Saturday, May 25, 2013

Movie Mayhem #5 : The Hangover 3 : The Alan Rising


   Number 5 all ready ? Shit , I need to get a life or something. So on Wednesday   Mikey, Parks and I hit up the midnight release of the Hangover 3. We hit up the a local establishment that  holds the picture shows and waited for all the standard bullshit that.

  Amc theaters play all the time.  I am super excited    about Twisted the new Abc Family show about Some typical high school girls pout about some miss understandings from this guy who may or may not have murdered someone so they spend at least 5 minutes of the two main girls making this dudes life a living hell and giving him a rep as a "sociopath" they change their mind and are all " ho I want to suck your pony tail , guy who sounds like every actor who debuted in 2008 ".... I may not have been paying attention because I was more invested in my giant water bottle. Seriously the whirlwinds I was getting on it were legit hall of fame caliber. But enough of that Lets talk about the Hangover 3.

   So Parks, Mikey and I got to the theater pretty early so we had our choice of seats. As the theater fills up and the previews start. The Bros around us start getting confused because the standard " Watch movies in 3d" comes up and I have to tell you I have never heard so many bros say " Fuck dude this better not be Star Trek." " Yeah man I paid for Hangover tickets, I better see the fucking hangover." Needless to say the bros were restless.  So the trailers hit to an ok reaction. But it was all about Superman new trailer.

  The movie begins with a pretty legit prison riot. Seems like our old friend and fan favorite quote machine Lesley Chow has escaped  in Shaw-shank style. Once Chow has safely exited the prison the movie catches up with Alan who has become some a reckless man child. Which we see thanks to the trailers. After Alan's dad dies of a Alan caused heart attack, the Wolfpack reunites to hold an intervention. Phil, Stu and Doug convince Alan to go to rehab to try and get some help because he is just getting a whole lot worse.  Driving in Phil's mini van because remember Phil is a father , the crew is run off the road and by masked men, also seen in the trailer.  John Goodman appears from a car and takes Doug and then after that it's pretty much Hangover 2. Just a bunch of shit happening that is bonkers. You laugh and you say " Well this is stupid".I think Alan said it the best  " We've been on a lot of adventures together , and it seems like you haven't learned anythin ". Because we haven't learned anything.

  All in all it was what it was. That was descriptive. The movie was heavy on Alan and Chow. I guess that's a good thing since Hangover 1 was all three , Hangover 2 was Stu and Alan. So this was the next logical step right? So this is a tough call because you have Fast & Furious 6 coming out and also you can schedule a root canal to take up your weekend.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MMO's. The best thing since sliced bread.

So as everyone knows, I am a full fledged gamer. Mid night releases, countless hours, mods, everything. But one thing many people may not know about me is my absolute love of of getting lost into a game. Getting home from a long day of work and a long night of school, I open up a bottle of soda and heat up some dinner my family enjoyed just a few hours earlier. I open up my dungeon (man cave as well) and plop down on my desk. I check Facebook, Twitter and Skype, just to see if I missed any messages from when I first left school. On my task bar for windows 7, I have three games pinned to the bottom... World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2. Whatever strikes my mood, there goes the rest of my night.

 MMO's. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or MMORPG for short, is a game where millions of other players join you in a world and complete quests while killing the same monsters as you. You start off at level 1, and each kill and each quest you complete, gives you experiance (XP for short.)  I have played dozens of MMO'S over the years, and I have probably level capped 15 characters within 3 or 4 games. The  three games I mentioned earlier is what I'm going to talk about below.

Guild Wars 2-

This game goes above and beyond to bring beauty and art together in a video game life form. The art style is beautiful and really starts the journey off strong. The opening cinematic is one of the best I have ever seen in a video game, which I will end up saying about the other two games as well, but every dialog looks just as good in the game. The gameplay is unmatchable for me simply because of how well everything flows together. Shooting arrows actually makes you feel like you're shooting an arrow, unlike WoW where you're just jumping and running around facerolling your keyboard. This game is a steal for $60, especially since there is no monthly payments. Nothing is taken from you if you decide to not use real life money to help your gameplay, which is a big down vote for me on behalf of Star Wars. If you want to start getting into MMO's this is you're non WoW starting point.

Star Wars : The Old Republic

Like Star Wars? Mass Effect? World of Warcraft? Well...this is the game for you. Bringing in a great storyline driven MMO that sits players down into the Star Wars universe. You get to pick options while questing that relates to the light and dark side of your gameplay style. Want to kill someone in a quest who surrenders? +100 darkpoints. Cutting off someones hand to help them escape death? +100 light points. The game has a genius story line. Every decision matters, depending on how you want to play the game which I know is a system that our fellow writer Nick enjoys. the downfall of this game, is how limited it is if you are not a subscription player. You can play free, but I do not recommend it. If you want to get involved into this game, just watch this cinematic trailer, that sold me.

And last but not least, World of Warcraft.

I've been playing this game from vanilla. It gets boring and repetitive, but only when you're on your 4th or 5th  character that's leveled cap. This game has gotten me through a lot of rough times, and I even have a tattoo of it on my leg. This game is the golden child of MMO's. It's spawned games labeled "The WoW Killer" which hold up to a little dent in their multi million subscriptions. Their are a ton of amazing people who can help change your life if you join the right guild. I highly suggest this game to anyone who's looking for a good addicting game. I currently have 2 level 90's, a Hunter and a Mage, along with another 85 hunter, and another shadow priest in the wood works. I love this game, and I might be bias, but definitely pick this up. No words can sum up how great the game is, so just look at its active subscription numbers, and that should tell you. For the Horde.

XBOX One: Entertainment System

XBOX ONE: Entertainment System

If you are a gamer yesterday was a big day.  Microsoft announced their new gaming console the XBOX ONE.  The event took place yesterday as a one hour TV infomercial on Spike TV.  The majority of the time was used to show off  TV integration and Sports with about 10 minutes towards the end dedicated to one game, Call Of Duty.  All in all, I was impressed/loved the TV integration with the XBOX and how I could use Kinect to change channels or hop from the Internet to TV to Games to Netflix.  That system is something I hope we see more of in the future, hell I hope Sony has something similar with the PS4!  But with all the good the XBOX ONE reveal did it still left a lot of questions without answers and that worries me.

Is the Kinect always on?

In some form, yes.  Your new XBOX overlord will always be watching, waiting, and stalking you. It is going to be weird to have a camera with a direct link to the internet on in my room at all times.  It is kind of creepy.  But here is the kicker.  You need the Kinect in order for the XBOX ONE to even work.  If your Kinect breaks  your XBOX ONE turns into a big, probably $300+ paperweight.

Does the XBOX ONE need to be connected the internet at all times?

No, but if want to get all that you can out of the XBOX you should be connected to the internet.  In the Official XBOX ONE FAQ it states "No, it does not have to be always connected, but XBOX ONE does require a connection to the internet.  We're designing XBOX ONE to be your all-in-one entertainment system that is connected to the cloud and always ready.  We are also designing it so you can play games and watch Blu-ray movies and live TV if you lose your connection."

Will I be able to play used games on the XBOX ONE?

Yes, but for a price.  The price is still not clear, but all you need to know is there will be one.  So if you buy a used game at $45 it is entirely possible that the used game fee could be $15, which would completely negate buying a used game.

So while I am pumped for the XBOX ONE I still have my reservations.  Microsoft and Sony  have all eyes on them, E3 is the battlefield, who will be the winner?

The Truth

XBOX or Playstation fanboy and want to contact me? @Nick_Willy You can yell at me and tell me you are going to fuck my mom and hack my account.

Friday, May 17, 2013

So Long Scranton


   I am just coming to terms with the fact that " The Office" will no longer be on t.v anymore, just like 30 Rock before. Now there is only 2 shows bringing me back to the Peacock network. Community and Parks and Rec. But lets not talk about them.

  When " The Office" began back in 2005 it was not well received frankly NBC only gave it a 6 episode first season. But out of those 6 there it showed enough promise to grant a second season and with the success of movie like The 40 year old Virgin and Anchorman which made Steve Carrell a much deserved star. The American public were then ready to notice this tiny show. The second season is where we all fell for  the characters. Look I feel like if I do a season by season breakdown, we will be here all night and I don't think we want that. We are all emotional and are on edge here. 

 I just want to thank the writers , actors , producers , and even the network who let this show grow seamlessly over the years and not really changing the show to become a cookie cutter, slap stick, cheap laugh type show that has pretty much taken over T.V :: Cough :: Two Broke Girls::Cough ::. The Office made people who were on their grind at that humdrum office relate to these character who were dealing with that numbskull boss, that one guy who takes their job way to seriously, the different personalities that make the day go by and the girl who you love from a distance. Frankly I am pretty sure that people who watched "The Office" have said these words " I am so totally like [Jim,Pam,Michael,Andy or Kelly) and You are so totally ( Dwight,Meredith, Phyllis, Ryan or Toby) " but we all really want to be Creed.

   The Office finally was done perfectly. Everything you wanted to have happen happened. I will describe it and give my favorite parts. The last episode takes place 6 months after the last episode where Dwight was promoted to Regional Manager and Andy left to be an actor. We meet up with the Dunder Mifflin gang on the eve o Dwight's & Angela's Bachelor &Bacholerette parties, wedding and Documentary q &a . We find out that Creed is wanted by the police for his prior drug dealings , Kevin has been let go, Oscar is running for senate and Andy is a reluctant Youtube celebrity due to America's next accopella superstar breakdown I think. But main point life has moved on. Jim is Dwight's best man or Ubber mench and he tries to keep surprising Dwight until his final surprise. Which made me tear up, Which lead to some of the best lines in the past 3 seasons? Spoilers " I can't believe you came.... That's what she said" and " Its like seeing all my children grow up. And marry each other.... Which is every parents dream. " 
   I really like how they handled everything. I liked it so much that I have no good way to end this post except for saying. I loved this show, I've said that the last episode should have been when Michael Scott left but this was a great closing note to a great show that  was smart, original, and so well crafted that what we all thought was mostly improved was scripted. But its time to move on and  so Good bye Scranton, thank you for being a bridge to for me to talk to people who later became friends and making me always  do the Jim face in real life.


Movie Mayhem #4 : Star Trek into Darkness... To boldly go where no lens flare has gone before


     Hey guys I am going to keep this real short since it is past 1 am and I have a big day of work ahead of me. Yeah work on a fucking saturday, can't let the good times end over here. I was invited out to go drinking at random locations around the New York metro area tonight but I have a meeting with the big wigs at my job for a refresher on Work place violence/ Sexual Harassment and drinking on the job so showing up with a hang over might be in bad taste. But speaking of Work place violence, I saw Star Trek into Darkness tonight with my cousin Mikey. This is the second time he is seeing it and the first time for me and boy howdy was I shocked. But that's what the next paragraph is for, why don't you join me.

   Star Trek into Darkness is the second installment from Wonder Nerd JJ Abrams who for all this time was the lead singer from Weezer. He can't really sing but he is pretty fucking magical.  He is telling the tale of the Uss Enterprise pre-Shanter. Like when Kirk,Spock, Bones and the crew were late 20's early 30's. Now I don't want to invoke the Wrath of Star Trek Fans who have not seen the movie and yet read these reviews. Which A. Thank you and B. Seriously dude? But I thought this movie was by far the best epic scale movie to come out in years. The story , the Acting , the effects, and the Alice Eve boobs were top notch.

       So my recommendation is.... See this fucking movie. If you're a big Star Trek fan : You'll have a boner, you are a Star Wars guy who isn't 100% about JJ : You'll have a boner , If you are just looking for something to do on the weekend and you can't get into see Peeples : You'll have a boner,  you are a lady and you've made a terrible mistake by dating a nerd or want to know what a Cumberbatch is : You'll have a boner. Basically you'll have a boner because this movie is so beautifully done that.... You'll have a boner.


       That's pretty much it. Being honest I am not a huge Star Trek guy. I saw the first one that JJ did and was ok with it. But this one is by far the best movie to come out this year (Pacific Rim You are on notice). Though I have faith for Last Vegas. Till next time.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You asked for It. I will give it to you..... The Wonder Years Reviewed

Underrated Heroes Concert 
    Looks like the Boss has to step up and take charge.... Again. Well, friends you don't get the big office and even bigger paycheck at Underrated Heroes headquarters for sitting on your hands. Let me start this by stating that I am a man of the people. And when one of my people has a request for the crack staff here at the most noblest of the blogger free blogs(or whatever) I don't let the fans down.
   They may not be my fans but they are fans of my site. So here we go, there has been a cry out for our opinion on The Wonder Years. So I am going to give it.

  The Wonder Years was a show that I think was on ABC back in 1988. It ran for 6 season and the effects of the show are felt today.  The Arnold family spent every Wednesday teaching us how to live in the late 60's to early 70's. With family, friends, love, and pleated pants.  We follow young Kevin Arnold played by America's greatest actor Fred Savage as he goes though pre-teen to young adulthood
 as the youngest of 3 children. His older sister Karen, who was as free spirited as they come and rebelled against her fathers very conservative old school life style. It made for great drama and suspense because you didn't know what she was going to do next, or for the episodes she was on. Then there is  his brother Wayne, what a son of a bitch. The ultimate antagonist to our hero Kevin.He owned the phrase "Butthead". He claimed the Butthead mantle from Biff from Back to the Future. Wayne also was quite the ladies man, with a name like Wayne how could he not be... I am reading Wikipedia while I write this because it's been over 20 something years since I cared for this show. We watched the Arnold kids grow up under the steady yet gruff hands of Jack and Norma. Who tried to adjust to the times before Jack died... Wait the DAD fucking died ? Holy shit when did that Happen?!!! Bullshit, I didn't know that. Fuck that's sad. Here I was going about this all humorously. Shit , Well no use crying over dead fictional characters. I want to talk about Winnie Cooper.  Oh Btw You can see it on you guessed it ... Netflix 

She's the perfect girl, everyones first crush... and now she is a nuclear phycologist or something smart. Oh yeah and She looks like this ( Picture below)
Oh Winnie Cooper 
    If you have made it this far. I commend you because I want  40% into this post. I'm guessing The Wonder Years is some sort of band that you kids listen to?  Here's the thing Mikey has been crying in his converses for like 2 years trying to get me to listen to this band and other bands like it. So I am leaving it up to you the readers. Should I listen to this band or should I just go about my normal business jamming out to Hall and Oats, Styx and Chumbawamba.  All Day Errrvery Day. Hit us up on Facebook to let me know.

It's finally done: My top 17 Arrested Development Episodes. Two weeks in the making


  Oh man I think I might be on some sort of funk here. This is post #9 in the last 15 or something posts. Now they might not all be good or make sense. But it's quantity over quality, right ? Whatever, so this idea came to me pretty easily.

  Like so many of you I am super excited  for May 26th,  I am 100% sure that will be the greatest day in the history of May 26thes everywhere.... What's that you don't know what is happeneing on May 26th so my level of enthusiasm comes off as off putting and a little bit scary ? Well I apologize for that. I just can't contain my excitment for too much longer.

  Well if you don't know on May 26th, Netflix is releasing the long awaited, much needed, highly anticipated and whatever two words I could put together that would express how much we all can't wait for : SEASON 4 OF ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT ...

 The show that Fox gave up on because they would rather have the Cleveland Show, Hell's kitchen, Skating with Celebrities ,Celebrity Duets ( BTW Alfonso Ribeiro is a revelation) So you think you can Dance, The Wedding Bells and so much more premium broadcasting since its cancellation back in 2006. Funny a lot of my favorite things ended in 2006 - Arrested Development ,The Mets being a good team, my interest in college. Such a year.

  So my idea is a top 17 list because I haven't done one of these in hot minute. So I am going to list my top 17 favorite Arrested Development. This is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done.  But I am up for the challenge. I will get this list done or I will die trying. 17 in honor of my softball number and because I kept on adding on more episodes, seriously  I started with top 5 , then 10 , then 15 and I finally said to my self " Well you could do every episodes.

  I racked my brain thinking that I should write a plot  summary or like my favorite quotes from the episode. But I just got lost in watching the episodes. I actually started writing this right after the Iron Man 3 post. So I have decided to not to do anything about the episode. I am just going to give you a list and it is your responsibility to watch these episodes. Also I don't want to re-watch the episodes because it would be another month until this thing came out and I would like to have my ducks in a row when season 4 comes out. By the way I didn't plan for  me putting the trailer in this post. Shit just worked out like this. You can watch all of the Series on Netflix. Which I think I have said 1000x in this post alone?

17. Exit Strategy/ The Pilot- Season 3 episode 12 and Season 1 episode 1 ( obviously)
16. Afternoon Delight- Season 2 episode 6-
15. The one where they Build a house- Season 2 episode 2 - " I just want my kids back "
14. Prison Break-in - Season 3 episode 7
13. Sword of Destiny -
12. Queen For a Day- Season 2 episode 8-
11. Best Man for the Gob-
10. Switch Hitter- Season 2 episode 7-
9. Staff Infection- Season 1 episode 15-
8. My mother the Car - Season 1 episode 8-
7. Whistler's Mother- Season 1 episode 20-
6.  Mother Boy XXX- Season 2 episode 13-
5.  S.O.Bs-  Season 3 episode 9-
4. Notapusy - Season 3 episode 4-
3.  Meat the Veals -Season 2 episode 16-
2. Ready, Aim , Marry Me!- Season 2 episode 10-
1. Bringing Up Buster- Season 1 episode 3-


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Movie Mayhem 3- Iron Man 4... I mean 3 , Iron Man 3


 Here we are again. Time for the mayhem to run wild on the internet. So this was a big week for the Nerds in all of us I guess you can say. Well maybe not the whole week but by the end of it, it really picked up. Since today or when ever you is May 4th and that is now Star Wars day and people are going all over the Facebooks and Twitter  with " May the 4th be with you" or as I know it as "pretend to be a nerd day". But I am not here to talk about Star Wars... yet . No there was a big time movie release this week and what happens when there is a big release The Underrated Heroes Staff goes. Mayhem ensues

  This week was Iron Man 3 and we went out in force. I'm talking about Nick, Andrew, Mikey, Vinny( He'll be doing the podcasts) Jimmy, and my self all hit up a Long Island theater and well at least the younger of the group made their presence known. Needless to say they were excited.

  Iron Man 3 is the possibly last solo Iron Man movie for Marvel.It stars everyone's favorite bounce back story Robert Downey Jr ,hottest (?) women in the Pop culture world Gwyneth Paltrow , Guy Pierce who is tremendously underrated, under used Rebecca Hall  , The amazing Don Shield and Just because they can Ben Kingsley all star in this action packed heart pumping adrenaline thrill ride that has an Avengers reference every 15 minutes or so.  The Story goes : Tony Stark is trying to come to terms with what happened in New York. So he has become a hermit with a smoke of a girlfriend. But even though he is spinning his wheels there has been a spike in terrorist attacks around the country by the Mandarin who is not green and or Asian but is this too cool for school type guy who hates William Sadler.  So while Tony is dealing with his heavy shit the Mandarin starts some shit with him and then Kaboom Action central. Now I am trying really hard not to give away any spoilers. So it makes this really hard to write because I know I'd get murdered if I give anything away important.  See it in 3-d it's  worth the extra money.

  So here is where I grace you with my opinion. This movie was fun, it was humorous, it was action packed, it was exciting, it had a lot of different things from the Comics that could play in the next set of movies, and It was a nice way to cap off Iron Man's solo movies. But that doesn't make it perfect and I think if you go in with the expectation that this movie is the best comic book movie ever made you will be disappointed. There are points in this movie where you go " You fucking kidding me?" which is the last 40 minutes of so and also if you are a big Iron man fan there will be a point where you say to your self " Seriously going to play it that way?". If I had to grade it on a scale of 1-10 1 being Elektra and 10 being The Dark Knight I have to give it a 7.5. I say see it, go out of your way if you have to and you've
seen all of them so far. Stay after the credits because come on you have too. But just set the bar around the original  Spiderman. Lives up to the hype but left wanting something more.

Here is a quick rank in my opinion of the Best Marvel Movies
1. Spider man - 2 : All round good movie
2. Avengers - I don't care if the plot made no sense it was the movie I wanted
3. Iron Man- It  was the perfect start for me to lose a shit load of money
4. X-men2-  It met such high exceptions head on which is why X3 was such a huge disappointment
5. Thor - Came out of no where to be good. I was very skeptical that it would work and it did
6. Punisher - Tom Jane just wants his kids back
7. Iron man 3- Like I said it was a lot of fun to watch
8 Captain America -  It was 60% I am a Cap Fan and 35% Avengers curiosity and 5% wanted to see it
9. X-men - The rebirth of the comic book genre
10. Blade 2- I have no clue on why but Ron Pearlman  was awesome.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

It has finally happened!! I fell in love with a woman!!!

Hey Bitches!!!!  How y'all doin???  I know you are all wondering the meaning behind the title of this blog.  Well as we all know I am the resident lovable homo on this blog team.  But, it has come to my attention that I have fallen for a woman!!!  (hold for gasps!!)  Yes its true.  She has stolen my heart like no other person ever has.  Her name is... Emilia Clarke , or to be more accurate, Danerys Targaryen my one true Khaleesi!!  Yes I am talking about that blonde power house Queen of my heart from Game of Thrones on HBO.

For all of you die hard Game of Thrones fans, I am just putting it out there I have not read the books (yet); and only have watched the show.  I am also writing this to talk about one character and give a little background on her, not go heavy into the show plots are themes.  This blog contains spoilers from the early seasons, if you haven't watched and plan on it and do not want to know what has happened, thanks for stopping by! Keep on following!!

I know I am way behind the times on a post like this, but to be honest I legit started watching the show about a week ago from when I am actually typing this blog.  I power housed through the first 24 episodes for you my fans!!!  But, with that I found the love of my life.  She walked on to the screen with her brother Viserys Targaryen, as he was basically selling her off to the King or Khal Drogo of the Dothraki, an almost barbarian type tribe.  Viserys is making Danerys marry Khal Drogo because he wants to regain the Iron throne that once belonged to his family, before they were over thrown by the current monarchy. He does not respect his sister at all, as most people back in those times had no respect for the females in their lives, but he was something else. He told her at one point that he would let the entire Dothraki army tribe fuck her if it got him back on the iron throne.

As season one continues the khaleesi with the guidance of her servant learns to become a queen of this tribe. Khal Drogo truly was a barbarian, but she soften him and they become a loving couple. Before you know it she is pregnant, and all is right in the world, until there is trouble in paradise. So as her power grows as Khaleesi, her brother Viserys become increasingly angry and crazy. Ultimately leading to quite possibly the best death of season one (they melt gold and pour it over his head!!!). Season one continues and the Dothraki become increasingly angry with their leaders, finally coming to a battle between the Khal and one of the men. The Khal is wounded and winds up getting the "fester". The Khaleesi calls for one of her slaves to heal him, and winds up using black magic, and some how causing her to miscarry her baby (really simplifying it here), and leaves The Khal is a vegetative state. Eventually the Khaleesi must do right by the Khal, and smothers him. At the funeral the Khal is burned, they burn the witch alive, and the Khaleesi joins her king in the fire with dragon eggs. The next scene you see the Khaleesi unharmed by the flames (bc apparently she has dragon blood in her? That part was a lil bit much for me) appears with 3 baby dragons!!! She is now the Khaleasi Danerys Targaryen mother of dragons.

As season two begins we find the Khaleesi on a quest to build her army and march to take back the thrown that she is supposed rein over.  She winds up in a city called Qarth the free city.  While in Qarth, she is greated by the richest man in Qarth, who takes her in a provides her "security".  By the end of the season we find that someone has stole her dragons and killed all of her followers.  People read her as weak, when (as she shows by the end of the season) she is strong and a truly protective mother to her dragons.  Season three starts with the Khaleesi finally getting her boat and sailing towards  her goals at becoming the Queen.  She stops off to find an army, once again she is read as a weak, and simple young girl, only to show her true power and reveal that she is stronger than any man can and will be.

So that is just some of the examples from the show that made me love her.  Its a trend in some of the gay community to find strength in strong female role models.  Past favorites of mine have been Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Eliza Dushku who played Faith the vampire slayer (gotta admit I loved that show so much, hmmm future post???).  Other kick ass bitches that I have idolized over are Jean Grey (yes the comic book character) Posh Spice Victoria Beckham.  These women were all powerful in their own right, but the Khaleesi has done something to me none of these other women have done to me.  I talk about her all the time.  I watch the shows and truly do not care much for what else is going on other then her parts.  She exudes a presences that draws you to her, she can change your way of thinking with just a glance and make you want to follow her.  Every time she acquires slaves, she sets them free and gives them the option of staying and serving her under their own free will, which most of them stay because there is something about the character that makes you want to help her succeed.  Now that I sound like a stalker to a fictional character, I think I'm going to wrap it up.

Paleo update for all of you guys that are following me on my journey with weight loss and this new life style.  Its really working guys.  I am down 35 pounds, my skin is so much healthier, and I feel so much better.  I have more energy and I am working out almost 6 days a week.  I am really liking the lifestyle change.  Finding things to eat has become easier, and its not just salads and meat.  I will keep giving updates like this at the end of all my blogs just to keep my readers up to date.

 So thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog.  As usual don't forget you can follow me on twitter @bigq1118 on instgram @bigq1118 and  vine once again @bigq1118.  Don't forget to like on Facebook underrated heroes . Later Bitches!!!!