Saturday, May 4, 2013

Movie Mayhem 3- Iron Man 4... I mean 3 , Iron Man 3


 Here we are again. Time for the mayhem to run wild on the internet. So this was a big week for the Nerds in all of us I guess you can say. Well maybe not the whole week but by the end of it, it really picked up. Since today or when ever you is May 4th and that is now Star Wars day and people are going all over the Facebooks and Twitter  with " May the 4th be with you" or as I know it as "pretend to be a nerd day". But I am not here to talk about Star Wars... yet . No there was a big time movie release this week and what happens when there is a big release The Underrated Heroes Staff goes. Mayhem ensues

  This week was Iron Man 3 and we went out in force. I'm talking about Nick, Andrew, Mikey, Vinny( He'll be doing the podcasts) Jimmy, and my self all hit up a Long Island theater and well at least the younger of the group made their presence known. Needless to say they were excited.

  Iron Man 3 is the possibly last solo Iron Man movie for Marvel.It stars everyone's favorite bounce back story Robert Downey Jr ,hottest (?) women in the Pop culture world Gwyneth Paltrow , Guy Pierce who is tremendously underrated, under used Rebecca Hall  , The amazing Don Shield and Just because they can Ben Kingsley all star in this action packed heart pumping adrenaline thrill ride that has an Avengers reference every 15 minutes or so.  The Story goes : Tony Stark is trying to come to terms with what happened in New York. So he has become a hermit with a smoke of a girlfriend. But even though he is spinning his wheels there has been a spike in terrorist attacks around the country by the Mandarin who is not green and or Asian but is this too cool for school type guy who hates William Sadler.  So while Tony is dealing with his heavy shit the Mandarin starts some shit with him and then Kaboom Action central. Now I am trying really hard not to give away any spoilers. So it makes this really hard to write because I know I'd get murdered if I give anything away important.  See it in 3-d it's  worth the extra money.

  So here is where I grace you with my opinion. This movie was fun, it was humorous, it was action packed, it was exciting, it had a lot of different things from the Comics that could play in the next set of movies, and It was a nice way to cap off Iron Man's solo movies. But that doesn't make it perfect and I think if you go in with the expectation that this movie is the best comic book movie ever made you will be disappointed. There are points in this movie where you go " You fucking kidding me?" which is the last 40 minutes of so and also if you are a big Iron man fan there will be a point where you say to your self " Seriously going to play it that way?". If I had to grade it on a scale of 1-10 1 being Elektra and 10 being The Dark Knight I have to give it a 7.5. I say see it, go out of your way if you have to and you've
seen all of them so far. Stay after the credits because come on you have too. But just set the bar around the original  Spiderman. Lives up to the hype but left wanting something more.

Here is a quick rank in my opinion of the Best Marvel Movies
1. Spider man - 2 : All round good movie
2. Avengers - I don't care if the plot made no sense it was the movie I wanted
3. Iron Man- It  was the perfect start for me to lose a shit load of money
4. X-men2-  It met such high exceptions head on which is why X3 was such a huge disappointment
5. Thor - Came out of no where to be good. I was very skeptical that it would work and it did
6. Punisher - Tom Jane just wants his kids back
7. Iron man 3- Like I said it was a lot of fun to watch
8 Captain America -  It was 60% I am a Cap Fan and 35% Avengers curiosity and 5% wanted to see it
9. X-men - The rebirth of the comic book genre
10. Blade 2- I have no clue on why but Ron Pearlman  was awesome.

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