Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Movie Mayhem #6 : Now You see me . But if you use this Sony product it will help out.


   Sorry I know this came out last friday and its now Wednesday , but hear me out. First I was working errrrvay day, then my car's radiator blew up on sunday. So needless to say I was a tad bit busy over the past few days. Anyway on friday night the gang got together  and we hit up the cinema for " Now You see me" aka Batman + Zombieland+ every Sony product that will be hitting the market with in the next 2 years = MACGI... I mean magic. This movie s brought to you buy Sony... I mean By Sony. Not Buy Sony. Unless you want reasonably priced professional grade equipment. You can film your home movies and have it look like something out of the Amazing Spiderman 2 which comes out in 2014. Seriously Sony is #1.

Welcome Back
  If you don't know " Now you see me" is a movie that stars Jessie Eisenberg , Woody Harrelson,  Isla  Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman,  Michael Cane, The French Chick from Inglorious Basterds and James Franco's little brother as they go from  LA to Florida to Vegas to New York to LA to Naw Lans to New York and to some underwhelming  conclusions. The movie starts with Jessie Eisenberg the charismatic leading man playing Danny Atlas a street magician who is so popular he hooks up with a really hot extra. Then we met Woody Harrelson playing the wise cracking Mentalist who is scamming some shit heads, then we meet Isla Fisher who is a bit more professional since she is doing a trick at some sort of night club / air plane hanger or something. I have to  in that scene where the dude is trying to save her by hitting a metal pipe against the glass  2 things , 1 dude you are the worst. You swing like a douche and 2 you're a douche for going to a magic show after the age of 6. Seriously bro grow up. I realize I am watching a movie about "magic," it's different because I knew that it was fake. Then Dave Franco stole some guys wallet and they all have some guy in a hoodie watching them and giving them a tarot card. This is some sort of invitation to a very nice lower east side I think apartment. The team is dazzled by a light show thanks to a sony projector( $2,999.98 at best buy).  The movie jumps about a year  and we meet up with the gang as they are now Headliners and taking over the globe. Then we are delighted by Morgan Freeman shows up but he is there to explain whats going on.  Then Mark Ruffalo comes into the picture all disheveled and acting( Could be spoilers but I'll never tell.)  Like a dick then the Blonde girl from inglorious bustards all unassuming and hot.  Then some shit breaks down with the FBI and the Alliance of Magicians  go head to head. Then we get to the final trick which they set up by  a Sony NeX-VG9000( Which will run you around 3,298 at B&H) I think since it was set up on a tri-tripod with self lighting and it was all mixed together with one of Sony's many great and affordable laptops.

   If that description made zero sense. Well, thats how the movie went. You go along trying to piece together what's going on. Then they almost spoil the movie within the first 15 minutes because you see a person with a hoodie standing in the crowd or where ever and they try to make you think it's the french chick really hard. But it fails to hit. You're sitting there waiting for this big reveal and it fizzles when it happens. The biggest trick of the movie isn't really a trick it's just some Bullshit. And yes , I totally wrote that sentence and pretty much this whole post so I could use GOB links. Errrrvay time they said trick on the screen I muttered Illusion. Just a side note I'm not really into French women because I feel like they think they are way too cool for the situation. But I am all about Melanie Laurent.

  I don't recommend you seeing this movie. Unless you are looking for some sweet gear then by all means go see this movie. I also feel that since they did make this movie 3-d it took a lot away from the wonder of the tricks.  But then again the only good magic movie is the Prestige. If you haven't seen that movie GET OFF YOU LAZY FUCKING ASS AND BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! I am very serious.

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