Friday, May 17, 2013

Movie Mayhem #4 : Star Trek into Darkness... To boldly go where no lens flare has gone before


     Hey guys I am going to keep this real short since it is past 1 am and I have a big day of work ahead of me. Yeah work on a fucking saturday, can't let the good times end over here. I was invited out to go drinking at random locations around the New York metro area tonight but I have a meeting with the big wigs at my job for a refresher on Work place violence/ Sexual Harassment and drinking on the job so showing up with a hang over might be in bad taste. But speaking of Work place violence, I saw Star Trek into Darkness tonight with my cousin Mikey. This is the second time he is seeing it and the first time for me and boy howdy was I shocked. But that's what the next paragraph is for, why don't you join me.

   Star Trek into Darkness is the second installment from Wonder Nerd JJ Abrams who for all this time was the lead singer from Weezer. He can't really sing but he is pretty fucking magical.  He is telling the tale of the Uss Enterprise pre-Shanter. Like when Kirk,Spock, Bones and the crew were late 20's early 30's. Now I don't want to invoke the Wrath of Star Trek Fans who have not seen the movie and yet read these reviews. Which A. Thank you and B. Seriously dude? But I thought this movie was by far the best epic scale movie to come out in years. The story , the Acting , the effects, and the Alice Eve boobs were top notch.

       So my recommendation is.... See this fucking movie. If you're a big Star Trek fan : You'll have a boner, you are a Star Wars guy who isn't 100% about JJ : You'll have a boner , If you are just looking for something to do on the weekend and you can't get into see Peeples : You'll have a boner,  you are a lady and you've made a terrible mistake by dating a nerd or want to know what a Cumberbatch is : You'll have a boner. Basically you'll have a boner because this movie is so beautifully done that.... You'll have a boner.


       That's pretty much it. Being honest I am not a huge Star Trek guy. I saw the first one that JJ did and was ok with it. But this one is by far the best movie to come out this year (Pacific Rim You are on notice). Though I have faith for Last Vegas. Till next time.


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