Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MMO's. The best thing since sliced bread.

So as everyone knows, I am a full fledged gamer. Mid night releases, countless hours, mods, everything. But one thing many people may not know about me is my absolute love of of getting lost into a game. Getting home from a long day of work and a long night of school, I open up a bottle of soda and heat up some dinner my family enjoyed just a few hours earlier. I open up my dungeon (man cave as well) and plop down on my desk. I check Facebook, Twitter and Skype, just to see if I missed any messages from when I first left school. On my task bar for windows 7, I have three games pinned to the bottom... World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2. Whatever strikes my mood, there goes the rest of my night.

 MMO's. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or MMORPG for short, is a game where millions of other players join you in a world and complete quests while killing the same monsters as you. You start off at level 1, and each kill and each quest you complete, gives you experiance (XP for short.)  I have played dozens of MMO'S over the years, and I have probably level capped 15 characters within 3 or 4 games. The  three games I mentioned earlier is what I'm going to talk about below.

Guild Wars 2-

This game goes above and beyond to bring beauty and art together in a video game life form. The art style is beautiful and really starts the journey off strong. The opening cinematic is one of the best I have ever seen in a video game, which I will end up saying about the other two games as well, but every dialog looks just as good in the game. The gameplay is unmatchable for me simply because of how well everything flows together. Shooting arrows actually makes you feel like you're shooting an arrow, unlike WoW where you're just jumping and running around facerolling your keyboard. This game is a steal for $60, especially since there is no monthly payments. Nothing is taken from you if you decide to not use real life money to help your gameplay, which is a big down vote for me on behalf of Star Wars. If you want to start getting into MMO's this is you're non WoW starting point.

Star Wars : The Old Republic

Like Star Wars? Mass Effect? World of Warcraft? Well...this is the game for you. Bringing in a great storyline driven MMO that sits players down into the Star Wars universe. You get to pick options while questing that relates to the light and dark side of your gameplay style. Want to kill someone in a quest who surrenders? +100 darkpoints. Cutting off someones hand to help them escape death? +100 light points. The game has a genius story line. Every decision matters, depending on how you want to play the game which I know is a system that our fellow writer Nick enjoys. the downfall of this game, is how limited it is if you are not a subscription player. You can play free, but I do not recommend it. If you want to get involved into this game, just watch this cinematic trailer, that sold me.

And last but not least, World of Warcraft.

I've been playing this game from vanilla. It gets boring and repetitive, but only when you're on your 4th or 5th  character that's leveled cap. This game has gotten me through a lot of rough times, and I even have a tattoo of it on my leg. This game is the golden child of MMO's. It's spawned games labeled "The WoW Killer" which hold up to a little dent in their multi million subscriptions. Their are a ton of amazing people who can help change your life if you join the right guild. I highly suggest this game to anyone who's looking for a good addicting game. I currently have 2 level 90's, a Hunter and a Mage, along with another 85 hunter, and another shadow priest in the wood works. I love this game, and I might be bias, but definitely pick this up. No words can sum up how great the game is, so just look at its active subscription numbers, and that should tell you. For the Horde.

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