Monday, June 24, 2013

Just doing my own thing and writing about sports


    Ok I am going to break a rule here. Well, really we only have like two rules and since I write the most and really I made the rules I think I can fucking break them. I am going to talk a little bit about sports. A few weeks or so ago Nick brought up something on Twitter that Hockey is the best sport to watch and I immediately disagreed because lets face it hockey is America's number 5 sport. If you need to know it goes like this : Football, Hot dog eating, 24 election coverage, Game of Thrones/The Walking dead ( depending the season), Hockey and baseball. Yeah America's past time has lost some of its flair but it's coming back , once Bryce Harper and Mike Trout put it together.


  But basically like Nick and I do we tweeted at each other for a few minutes because we are 14 year old girls about what sport is the most is the most  exciting sport to watch the last few minutes of. Or something that made more sense but around the topic I want to talk about.  So I want to talk about which sports moment are the most exciting to watch. Now Obviously its tough to get things like the most recent Stanley cup victory goal because A. It just fucking ended and B. I didn't watch it because I don't like hockey but I respect the effort.

 So now I have to set limits. I am going to scan Youtube for some of the most exciting clips. Some I remember and some I just throw random words together to make a description.Look it's 12  and I'm riding the buzz from the new CBS show Under the Dome.... It's as dumb as it sounds. So I will give a bit of a description to set the mood and some context so you can get into the feel for moment. 

Hockey-Look I am not a big hockey guy, I think I have all ready said that. So the only real hockey moments I know are The Rangers winning in 94, Charlie Banks doing the triple deke  on the Hawks, and This the 1980s USA hockey team win over the Russian National team. Just a bunch of College kids who scrapped and clawed their way to the gold. Just Heart, Hustle and Herb Brooks. This is the birth of the U.S.A Chant which carried us to Super powered. google it 

Soccer - ahhhhh Fuck soccer. Watch Bend it like Beckham if you want to see a soccer goal.  

Basketball-Frankly this could have all been  clips from Space jam. When Bill Murray came out to lead the Toon Squad to victory. But no. Now I can go through the long history of all time moments of the NBA. I mean Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Keith Van Horn the list goes on and on but I feel that the Jason Kidd buzzer beater against the Nets this past season was a thing of beauty. The fact that he dropped a dagger into his former team heart, it shut up their new bandwagon fans, and showed the Knicks were kings of New York. Just a heads up I am New York Biased. I from New York, a fan of New York based sports teams and this is a site for video Games and Movies so really who's complaining.  But yeah Kidd dropped this bucket from behind the 3 line and drew a foul which made it a 4 point play. Just pure veteran , veteran all day errrveryday. 

Baseball-This is my bread and butter. So this clip I have been saying is by far the most powerful home run in baseball history.Forget about Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Bobby Thompson, Ted Williams, and Derek Jeter . This is all about Mike Piazza. On September 21,2001 America was reeling from the events of September 11th and the Mets were the first team to play in New York since the attacks. Shea Stadium was packed to the gills. Now if you never went to Shea stadium before let me give you a quick tour. It was opened in 1964 and revamped after the 70's but really it was super cramped, really high (a common joke was that if you on the upper deck you had to be careful because you'd fall off the earth. Or something) and it shook when there were enough people in it to get it rocking. So the Mets faced the rival Braves and emotions were running high. The Braves took an early lead and heading into the 8th it looked all but set that the Braves

were going to walk away with a win. With runners on Mike Piazza crushed a big fly to take the lead. Absolutely breath taking. Every time I see it I get goosebumps. This moment is not mentioned in Kens Burns new innings of his Baseball so don't watch it.

Football-If you watch any close football game in slowmotion with "Classic Battle" playing you get all jacked up and ready for a helmet smashing, heart stopping, Tim Tabooing  finally that will leave you either shouting in victory or crying in defeat like a little girl that is just humiliating  the whole world. So with that build up and my New Yorkittude what do you think I am going to pick? Super Bowl 42 the Catch. Lets get this out there. The Giants played the heavy favorite New England Patriots who were 18-0 at the time. So the Giants go up 10-7 with under 3 minutes to go. The Whole time it was how was Eli Manning going to match with Tom Brady. Then the Pats scored a touchdown to go up by 4. Locked in Pats win right? Not today, like a fucking surgeon Eli cut up the secondary to go to 3rd and l5. Eli is not known for his cat like balance so when he was rushed from all sides and grabbed people thought it was over. So he throws this duck that Tyree caught on his head. Cray Cray . They later score and the prettiest of fade patterns in the endzone. Thus Eli Manning is a legend and David Tyree bought one free year and a place in the ring of honor even though he caught like 5 career passes.

  Kickball-What ever this is. Fantastic display of athleticism , teamwork, and pure determination. The pitcher rolls the hardest screwball in the history of the game, the kicker got a chunk of the sphere but Nelly No quit closes the gap and with a Veteran slide keeps the ball live long enough until her left fielder can close the door. 100% heart right there. Love it.

Beer Pong - Just this whole thing right here.It's like Val Halla  for bros. Just the dedication these guys put forth is  outstanding. It's what makes America great. Forget that we are scraping the bottom of the barrel in education, forget that our health care system is a joke, forget that it has taken months to get people back into their homes after major storms forget all of that noise. This is America right here. If this was sponsored by Denny's and Coors Original it would explode red white and blue.

 This is were I am going to stop. It's late and I think I would offend some people if I continued. But  yeah... Sports and shit like that. Not bad. I will get back to my normal shit later. I have another day off so I will post. Hopefully I will be the 100th post. But knowing my luck I wont be. 

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