Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's finally done: My top 17 Arrested Development Episodes. Two weeks in the making


  Oh man I think I might be on some sort of funk here. This is post #9 in the last 15 or something posts. Now they might not all be good or make sense. But it's quantity over quality, right ? Whatever, so this idea came to me pretty easily.

  Like so many of you I am super excited  for May 26th,  I am 100% sure that will be the greatest day in the history of May 26thes everywhere.... What's that you don't know what is happeneing on May 26th so my level of enthusiasm comes off as off putting and a little bit scary ? Well I apologize for that. I just can't contain my excitment for too much longer.

  Well if you don't know on May 26th, Netflix is releasing the long awaited, much needed, highly anticipated and whatever two words I could put together that would express how much we all can't wait for : SEASON 4 OF ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT ...

 The show that Fox gave up on because they would rather have the Cleveland Show, Hell's kitchen, Skating with Celebrities ,Celebrity Duets ( BTW Alfonso Ribeiro is a revelation) So you think you can Dance, The Wedding Bells and so much more premium broadcasting since its cancellation back in 2006. Funny a lot of my favorite things ended in 2006 - Arrested Development ,The Mets being a good team, my interest in college. Such a year.

  So my idea is a top 17 list because I haven't done one of these in hot minute. So I am going to list my top 17 favorite Arrested Development. This is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done.  But I am up for the challenge. I will get this list done or I will die trying. 17 in honor of my softball number and because I kept on adding on more episodes, seriously  I started with top 5 , then 10 , then 15 and I finally said to my self " Well you could do every episodes.

  I racked my brain thinking that I should write a plot  summary or like my favorite quotes from the episode. But I just got lost in watching the episodes. I actually started writing this right after the Iron Man 3 post. So I have decided to not to do anything about the episode. I am just going to give you a list and it is your responsibility to watch these episodes. Also I don't want to re-watch the episodes because it would be another month until this thing came out and I would like to have my ducks in a row when season 4 comes out. By the way I didn't plan for  me putting the trailer in this post. Shit just worked out like this. You can watch all of the Series on Netflix. Which I think I have said 1000x in this post alone?

17. Exit Strategy/ The Pilot- Season 3 episode 12 and Season 1 episode 1 ( obviously)
16. Afternoon Delight- Season 2 episode 6-
15. The one where they Build a house- Season 2 episode 2 - " I just want my kids back "
14. Prison Break-in - Season 3 episode 7
13. Sword of Destiny -
12. Queen For a Day- Season 2 episode 8-
11. Best Man for the Gob-
10. Switch Hitter- Season 2 episode 7-
9. Staff Infection- Season 1 episode 15-
8. My mother the Car - Season 1 episode 8-
7. Whistler's Mother- Season 1 episode 20-
6.  Mother Boy XXX- Season 2 episode 13-
5.  S.O.Bs-  Season 3 episode 9-
4. Notapusy - Season 3 episode 4-
3.  Meat the Veals -Season 2 episode 16-
2. Ready, Aim , Marry Me!- Season 2 episode 10-
1. Bringing Up Buster- Season 1 episode 3-


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