Monday, April 22, 2013

Super Hero Podcast # 2 : DC, Justice League , Injustice and some other stuff all rolled into this

Just incase that wasn't enough for you. Ray, Mike, Nick and my self stayed up just little longer on the same day and try to talk about the D.C Univerese. As we spent an hour trying to sell Marvel only Mike on the D.C universe. Watch and let us know if we did a decent job, because we did a lot of talking. Also you get to watch Mike and Nick play the new D.C fighting game Injustice : Gods among us. As Ray and I basically try to figure out whats going on. It runs about an hour and ten I think

   Here is some inside info. We did this no more then 20 minutes after the last one. So we are all gassed and are holding it together.



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