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Movie Mayhem 11 : The Wolverine. The most highly debatable blockbuster this summer season.The Debate? Will it suck


Back again and with some good tidings. I guess. You all know the score, It's the Mayhem and if you don't know what Mayhem is by now you are not giving 100% in everything you do. Its like Carlos Danger , he gives it his best no matter where he is. Just clicking pics of his junk ,sending it to random hotties, and living life to the fullest running for mayor of NYC. So the whole gang kinda got together for this mayhem. Oh sad news everybody, Jimmy and Melissa will no longer be joining us on  video podcasts. If we ever do them again, not that they have stopped writing with us it's just that they are now key players in the government, so that is all I can say about that.
   So this weeks mayhem is all about " The Wolverine". We never really planned to see this movie from the start of  blockbuster season. No, this one was the whole " I have nothing to do tonight, so I'll give Mikey a call see what he's up to... Oh Andrew, Nick and Vinny are free to? Lets go check out the Wolverine because I heard some good things. " type mentality. So we all piled into Mikey's car and headed off to  movies.

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 Now a quick once over of the plot of " The Wolverine". The Story takes place after the events of Xmen 3 which is a big relief because you're not left wondering what year the story is taking place because the technology doesn't really match up. So Logan is chilling in the woods living the simple life , hanging out with bears and growing beards. But he is scouted out by some Japanese girl with an odd shaped head. So she persuades him to travel to Japan to say goodbye to some guy he saved back in WWII. This is a rendition of a major Wolverine story line. I believe that it took place actually before he was on the X-men and it is actually a key story in the whole why Wolverine is a loner. But they kinda moved things around to make this movie work and changed somethings to keep it all neat. So the story progresses and we see that the old guy offers Wolves mortality which the old Knucklehead has been thinking about hard lately, with all of his wet dreams of Jean Grey.Side not there was a point where Jean said in his dream " I am all alone" and I loudly said " YOU KILLED CYCLOPS YOU DUMB BITCH, YOU LOVED HIM TOO!" but then I remembered that it's Logan's dream and there were 8 people in the theaters. And the story goes on but there will be spoilers and like the 10 before this I wont get into spoilers .

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   So now comes the truth. Did I like this movie? Yes, I thought it was a good movie. I throughly enjoyed myself. You have to go in there with realistic expectations and I went in there expecting Xmen origins and Xmen first class. But I underestimated this movie. It actually recharged my faith in the next Xmen movie. And if you know me, I have been horribly disappointed in every thing that the mutants have put out since X3.  So if you get the chance check this movie out. The fight scenes are cool, the acting isn't over the top, the plot is easy to follow and they use ninjas. So a win all around. We made the mistake of seeing it in 3d. You don't have to there really isn't any effect that is a must see in 3d. Oh and there is an after  credits scene in the middle of the credits to hype you up.

IF you are wondering this is the order from best to worst X men movies
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1. X2-The standard
2. X1 - The jumpoff
3. The Wolverine - the surprise
4. Xmen first class-the lazy prequel
5. X3-Its like it wanted to be the cartoon so bad that it forgot that the cartoon isn't good to anyone older then 9
6. Xmen origins-everything went so wrong with this movie.

Intimidation factor-  1 million

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