Monday, April 22, 2013

Vid-Jha-ma game podcast # 2

  Hey sorry about the delay everyone I know you have been dying to see our faces / hear our wonderful voices talking about all things video gamey and what  not but. With all of our crazy schedules we kinda forgot to post this shizz.  So here it is our second video game podcast. This one is a little different we tried a more free flow no host type pod cast where everyone could just talk about whatever. Strangely enough this is probably one of the shortest ones we ever did. It's about one hour and eleven minutes of pure madness. Or relatively calm chaotic discussion.  Matt, Ray, Nick, Mike and myself showcase our gift of gab in : UNDERRATED HEROES PODCAST#2 - THE SEARCH FOR MORE FACAIL HAIR... What I thought it was funny at the time.


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