom Hanks dropped   Philadelphia on us after Turner and Hooch or Vin Diesel was Riddick in Pitch Black, Dom Toretto in The fast and Furious to Xander Cage in XXX to Riddick in Chronicles of Riddick, Dom Toretto in Fast and Furious to the up coming xXx: The return of Xander Cage where he plays Groot the tree guy. Wait that's not right. But whatever, It shows his growth of an actor. And Affleck is one of those actors where we have seen him grow up on the screen. From The Voyage of the Mimi, to School Ties, to Dazed and Confused,to Chasing Amy, to Good Will Hunting, To Phantoms and all of those not so good movies where he took his lumps like a champ and became one of the better film makers in this decade.

Boner inducing logo..
   Let's just remember that this is not a new Batman movie. This is a  Superman movie, well maybe a Superman Batman movie but  possibly the second real step into the Justice League. If we take a real look back at the Nolan-verse. Batman was possibly the least important part of the whole thing. Batman Begins is all about Bruce Wayne's journey to Become Batman for a half hour, The Dark Knight you can honestly say it was the Jim Gordon Joker show and the Dark Knight Rises we saw the hero who was born from tragedy fart around and gave up being Batman because his crush got blown up until John " Robin" figured out he was Batman, oh yeah and so did everyone else. So Really a Batman clean up wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.  

  D.C casting Affleck as Batman is a legitimacy move. Think about it, he is proven  money. Beside all that because of his directing he has become a better actor and really brings out the best in his fellow actors. He saved Hawkeye's (By the way how awesome would that scene be if that was Batman and Superman... except without the goofy accents and they were doing good instead of you know bank robbin') career after the Hurt locker doldrums in The Town, He brought the thunder in Argo, and he was the bomb in Phantoms! He will make umm , umm, Clark Kent actor performance so unforgettable that I will remember his name.  He is like the Chris Jerhico of gritty drama movies. Which is where D.C wants to go besides my previous reservations.   Ok so if that reference didn't make sense to you because you may not be a wrestling fan. Affleck is like hot sauce on pizza. Yes, pizza is great on its own, doesn't really need much help maybe you can get away with some unknown topping like pineapple or chicken. But you throw some hot sauce on that decent slice and KABOOOM   might be a great action movie. You understand? No, poorly worded you say? Well, come on bro it's 2 am and I worked for 11 total hours today.

Bro's day out 
   So there you have it, and with in 5ish paragraphs. Not bad if I do say so my self. Look have an open mind to the whole thing. I don't expect people to agree with me because they were really crushed by Dare Devil. But remember this Ben Affleck is a hard worker, he is a talented actor, he is friends with Kevin Smith and He was the bomb in Phantoms. This is my opinion and I would love to hear yours. So hit me up at the Facebook site or on Twitter. We have at least 2 years before this actually happens so there is a lot of fun discussions to have.

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