Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Movie Mayhem # 8 : This is the End ..... Bro

Every 5 years or so a movie comes along where the hype built up for it make you think that it is going to be a terrible movie. Then they have a midnight release on fucking tuesday and you think " Well maybe this isn't going to be that good." Just like the Hangover the Bro's were out in force for the most bromantic  movie since I love you , Man .
 That's right 3/9ths  of the team got together for  "This is the End". For those of you who are allergic to commercials and break out into hives when on the internet. But "This is the End" is the #3 movie in the genre of end of the world type movie  to come out this year. But this is the first comedy. So Seth Rogen , James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Jay Baruchel  and a cast of literally all the people who have been in a Judd Aptow movie or T.V show except no Linda Cardellini. No Lindsay Wier you have 25% of my attention. I guess she was busy getting Don Diapered.... Fucked by Jon Hamm.  So everyone pretty much plays the most outrageous version of them self. Like  Seth is a bit a wimp, Franco is creepy, Baruchel  is a phony outsider, Jonah is overly nice to the point of being a douche, Craig is Black, and McBride is a whirling dervish of destruction and one liners. Everything starts at Franco's party and after about a half an hour until the rapture takes place. Oh yeah that's what it is. The surprise religious movie of the year.

   This movie was done very well. I felt the same way about Pineapple Express. Where I was expecting a comedy and totally into the action movie that it turned out to be. I am pretty sure this is what Grown Ups 2 is hoping to be. These guys didn't hold back on insults to each other and their interactions are so harsh that they could only of been the best of friends to say the shit they said to each other. My favorite line in the whole movie is from McBride  " Jonah You're a cunt!".

  See this movie in the theater and buy the dvd when it comes out becerrrverybody  is going to see Man of Steel this weekend. Because you know for a fucking fact what's out there is only half of the shit they put into it. There are some pretty crazy cameos that I don't want to spoil. So  Go out see this movie with some friends have a great time... next week since. But this is by far the best comedy of year. 

P.s - Big Matty Ice writing a Movie Mayhem for his first post. The Balls on this kid. He doesn't even give you our loyal readers a quick intro. No just acts like he owns the place. He is taking a shot at the Champ?  Matty Ice.. You on Thin Ice Bro

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