Friday, June 7, 2013

48 Hours of Damages

Question: How much Glenn Close is too much Glenn Close?
Answer: Impossible. 

My cousin Bryan put out a hit on me because I've been not making blog posts that nobody reads. I mean, he just told Uncle Pete that he needed something done and the next thing I know someone's breaking into my boss's luxe Manhattan apartment and...oh wait, that didn't happen to me. That's the plot from the first season of Damages. Which I freaking watched in a little over 24 hours (relax people, I kinda/sorta alternated it with IRL activities, like showering and eating). And while I'm out here embarrassing myself, I'll just throw it out there that I also justmighthave watched the other three seasons in record time. It made going to work awake with my eyes open difficult. 

Have you heard of this little show called Damages? It premiered in 2007 on FX and it starred Glenn Coco, the prude from Bridesmaids, a bald eagle, and a guy with big brown bambi eyes. And season two includes some guy from Justified (also on FX, coincidence?). Also, John MotherFuckin Goodman is a main character in Season 4. Let that sink in. 

Anyways, do you need to watch this show? Yes, yes you do. But what do you need to know beforehand? Keep reading to find out (no spoilers). 

  • Seasons 1 and 2 are probably the best. By this point I've watched Glenn Close frown so many times that I don't really remember what happened. I mean, that was a whole of TV I watched. Anyways Season 1 really sets up the whole show. You'll be especially into this show if you love to watch character transformation. You'll also love this show if you're into watching the same scene over and over and over. Damages is heavy on the flashbacks and *two snaps in a circle* they know how to work it. Each time they'll give you a litttttle bit more, a tease if you will - just like that girl who sat next to you in college chemistry. Except, at the end of the episode, you'll get whole enchilada and find out what's upppppp. Sorry nerds, I know your lab partner didn't let you hit it. Season 2 is where Rose Byrne (Ellen) gets her revenge. You'll enjoy her flashbacks because she looks sexy as hell and there is SUCH a major twist at the end. Definitely watch the first two seasons. They're excellent. 
  • The names of the episodes are lines of dialogue. I love clever writers. "Drive It Through Hardcore", "Tastes Like a Ho Ho", "Hey! Mr. Pibb", "I'm Worried About My Dog" - aren't you dying to know how these gems were worked into the conversation? 
  • Season 4 is the worst season, followed by Season 3. Sorry hippies and wartime protesters. This season is all about Afghanistan. Every season of Damages follows one court case that's loosely based on a real life event (which I did not know beforehand, thanks Wikipedia). That's thirteen episodes on the same story and it works. Season 4 is based on the Blackwater scandal and there are only ten episodes, which is interesting because most of it takes place in two different countries, and you'd think that would mean things would take longer to play out. Whatever, a bit far fetched but Glenn Close's acting is still on point. Season 3 is a stinker for three reasons: we lose a main character, the plot involves a character from Season 1, and it's generally a bit all over the place.
  • The evolution of Rose Byrne and Glenn Close's wardrobe and makeup. Just keep an eye on this one, and let me know what you think. Especially watch how Ellen is dressed. 
Well, are you going to binge on Damages? Have you seen it? Let me know what you think in the comments. Or just follow me on Twitter @Marb_Reds

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