Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Last Of Us: The End

"The journey was kind of for nothing, but at the same time it was for everything." - Neil Druckmann

"I swear."  "Okay."  If you have completed The Last Of Us you know these two lines as the last lines said in the game.  It is the final moment between two characters that have been through traumatic events, and it carries a ton of weight.  The ending in its nature is open for interpretation, but for some reason I see some gamers looking at the ending in a different light, which isn't wrong we are all allowed to have opinions, but I feel that I have a solid grasp on the ending.  So I will start off with what my interpretation is and then slowly move through a bunch of points other gamers have brought up and slowly dissect it.

My interpretation of the ending is that Ellie knows Joel is lying and is Okay with it.  You see Ellie was out cold from the moment she drowned until the moment she woke up in the back of the truck with a hospital gown on. Ellie even says "What am I wearing?"  We all know Ellie is smart so she probably saw right through Joel's lie right there in the car, that is why she turns her back away from him.  The reason she asks Joel to swear to her in the forrest is for two reasons.  The first is to rid her of the guilt she feels for being okay with not being the cure.  The second is to make Joel pretty much say that he will always be there for her and not leave her like everyone else has in the past, which is her biggest fear.  When Joel lies to her and she says Okay it is to clear her of guilt and so that they both can move on to the next part of their lives.  To both of them their relationship is more important than humanity.

So now let us discuss some of the other views and questions about the ending.

"Does Ellie know Joel is lying?"

In a interview with Edge both Neil Druckmann (Writer for TLOU) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie's VA) say Ellie has a bullshit detector.  Evidence of this could be the whole scene with David when she is locked in the cell. So it is pretty safe (and essential to my interpretation) that Ellie knew Joel was lying.  Ms.  Johnson also states that she saw the ending as Ellie accepting the lie and moving forward with Joel.  I am inclined to believe that she has a solid grasp of Ellie's views since she did her voice.

"Ellie would of sacrificed herself for the cure! She said when is it going to be my turn!"

She has survivor's guilt.  She feels that she has done wrong by surviving where others have died. Joel tries to tell her it is Okay to survive and that she will find something to fight for, but she moves on quickly to asking Joel if what he said was the truth so she could clear her mind of all guilt.  

"She was dejected at the start of Spring because she knew she might have to die for the cure and was accepting it!" 

What is the first thing you see in the spring segment? Ellie staring at a deer mural.  A deer was the start of the whole Ellie-Dave saga so she was probably reflecting back on that series of events.  She also is worried that when Joel hands her off to the Fireflies that he is going to bail back to Boston. That is why Ellie starts to probe Joel and try to make  plans saying things like "You can teach me to swim and play guitar when this is all said and done." This also helps kill the whole she would sacrifice herself thing as well, since people that are willing to sacrifice themselves usually don't make plans for the future.

"Joel is just using her as a replacement for Sarah it is creepy as F***."

Joel moves on from his daughter in the spring chapter.  When Ellie gives Joel the picture and he says thanks it is him moving on from the tragedy that occured 20 years ago and him looking at a possible future with Ellie who he recognizes as a special person in his life.

"The Fireflies are the good guys and Joel is a monster."

From my view Joel did what any guardian should do and his lie was one of just telling his "daughter" what she wanted to hear and to help her move on. The Fireflies were willing to murder a young girl on the off chance of producing a vaccine.  A vaccine that would benefit who?  Who's to say the Fireflies won't use the vaccine as a powergrab? Also look at who is left in the world.  A majority of the people left in the world are murderers and cannibals. Sure you can give them the vaccine, but the world isn't going to go back to the way it was.  The infected would still be around and heavily outnumber the survivors as well.  Lastly any attempts at making a vaccine in the past have failed (opening credits of the game).  The real hope for humanity would be Tommy's group at the dam.  They are self sufficient and thriving.

Okay, so I just discussed several different views for the ending or talking points and I am feeling pretty good of my assessment of it all.  The last scene is up for discussion as it is left open on purpose, but I think that my view is right even though opinions can't be right. Weird huh?

In closing  The journey that both character's went through was not for nothing. Ellie says it can't all be for nothing when Joel tells her that they can just go back to Tommy's no questions asked.  Did Joel effectively make it all for nothing by not letting Ellie die for the vaccine? maybe, but in the process Joel found someone that  helped him face his past and love again and Ellie found someone who would never leave her which was her biggest fear.  Sure they didn't make the world better, but they made each other's world better. 

If you want to discuss The Last Of Us with me you can follow me on twitter @Nick_Willy  I also apologize for any spelling and grammar mistakes in here I am pretty sure I am running a computer that is using the originals windows program.  Stay Cool.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Just doing my own thing and writing about sports


    Ok I am going to break a rule here. Well, really we only have like two rules and since I write the most and really I made the rules I think I can fucking break them. I am going to talk a little bit about sports. A few weeks or so ago Nick brought up something on Twitter that Hockey is the best sport to watch and I immediately disagreed because lets face it hockey is America's number 5 sport. If you need to know it goes like this : Football, Hot dog eating, 24 election coverage, Game of Thrones/The Walking dead ( depending the season), Hockey and baseball. Yeah America's past time has lost some of its flair but it's coming back , once Bryce Harper and Mike Trout put it together.


  But basically like Nick and I do we tweeted at each other for a few minutes because we are 14 year old girls about what sport is the most is the most  exciting sport to watch the last few minutes of. Or something that made more sense but around the topic I want to talk about.  So I want to talk about which sports moment are the most exciting to watch. Now Obviously its tough to get things like the most recent Stanley cup victory goal because A. It just fucking ended and B. I didn't watch it because I don't like hockey but I respect the effort.

 So now I have to set limits. I am going to scan Youtube for some of the most exciting clips. Some I remember and some I just throw random words together to make a description.Look it's 12  and I'm riding the buzz from the new CBS show Under the Dome.... It's as dumb as it sounds. So I will give a bit of a description to set the mood and some context so you can get into the feel for moment. 

Hockey-Look I am not a big hockey guy, I think I have all ready said that. So the only real hockey moments I know are The Rangers winning in 94, Charlie Banks doing the triple deke  on the Hawks, and This the 1980s USA hockey team win over the Russian National team. Just a bunch of College kids who scrapped and clawed their way to the gold. Just Heart, Hustle and Herb Brooks. This is the birth of the U.S.A Chant which carried us to Super powered. google it 

Soccer - ahhhhh Fuck soccer. Watch Bend it like Beckham if you want to see a soccer goal.  

Basketball-Frankly this could have all been  clips from Space jam. When Bill Murray came out to lead the Toon Squad to victory. But no. Now I can go through the long history of all time moments of the NBA. I mean Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Keith Van Horn the list goes on and on but I feel that the Jason Kidd buzzer beater against the Nets this past season was a thing of beauty. The fact that he dropped a dagger into his former team heart, it shut up their new bandwagon fans, and showed the Knicks were kings of New York. Just a heads up I am New York Biased. I from New York, a fan of New York based sports teams and this is a site for video Games and Movies so really who's complaining.  But yeah Kidd dropped this bucket from behind the 3 line and drew a foul which made it a 4 point play. Just pure veteran , veteran all day errrveryday. 

Baseball-This is my bread and butter. So this clip I have been saying is by far the most powerful home run in baseball history.Forget about Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Bobby Thompson, Ted Williams, and Derek Jeter . This is all about Mike Piazza. On September 21,2001 America was reeling from the events of September 11th and the Mets were the first team to play in New York since the attacks. Shea Stadium was packed to the gills. Now if you never went to Shea stadium before let me give you a quick tour. It was opened in 1964 and revamped after the 70's but really it was super cramped, really high (a common joke was that if you on the upper deck you had to be careful because you'd fall off the earth. Or something) and it shook when there were enough people in it to get it rocking. So the Mets faced the rival Braves and emotions were running high. The Braves took an early lead and heading into the 8th it looked all but set that the Braves

were going to walk away with a win. With runners on Mike Piazza crushed a big fly to take the lead. Absolutely breath taking. Every time I see it I get goosebumps. This moment is not mentioned in Kens Burns new innings of his Baseball so don't watch it.

Football-If you watch any close football game in slowmotion with "Classic Battle" playing you get all jacked up and ready for a helmet smashing, heart stopping, Tim Tabooing  finally that will leave you either shouting in victory or crying in defeat like a little girl that is just humiliating  the whole world. So with that build up and my New Yorkittude what do you think I am going to pick? Super Bowl 42 the Catch. Lets get this out there. The Giants played the heavy favorite New England Patriots who were 18-0 at the time. So the Giants go up 10-7 with under 3 minutes to go. The Whole time it was how was Eli Manning going to match with Tom Brady. Then the Pats scored a touchdown to go up by 4. Locked in Pats win right? Not today, like a fucking surgeon Eli cut up the secondary to go to 3rd and l5. Eli is not known for his cat like balance so when he was rushed from all sides and grabbed people thought it was over. So he throws this duck that Tyree caught on his head. Cray Cray . They later score and the prettiest of fade patterns in the endzone. Thus Eli Manning is a legend and David Tyree bought one free year and a place in the ring of honor even though he caught like 5 career passes.

  Kickball-What ever this is. Fantastic display of athleticism , teamwork, and pure determination. The pitcher rolls the hardest screwball in the history of the game, the kicker got a chunk of the sphere but Nelly No quit closes the gap and with a Veteran slide keeps the ball live long enough until her left fielder can close the door. 100% heart right there. Love it.

Beer Pong - Just this whole thing right here.It's like Val Halla  for bros. Just the dedication these guys put forth is  outstanding. It's what makes America great. Forget that we are scraping the bottom of the barrel in education, forget that our health care system is a joke, forget that it has taken months to get people back into their homes after major storms forget all of that noise. This is America right here. If this was sponsored by Denny's and Coors Original it would explode red white and blue.

 This is were I am going to stop. It's late and I think I would offend some people if I continued. But  yeah... Sports and shit like that. Not bad. I will get back to my normal shit later. I have another day off so I will post. Hopefully I will be the 100th post. But knowing my luck I wont be. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Movie Mayhem #9 : Man of Steel... " This isn't an S. On my planet it stands for Ca$h Money Homie"


    Well, hello there we meet again. Kinda , but yes this is review douce in the past like week or so. This time we saw the second biggest hyped movie of the summer season. The Man Of Steel AKA The Movie where Superman does shit and everyone is happy .


   Yeah like I said. This is the only Superman where there is actually action and people seem  to  be pretty happy with themselves. Its pretty much the summer movie you want, It's got a bunch of cool vex, a decent story, not heavy on the love story, Amy Adams just lighting up the screen with her take no prisoner stick up her  nice ass attitude all game long ,easy to digest dialogue , and Russell Crow Fight'n round the universe.  It was a solid movie, a way better then Iron Man 3 and The Dark Knight Rises hands down. And it was the right first step for D.C to lead it to the Justice League... keep your eye out I 'm sure there are 2 JL tie Ins.

Boardwalk Empire is the best show you're not watching 
 So here's my issue with the movie. I feel Michael Shannon was an adequate Sod. Now before you go off the deep end let me explain why. I really like Michael Shannon's work. I think he is a terrific actor who really gets into his roles and give 110% in everything he does. But He is not a 0 to 60 kinda of actor, he is a slow build type of guy. A draw you in with his intensity and then blow the doors off when he gets to his point. But since this was a  Zach " Solo cam Scream" Snyder movie he never had a consistent temperament. Also Sod thinks he is better then everyone so having him lose his shit durning most of his interactions does not really show off his massive ego. But overall Michael Shannon is by far the #1 villain of all Superman movies for now. Oh yeah another issue I have with the movie was how they used Russell Crow. It was just too easy and unnecessary at points.

Man of Steel V. Green Lantern 
  Overall, I really liked this movie. I think it's the second best movie to come out this summer .  I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. The dude they had play Superman did a good job, Amy Adams is always a favorite of mine, Michael Shannon could have used a better screen writer, Kevin Costner is the Father that no body should have, The US military is used very confusingly.... Look I don't want to sound like some douche who didn't like the movie because I heard that people didn't like the dark tone of the movie because Superman is not dark he is the shining example of the D.C universe. Well, that Superman sucks ass. The tone was at best dusk. Not too dark yet.

light and campy. Like you could get in at least another 2 innings of kickball before your mom gets mad at you for staying out past Step by Step.

  If you go see this movie this week because World War Z isn't getting you hard, go with a group of Nerds and pay super close attention to the final fight scene . You'll have a great time and you'll enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Movie Mayhem # 8 : This is the End ..... Bro

Every 5 years or so a movie comes along where the hype built up for it make you think that it is going to be a terrible movie. Then they have a midnight release on fucking tuesday and you think " Well maybe this isn't going to be that good." Just like the Hangover the Bro's were out in force for the most bromantic  movie since I love you , Man .
 That's right 3/9ths  of the team got together for  "This is the End". For those of you who are allergic to commercials and break out into hives when on the internet. But "This is the End" is the #3 movie in the genre of end of the world type movie  to come out this year. But this is the first comedy. So Seth Rogen , James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Jay Baruchel  and a cast of literally all the people who have been in a Judd Aptow movie or T.V show except no Linda Cardellini. No Lindsay Wier you have 25% of my attention. I guess she was busy getting Don Diapered.... Fucked by Jon Hamm.  So everyone pretty much plays the most outrageous version of them self. Like  Seth is a bit a wimp, Franco is creepy, Baruchel  is a phony outsider, Jonah is overly nice to the point of being a douche, Craig is Black, and McBride is a whirling dervish of destruction and one liners. Everything starts at Franco's party and after about a half an hour until the rapture takes place. Oh yeah that's what it is. The surprise religious movie of the year.

   This movie was done very well. I felt the same way about Pineapple Express. Where I was expecting a comedy and totally into the action movie that it turned out to be. I am pretty sure this is what Grown Ups 2 is hoping to be. These guys didn't hold back on insults to each other and their interactions are so harsh that they could only of been the best of friends to say the shit they said to each other. My favorite line in the whole movie is from McBride  " Jonah You're a cunt!".

  See this movie in the theater and buy the dvd when it comes out becerrrverybody  is going to see Man of Steel this weekend. Because you know for a fucking fact what's out there is only half of the shit they put into it. There are some pretty crazy cameos that I don't want to spoil. So  Go out see this movie with some friends have a great time... next week since. But this is by far the best comedy of year. 

P.s - Big Matty Ice writing a Movie Mayhem for his first post. The Balls on this kid. He doesn't even give you our loyal readers a quick intro. No just acts like he owns the place. He is taking a shot at the Champ?  Matty Ice.. You on Thin Ice Bro

This one is a freebie , next time it will cost you

 Well since the last few post have been movie reviews and I am feeling a bit stale. I think I should go back and pull out an old favorite. That's right a top list. Oh man, I haven't done one of these in a long time since I did one of these. It's like going to a dinner and ordering pancakes at 3 am, or that one porno you turn to when your in a rush. Yeah its old hat but they are there for you when you need it and it gets the job done.

  Now I just want to say this before I just want to tell you readers that I am not one of these guys who tell you how you should live your life. Frankly It's none of my business how you do your thing. Man woman or child you are your own person and to have someone tell you how you should live your live is just crazy.... But I am going to tell you how to live your life. So here is a top 5 of small things I do to make my Rock and Roll life style really kick ass.

Level 100000000
# 5. Right off the bat start saying you live a Rock and Roll life style. Now granted you probably don't and that is fine because less then 1% of us are actual rock stars and that 1% are total dicks and think they can monopolize the phrase. Well not on my fucking watch.  Do something normal like deposit a check and when the teller ask if there is anything else they could do for you you reply " I could use some information on your Roth IRA's. It looks like it would totally help my Rock and roll life style". The Bank teller will give you $10,000 just because of your confidence * Proven fact please try. ** not at all participating banks.

Like Christmas
#4. Since you have this new outlook n life it's time to pick up your deodorant game kid. Here's what I do when the weather starts to heat up or when your heat is kicking 24 hours and you just feel all fucking gross because your sweating because that's what you do.  I put my deodorant stick in the freezer for at least 24 hours and I start the day off right. Don't  mutter under your breathe " That's weird " fucking give it a chance. Look I wouldn't lie to any of you. Guys and the one girl who reads this throw your stick in the freezer the day before the hottest day of the summer, for 24 hours and when it comes time to mask up you underarm B.O and boom it's a new ball game.

#3. Now this one is to pick up your snacking game. Look Not errrveryone is into popcorn and that is fine so this one is not for you.  But for those of you who eat popcorn every chance they get.  Movies, Home, on the street , or you buy it off your neighbors cousin , I honestly don't care. So what you have to do is put M&M's or M&M shaped candy in that mother fucker.

#2. This one is a kinda obvious. Go ahead and put some chips or fries on your sandwich.Get your Sandwich game up, get nasty with it.
I am not on this level.... Yet 
 You have to get your sandwich game up on a a pro level. You can't be satisfied with just your normal sandwich. If you go to a deli and do not order one of their specialty sandwiches and you get a basic Ham, Turkey, pastrami , or chicken salad or whatever you get. If you don't buy a random bag of chips to top off your boring ass sandwich. Look there is a place in the New York area called Cherry Valley , 1 spot is in Queens and there is another in West Hempstead. They make some pretty bad ass sandwiches which you don't have to add anything onto because they do it for you. They'll add like Onion Rings, bacon, Waffle Fries , etc on your future poop. Just don't sell your self short  and go to a place like Subway or Quiznos because that is terrible. Also you can throw some Popcorn on a Turkey and Cheese. Not that bad.

All Day Errvvverrry Day 
#1. This is the big one. You know how you can improve your life ten fold. Just do you. Simple and elegant. What ever you find interesting or fun or whatever just go 100% .Except for you know the obvious no-nos. If you watch Law and Order Svu you know the guidelines. Go for a jog around your neighbor hood enjoy the freedom that comes with running through the intersections  during rush hour. Great times. Also fill up your MP3 player with some heavy beats that will motivate your lazy ass. I started Jogging maybe 2 months ago. I started doing about a mile maybe a mile and a half , got a real good sweat going. But I never used my iPod, then I put some new tunes on the old girl  and boom I am dominating my jogs now.  I am running further , taking less breaks and feeling a lot better about my appearance. Which isn't that much of a stretch because I am roguishly handsome  and I am humble as shit.

   I can't force you into doing any of these 5. But you can trust me they are a solid pick me up when you need it. Especially the Deodorant in the freezer.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Movie Mayhem #7: Fast and Furious 6 – I see an Oscar down the road.

            To be honest, you already know whether or not you want to see Fast 6. If you enjoy beautiful cars, enormous mountains of brolic obliterating each other, and death/physics/logic-defying stunts, then you know you should see this movie.  If you enjoy seamless fleshed-out plots, gut-wrenching emotion, and beautiful, succulent writing, you already know that, for you, the best part of the movie is this review.  So now that we’re all driving in the same lane, let’s get into it.
            If you didn’t close the tab after that driving pun, you’ll be happy to know that the writing of Fast 6 doesn’t get much worse than that.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much better either.  In fact, it wouldn't be off base to say that this entire movie was written by a third grader. 

"And then the bad guy says, 'NO! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!' Pure gold."
An exception to this summary is Tyrese Gibson’s entire script, which comprises absolutely nothing but jokes, serving primarily to allow the audience’s heart rate to settle back to an inaudible rate between action scenes. 
The plot isn’t written any differently than most of the script.  Following the last movie (Fast 5, not Tokyo Drift), Agent Hobbs (The Rock, aka "Samoan Thor") finds himself chasing what seems to be a crew that does basically what Dom’s crew does, just much better.  Hobbs convinces Dom to help him through some important info that was given at the end of Fast 5. If you don’t know I won’t spoil it. If you do know, congratulations! You now know the entire plot of Fast 6.
Of course, if you already know the important info then chances are you’re a fan of the series.  In that case, you probably realize that the plot of Fast 6 was not a top priority. If so, let’s talk about why Fast 6 was still my favorite of the series. Lots of new additions to the franchise accelerate the action to the next level.  Gina Carano, tanks, and custom built battlebot-looking cars make for next-level chases, as well as extensive hand-to-hand, gun, and vehicular combat scenes. Fast 6 gives these three aspects a central role much like Fast 5 did, but jacks them up to an unnatural degree that some will find excessive. I thought it was fantastic.
Speaking of jacked to an unnatural degree, this time around the Rock is in straight up juggernaut mode and leisurely tosses fools like they’re in a moon bounce. You never want to be in a moon bounce with The Rock.

The new aspects of the film are amazing, but as a fan of the series it may be equally satisfying to see characters and dimensions from past installments that were seemingly discarded in Fast 5.  Again, minimizing spoilers, this movie ties up a lot of problems that fans still have with previous films (Tokyo Drift) and even incorporates an actual street race, something we haven’t seen done well since 2 Fast 2 Furious (not Tokyo Drift).  While the series has certainly evolved, the acknowledgement of how it started is appreciated. Protip: stay for the after-credits.

In the end, it really all comes down to Vin Diesel. Is Fast and Furious 6 the piece that will finally earn him the well-deserved respect of not only film critics, but art critics of every medium?
Probably Not
Is Fast 6 a montage of beautiful vehicular mayhem, truly impressive action, and Vin Diesel's indestructible v-neck t-shirts? Most Certainly. If nothing else, I can promise you that the action in Fast 6 will make you wish the movie theater had a rewind button.  However, even though you shouldn't expect anything more than jaw-dropping action, doesn't mean you should excuse what is admittedly a lack of substance. For that, I give Fast and Furious 6 a rating of 4 Vin Diesel freakouts

out of 5.

Friday, June 7, 2013

48 Hours of Damages

Question: How much Glenn Close is too much Glenn Close?
Answer: Impossible. 

My cousin Bryan put out a hit on me because I've been not making blog posts that nobody reads. I mean, he just told Uncle Pete that he needed something done and the next thing I know someone's breaking into my boss's luxe Manhattan apartment and...oh wait, that didn't happen to me. That's the plot from the first season of Damages. Which I freaking watched in a little over 24 hours (relax people, I kinda/sorta alternated it with IRL activities, like showering and eating). And while I'm out here embarrassing myself, I'll just throw it out there that I also justmighthave watched the other three seasons in record time. It made going to work awake with my eyes open difficult. 

Have you heard of this little show called Damages? It premiered in 2007 on FX and it starred Glenn Coco, the prude from Bridesmaids, a bald eagle, and a guy with big brown bambi eyes. And season two includes some guy from Justified (also on FX, coincidence?). Also, John MotherFuckin Goodman is a main character in Season 4. Let that sink in. 

Anyways, do you need to watch this show? Yes, yes you do. But what do you need to know beforehand? Keep reading to find out (no spoilers). 

  • Seasons 1 and 2 are probably the best. By this point I've watched Glenn Close frown so many times that I don't really remember what happened. I mean, that was a whole of TV I watched. Anyways Season 1 really sets up the whole show. You'll be especially into this show if you love to watch character transformation. You'll also love this show if you're into watching the same scene over and over and over. Damages is heavy on the flashbacks and *two snaps in a circle* they know how to work it. Each time they'll give you a litttttle bit more, a tease if you will - just like that girl who sat next to you in college chemistry. Except, at the end of the episode, you'll get whole enchilada and find out what's upppppp. Sorry nerds, I know your lab partner didn't let you hit it. Season 2 is where Rose Byrne (Ellen) gets her revenge. You'll enjoy her flashbacks because she looks sexy as hell and there is SUCH a major twist at the end. Definitely watch the first two seasons. They're excellent. 
  • The names of the episodes are lines of dialogue. I love clever writers. "Drive It Through Hardcore", "Tastes Like a Ho Ho", "Hey! Mr. Pibb", "I'm Worried About My Dog" - aren't you dying to know how these gems were worked into the conversation? 
  • Season 4 is the worst season, followed by Season 3. Sorry hippies and wartime protesters. This season is all about Afghanistan. Every season of Damages follows one court case that's loosely based on a real life event (which I did not know beforehand, thanks Wikipedia). That's thirteen episodes on the same story and it works. Season 4 is based on the Blackwater scandal and there are only ten episodes, which is interesting because most of it takes place in two different countries, and you'd think that would mean things would take longer to play out. Whatever, a bit far fetched but Glenn Close's acting is still on point. Season 3 is a stinker for three reasons: we lose a main character, the plot involves a character from Season 1, and it's generally a bit all over the place.
  • The evolution of Rose Byrne and Glenn Close's wardrobe and makeup. Just keep an eye on this one, and let me know what you think. Especially watch how Ellen is dressed. 
Well, are you going to binge on Damages? Have you seen it? Let me know what you think in the comments. Or just follow me on Twitter @Marb_Reds

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Movie Mayhem #6 : Now You see me . But if you use this Sony product it will help out.


   Sorry I know this came out last friday and its now Wednesday , but hear me out. First I was working errrrvay day, then my car's radiator blew up on sunday. So needless to say I was a tad bit busy over the past few days. Anyway on friday night the gang got together  and we hit up the cinema for " Now You see me" aka Batman + Zombieland+ every Sony product that will be hitting the market with in the next 2 years = MACGI... I mean magic. This movie s brought to you buy Sony... I mean By Sony. Not Buy Sony. Unless you want reasonably priced professional grade equipment. You can film your home movies and have it look like something out of the Amazing Spiderman 2 which comes out in 2014. Seriously Sony is #1.

Welcome Back
  If you don't know " Now you see me" is a movie that stars Jessie Eisenberg , Woody Harrelson,  Isla  Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman,  Michael Cane, The French Chick from Inglorious Basterds and James Franco's little brother as they go from  LA to Florida to Vegas to New York to LA to Naw Lans to New York and to some underwhelming  conclusions. The movie starts with Jessie Eisenberg the charismatic leading man playing Danny Atlas a street magician who is so popular he hooks up with a really hot extra. Then we met Woody Harrelson playing the wise cracking Mentalist who is scamming some shit heads, then we meet Isla Fisher who is a bit more professional since she is doing a trick at some sort of night club / air plane hanger or something. I have to  in that scene where the dude is trying to save her by hitting a metal pipe against the glass  2 things , 1 dude you are the worst. You swing like a douche and 2 you're a douche for going to a magic show after the age of 6. Seriously bro grow up. I realize I am watching a movie about "magic," it's different because I knew that it was fake. Then Dave Franco stole some guys wallet and they all have some guy in a hoodie watching them and giving them a tarot card. This is some sort of invitation to a very nice lower east side I think apartment. The team is dazzled by a light show thanks to a sony projector( $2,999.98 at best buy).  The movie jumps about a year  and we meet up with the gang as they are now Headliners and taking over the globe. Then we are delighted by Morgan Freeman shows up but he is there to explain whats going on.  Then Mark Ruffalo comes into the picture all disheveled and acting( Could be spoilers but I'll never tell.)  Like a dick then the Blonde girl from inglorious bustards all unassuming and hot.  Then some shit breaks down with the FBI and the Alliance of Magicians  go head to head. Then we get to the final trick which they set up by  a Sony NeX-VG9000( Which will run you around 3,298 at B&H) I think since it was set up on a tri-tripod with self lighting and it was all mixed together with one of Sony's many great and affordable laptops.

   If that description made zero sense. Well, thats how the movie went. You go along trying to piece together what's going on. Then they almost spoil the movie within the first 15 minutes because you see a person with a hoodie standing in the crowd or where ever and they try to make you think it's the french chick really hard. But it fails to hit. You're sitting there waiting for this big reveal and it fizzles when it happens. The biggest trick of the movie isn't really a trick it's just some Bullshit. And yes , I totally wrote that sentence and pretty much this whole post so I could use GOB links. Errrrvay time they said trick on the screen I muttered Illusion. Just a side note I'm not really into French women because I feel like they think they are way too cool for the situation. But I am all about Melanie Laurent.

  I don't recommend you seeing this movie. Unless you are looking for some sweet gear then by all means go see this movie. I also feel that since they did make this movie 3-d it took a lot away from the wonder of the tricks.  But then again the only good magic movie is the Prestige. If you haven't seen that movie GET OFF YOU LAZY FUCKING ASS AND BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! I am very serious.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Well hello summer!! I missed you!!

Hey Bitches!!!  Whats up??  So I'm spending a lovely friday evening home, because one I know you all have missed me and, two I need to pack for another medical mission to the Dominican Republic.  As we all know in the area above the equator, summer is coming!!!  This just makes me so happy after what felt like a winter that would never end!!  Whats so great about summer, you may ask?  Its hot, you sweat, and there are millions of bugs!!  Yes though all of this is true; summer is an amazing time in NY.

One of the great things about summer is of course the beach!!  Though I am a pale, pale, pale person, and my skin knows only how to burn, I just can not get enough of just being outside.  (with sunblock of course, I'm not looking like a leather shoe or getting skin cancer).  So if we haven't caught on yet, we are basically going to be talking about my favorite place in New York.  That is Cherry Grove on Fire Island. In fact all of Fire Island is a wonderful and probably that the most relaxing spot (to me) in the world.

So after a pretty generous drive out on Long Island, you hit a small town called Sayville. That wonderful town holds the ferries that bring you to paradise. A short ferry ride over you are transported to what one of the best drag queens I have ever seen or met Porsche says "The cruise ship tht never moves!"  Now for all of my fans that have followed me overtime know I am obessed with all things drag, and Fire Island has two of my favs!!  I live for their shows and they make my summer. My Friday nights are for my Porsche the women with a thousand voices. And my Saturday and Sunday afternoons are for Miss Logan Hardcore's pool show, and her awesome acrobatics and her aquatic endeavors. Lol.
The thing about Fire Island, is I wish I was able to afford a place there. (So if any generous reader would like to help me out with that I would be for ever greatful :)). But when I'm there I stay at the Grove hotel and I must say I really enjoy it. The grove hotel is connected to the Ice Palace bar where Logan and Porsche perform. The other bar I frequent is Cherry's. Cherry's plays great music and is where Uncle Johnny from Z100 works, he makes killer drinks and always honking the horn!!  

As a gay man, and with all the recent craziness going on with the Hate crimes in the West Village, which is a gay hot spot, the Grove is and I hope will remain a place of safety. A place where you do not have to feel ashamed or nervous about holding your same sex partners hand, or kissing them in public. Hell it's an Island of Gay people, what could be better!!!

So thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog.  As usual don't forget you can follow me on twitter @bigq1118 on instgram @bigq1118 and  vine once again @bigq1118.  Don't forget to like on Facebook underrated heroes . Later Bitches!!!!

So I wrote this before I left, publishing after I got back, sorry for the delay guys technical issues!!