Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You asked for It. I will give it to you..... The Wonder Years Reviewed

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    Looks like the Boss has to step up and take charge.... Again. Well, friends you don't get the big office and even bigger paycheck at Underrated Heroes headquarters for sitting on your hands. Let me start this by stating that I am a man of the people. And when one of my people has a request for the crack staff here at the most noblest of the blogger free blogs(or whatever) I don't let the fans down.
   They may not be my fans but they are fans of my site. So here we go, there has been a cry out for our opinion on The Wonder Years. So I am going to give it.

  The Wonder Years was a show that I think was on ABC back in 1988. It ran for 6 season and the effects of the show are felt today.  The Arnold family spent every Wednesday teaching us how to live in the late 60's to early 70's. With family, friends, love, and pleated pants.  We follow young Kevin Arnold played by America's greatest actor Fred Savage as he goes though pre-teen to young adulthood
 as the youngest of 3 children. His older sister Karen, who was as free spirited as they come and rebelled against her fathers very conservative old school life style. It made for great drama and suspense because you didn't know what she was going to do next, or for the episodes she was on. Then there is  his brother Wayne, what a son of a bitch. The ultimate antagonist to our hero Kevin.He owned the phrase "Butthead". He claimed the Butthead mantle from Biff from Back to the Future. Wayne also was quite the ladies man, with a name like Wayne how could he not be... I am reading Wikipedia while I write this because it's been over 20 something years since I cared for this show. We watched the Arnold kids grow up under the steady yet gruff hands of Jack and Norma. Who tried to adjust to the times before Jack died... Wait the DAD fucking died ? Holy shit when did that Happen?!!! Bullshit, I didn't know that. Fuck that's sad. Here I was going about this all humorously. Shit , Well no use crying over dead fictional characters. I want to talk about Winnie Cooper.  Oh Btw You can see it on you guessed it ... Netflix 

She's the perfect girl, everyones first crush... and now she is a nuclear phycologist or something smart. Oh yeah and She looks like this ( Picture below)
Oh Winnie Cooper 
    If you have made it this far. I commend you because I want  40% into this post. I'm guessing The Wonder Years is some sort of band that you kids listen to?  Here's the thing Mikey has been crying in his converses for like 2 years trying to get me to listen to this band and other bands like it. So I am leaving it up to you the readers. Should I listen to this band or should I just go about my normal business jamming out to Hall and Oats, Styx and Chumbawamba.  All Day Errrvery Day. Hit us up on Facebook to let me know.

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