Sunday, April 28, 2013

Litte bit of this. Little bit of That... Little bit of talking out of my ass

   So what am I going to talk about? Should I talk about how I the leader of the Underrated Heroes staff just added a new voice? Yes, besides myself , Nick, and Parker I added another mind that is so cunning , so original , so captivating , so full of ideas of sandwiches that if I didn't add him to the mix I would be you the fans, the Underrated Heroes staff, and America a tremendous  disservice. Welcome to the winning team Tom Shortall.  Now that is out of the way let's get down to brass tacts here folks.

  My original idea for this post was actually going to be this whole spiel about how Social media site like Twitter and Reedit just absolutely dominated the tragic events up in Boston and lead it into this wild and crazy ride that puts Facebook on blast for now just becoming a MEME sharing waste land being battled out by people who hate mondays and fucking love fridays against people who love guns and fucking hate Obama/the government. In other words it sucks. Look I know Facebook always had hot chicks posting pictures of them doing stuff. It's what save this country and I am pretty sure it is delaying World War 3. But the whole e-card that has some saying on it that is an inside joke which I guess is funny. Then there is the other side, there are the people who got really into the election and the whole process and have not let go of the fact they hate everything the government does. It's basically being at a bar where the  super intense dude is trying to buy the really shallow and  vapid girl a drink while explaining how Obama fooled the American people by doing something that isn't racist but the way they said it kinda made you feel like you watched the whole dog scene in Django again.  But nonetheless I don't want to get into it because shit will get real.

 I guess I should talk about how awful I think the Great Gatsby movie looks.... It looks dumb. But I guess I should explain myself .
   Like most Americans I read the Great Gatsby in high school and I was in 100% to it. What's not to like Dude having killer parties trying to get noticed by his neighbor / former lover? Just crushing life after facing some personal tragedies early on , gaining a fortune that he'd give away in a second and just being in love with the perfect girl. All shit that I felt because in the 9th grade when I first read the novel I had feelings for a girl who didn't know I existed even though I sat right next to her in class, but I blame that on the last ever bowl haircuts in the late 90's. Rocked that doo until 2000. I got to see the Robert Redford adaptation which I liked because I think I look like Redford so it was easy to replace Roy Hobbs with my self.
  I think around Thanksgiving the original trailer hit for the new Baz Lurhmann.  Obvious CG and No Church in the Wild made me get a little worried. But that was the first trailer the one to get your interest. Then they go 3-d and release more of the sound track. Not feeling it.
  It looks to be casted poorly. I get the Leo move because that is a solid Gatsby . He is the true leading man and really besides a young Alex Baldwin who do you go with? Ryan Mumbles Gosling or Channing "possibly retarded" Tatum ? No way, just throw your money in the garbage right there. Now them you go with Peter Parker , Joel Edgerton who's best role is 5 minutes, and Isla Fisher who makes her return to the big screen only to have her be scene ruined by the genius people who make trailers these days. Oh I totally forgot the Girl that Gatsby fell in love with when he was a young buck. Daisy is being played by Carey Mulligan who is 12 years old. When Leo was Eating Gilbert Grape she was 8 years old. It's not like she can play old. Her acting style is speaking really low and  making people think she is the girl on that show about revenge I think it's called Revenge.  Poor choice.
  I am not psyched for this and I might avoid it. The only way I am seeing this movie is if I go with select company and they really want to see it. But it could be good. How could a movie that takes place in the 1920s , being played by  2 actors who have been in movies that took place pre 1960, more CGI and shitty 3-d tricks then Jurassic Park 3-d, Avengers and Avatar combined and ISLA FISHER? FUCK IT, I might just see it for her.  She is still hot even though she has been Borated.

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