Saturday, June 1, 2013

Well hello summer!! I missed you!!

Hey Bitches!!!  Whats up??  So I'm spending a lovely friday evening home, because one I know you all have missed me and, two I need to pack for another medical mission to the Dominican Republic.  As we all know in the area above the equator, summer is coming!!!  This just makes me so happy after what felt like a winter that would never end!!  Whats so great about summer, you may ask?  Its hot, you sweat, and there are millions of bugs!!  Yes though all of this is true; summer is an amazing time in NY.

One of the great things about summer is of course the beach!!  Though I am a pale, pale, pale person, and my skin knows only how to burn, I just can not get enough of just being outside.  (with sunblock of course, I'm not looking like a leather shoe or getting skin cancer).  So if we haven't caught on yet, we are basically going to be talking about my favorite place in New York.  That is Cherry Grove on Fire Island. In fact all of Fire Island is a wonderful and probably that the most relaxing spot (to me) in the world.

So after a pretty generous drive out on Long Island, you hit a small town called Sayville. That wonderful town holds the ferries that bring you to paradise. A short ferry ride over you are transported to what one of the best drag queens I have ever seen or met Porsche says "The cruise ship tht never moves!"  Now for all of my fans that have followed me overtime know I am obessed with all things drag, and Fire Island has two of my favs!!  I live for their shows and they make my summer. My Friday nights are for my Porsche the women with a thousand voices. And my Saturday and Sunday afternoons are for Miss Logan Hardcore's pool show, and her awesome acrobatics and her aquatic endeavors. Lol.
The thing about Fire Island, is I wish I was able to afford a place there. (So if any generous reader would like to help me out with that I would be for ever greatful :)). But when I'm there I stay at the Grove hotel and I must say I really enjoy it. The grove hotel is connected to the Ice Palace bar where Logan and Porsche perform. The other bar I frequent is Cherry's. Cherry's plays great music and is where Uncle Johnny from Z100 works, he makes killer drinks and always honking the horn!!  

As a gay man, and with all the recent craziness going on with the Hate crimes in the West Village, which is a gay hot spot, the Grove is and I hope will remain a place of safety. A place where you do not have to feel ashamed or nervous about holding your same sex partners hand, or kissing them in public. Hell it's an Island of Gay people, what could be better!!!

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So I wrote this before I left, publishing after I got back, sorry for the delay guys technical issues!!

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