Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Movie Mayhem #9 : Man of Steel... " This isn't an S. On my planet it stands for Ca$h Money Homie"


    Well, hello there we meet again. Kinda , but yes this is review douce in the past like week or so. This time we saw the second biggest hyped movie of the summer season. The Man Of Steel AKA The Movie where Superman does shit and everyone is happy .


   Yeah like I said. This is the only Superman where there is actually action and people seem  to  be pretty happy with themselves. Its pretty much the summer movie you want, It's got a bunch of cool vex, a decent story, not heavy on the love story, Amy Adams just lighting up the screen with her take no prisoner stick up her  nice ass attitude all game long ,easy to digest dialogue , and Russell Crow Fight'n round the universe.  It was a solid movie, a way better then Iron Man 3 and The Dark Knight Rises hands down. And it was the right first step for D.C to lead it to the Justice League... keep your eye out I 'm sure there are 2 JL tie Ins.

Boardwalk Empire is the best show you're not watching 
 So here's my issue with the movie. I feel Michael Shannon was an adequate Sod. Now before you go off the deep end let me explain why. I really like Michael Shannon's work. I think he is a terrific actor who really gets into his roles and give 110% in everything he does. But He is not a 0 to 60 kinda of actor, he is a slow build type of guy. A draw you in with his intensity and then blow the doors off when he gets to his point. But since this was a  Zach " Solo cam Scream" Snyder movie he never had a consistent temperament. Also Sod thinks he is better then everyone so having him lose his shit durning most of his interactions does not really show off his massive ego. But overall Michael Shannon is by far the #1 villain of all Superman movies for now. Oh yeah another issue I have with the movie was how they used Russell Crow. It was just too easy and unnecessary at points.

Man of Steel V. Green Lantern 
  Overall, I really liked this movie. I think it's the second best movie to come out this summer .  I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. The dude they had play Superman did a good job, Amy Adams is always a favorite of mine, Michael Shannon could have used a better screen writer, Kevin Costner is the Father that no body should have, The US military is used very confusingly.... Look I don't want to sound like some douche who didn't like the movie because I heard that people didn't like the dark tone of the movie because Superman is not dark he is the shining example of the D.C universe. Well, that Superman sucks ass. The tone was at best dusk. Not too dark yet.

light and campy. Like you could get in at least another 2 innings of kickball before your mom gets mad at you for staying out past Step by Step.

  If you go see this movie this week because World War Z isn't getting you hard, go with a group of Nerds and pay super close attention to the final fight scene . You'll have a great time and you'll enjoy it.

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