Friday, May 17, 2013

So Long Scranton


   I am just coming to terms with the fact that " The Office" will no longer be on t.v anymore, just like 30 Rock before. Now there is only 2 shows bringing me back to the Peacock network. Community and Parks and Rec. But lets not talk about them.

  When " The Office" began back in 2005 it was not well received frankly NBC only gave it a 6 episode first season. But out of those 6 there it showed enough promise to grant a second season and with the success of movie like The 40 year old Virgin and Anchorman which made Steve Carrell a much deserved star. The American public were then ready to notice this tiny show. The second season is where we all fell for  the characters. Look I feel like if I do a season by season breakdown, we will be here all night and I don't think we want that. We are all emotional and are on edge here. 

 I just want to thank the writers , actors , producers , and even the network who let this show grow seamlessly over the years and not really changing the show to become a cookie cutter, slap stick, cheap laugh type show that has pretty much taken over T.V :: Cough :: Two Broke Girls::Cough ::. The Office made people who were on their grind at that humdrum office relate to these character who were dealing with that numbskull boss, that one guy who takes their job way to seriously, the different personalities that make the day go by and the girl who you love from a distance. Frankly I am pretty sure that people who watched "The Office" have said these words " I am so totally like [Jim,Pam,Michael,Andy or Kelly) and You are so totally ( Dwight,Meredith, Phyllis, Ryan or Toby) " but we all really want to be Creed.

   The Office finally was done perfectly. Everything you wanted to have happen happened. I will describe it and give my favorite parts. The last episode takes place 6 months after the last episode where Dwight was promoted to Regional Manager and Andy left to be an actor. We meet up with the Dunder Mifflin gang on the eve o Dwight's & Angela's Bachelor &Bacholerette parties, wedding and Documentary q &a . We find out that Creed is wanted by the police for his prior drug dealings , Kevin has been let go, Oscar is running for senate and Andy is a reluctant Youtube celebrity due to America's next accopella superstar breakdown I think. But main point life has moved on. Jim is Dwight's best man or Ubber mench and he tries to keep surprising Dwight until his final surprise. Which made me tear up, Which lead to some of the best lines in the past 3 seasons? Spoilers " I can't believe you came.... That's what she said" and " Its like seeing all my children grow up. And marry each other.... Which is every parents dream. " 
   I really like how they handled everything. I liked it so much that I have no good way to end this post except for saying. I loved this show, I've said that the last episode should have been when Michael Scott left but this was a great closing note to a great show that  was smart, original, and so well crafted that what we all thought was mostly improved was scripted. But its time to move on and  so Good bye Scranton, thank you for being a bridge to for me to talk to people who later became friends and making me always  do the Jim face in real life.


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