Saturday, May 25, 2013

Movie Mayhem #5 : The Hangover 3 : The Alan Rising


   Number 5 all ready ? Shit , I need to get a life or something. So on Wednesday   Mikey, Parks and I hit up the midnight release of the Hangover 3. We hit up the a local establishment that  holds the picture shows and waited for all the standard bullshit that.

  Amc theaters play all the time.  I am super excited    about Twisted the new Abc Family show about Some typical high school girls pout about some miss understandings from this guy who may or may not have murdered someone so they spend at least 5 minutes of the two main girls making this dudes life a living hell and giving him a rep as a "sociopath" they change their mind and are all " ho I want to suck your pony tail , guy who sounds like every actor who debuted in 2008 ".... I may not have been paying attention because I was more invested in my giant water bottle. Seriously the whirlwinds I was getting on it were legit hall of fame caliber. But enough of that Lets talk about the Hangover 3.

   So Parks, Mikey and I got to the theater pretty early so we had our choice of seats. As the theater fills up and the previews start. The Bros around us start getting confused because the standard " Watch movies in 3d" comes up and I have to tell you I have never heard so many bros say " Fuck dude this better not be Star Trek." " Yeah man I paid for Hangover tickets, I better see the fucking hangover." Needless to say the bros were restless.  So the trailers hit to an ok reaction. But it was all about Superman new trailer.

  The movie begins with a pretty legit prison riot. Seems like our old friend and fan favorite quote machine Lesley Chow has escaped  in Shaw-shank style. Once Chow has safely exited the prison the movie catches up with Alan who has become some a reckless man child. Which we see thanks to the trailers. After Alan's dad dies of a Alan caused heart attack, the Wolfpack reunites to hold an intervention. Phil, Stu and Doug convince Alan to go to rehab to try and get some help because he is just getting a whole lot worse.  Driving in Phil's mini van because remember Phil is a father , the crew is run off the road and by masked men, also seen in the trailer.  John Goodman appears from a car and takes Doug and then after that it's pretty much Hangover 2. Just a bunch of shit happening that is bonkers. You laugh and you say " Well this is stupid".I think Alan said it the best  " We've been on a lot of adventures together , and it seems like you haven't learned anythin ". Because we haven't learned anything.

  All in all it was what it was. That was descriptive. The movie was heavy on Alan and Chow. I guess that's a good thing since Hangover 1 was all three , Hangover 2 was Stu and Alan. So this was the next logical step right? So this is a tough call because you have Fast & Furious 6 coming out and also you can schedule a root canal to take up your weekend.


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