Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TV Review: Teen Titans Go!

Not The Teen Titans That You Love.

Teen Titans returned last night, but not in the way you think.  Teen Titans Go! is a show definitely geared towards a younger audience, the same audience that enjoys Johnny Test and other CN comedy shows.  So for me this was a huge disappointment even if it wasn't that surprising.

The episode was split into two 11 minute stories the first story was Legendary Sandwich and it focused on you guessed it a Legendary Sandwich.  The episode starts with Raven trying to watch a My Little Pony like show, but she keeps getting interrupted by Robin, Cyborg, and BB who keep eating food right above her.  After Robin claims he makes the best sandwiches Raven comes up with a plan to get them all out of the Titan Tower so she can watch her show in piece.  The plan is to send them on a scavenger hunt for ingredients to make the legendary sandwich.  I found this half of the show to be the lesser of the two, but that's not saying much when i didn't really enjoy either story.  There was some good lines with Robin at the Super Market waiting for Pretzel Bread and the part with his staff did get a chuckle out of me.

The second half of the episode was titled Pie Bros and focused on what Beast Boy would get Cyborg for his birthday.  Beast Boy originally was going to give his best bud a drawing of the two, but Cyborg drops some heavy hints that he would really want a new video game that is coming out.  Beast Boy gets a job to acquire currency to buy said game.  The initial job hunt with BB doing his dream jobs was cute fun with it ending with BB getting a job at the pie shop that Cyborg is having his party at.  Cyborg is hurt though when BB says he has to work on Cyborg's birthday and Cyborg's line that his quivering lip should be a fine sign of disapproval of this decision got the biggest rise out of me in the entire 23 minutes.  On Cyborg's birthday a pie fight breaks out and ends with BB showing Cyborg his original gift with Cyborg saying, angrily, that he liked it and that it was a good gift.

Should You Watch This Show?  No, probably not.  It isn't The Titan show that I loved when I was a Teen and I find it a bit of a slap in the face of old Teen Titan Fans.  When I first heard of Teen Titans returning I thought we would finally get season 6 and more of the great story that we already had.  I didn't get that and in it's place that snuffs out any hope I had of seeing a return of the original.  The comedy in the show isn't bad it just isn't meant for me or my demo. I can accept that.  The animation is meant to be over the top wacky due to the demo they want to grab with this show as well.  I can accept that.  What I can't accept is Cartoon Network using characters that are clearly defined and in my opinion shunning long time fans of the original show.  I will continue to watch the show out of my nostalgia and hope that good ratings could lead to a Old Teen Titans return.  To close I will leave a video of a Original Titans episode that was a comedy and I enjoyed just yesterday.

If you stayed long enough to read this entire POS I congratulate you.  If you want to talk about Teen Titans or anything at all you can reach me on twitter @Nick_Willy

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