Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just wasting time until the Mets play

  Let me be frank with all of you for a real minute right here. The fact that I am still leading this dog and pony show during baseball season should show you my commitment to bringing you the goods. Even now I am watching the Giants and the Dodgers bore the living shit out of the MLB Network. They are throwing out Bob Costas and Jim Kaat to try to get some excitement in this snooze fest. But that's not what I am here to do today.

 But before I get into what I want to talk about, I would like to discuss the worst show on T.V that I can not stop watching. I don't know why I can't maybe because it's like watching a train crash into a fireworks factory  and  having puppies being throw into the arms of children who are allowed out of the burn ward that day. I am talking about the Show Splash. Holy Shit this show is so bad that it's captivating. I guess it's like Dancing with the Stars or Ice Dancing with the Stars and trying to remember the last thing the stars were in. But they have a group of "Stars" like Kareem Abdul Jabbar ,

Louie Anderson, Katherine Webb, and  one of the host is Carissa Thompson who is now the hottest female on Espn. As you figure these stars jump off a diving board and get judged for their dive.
  Now My problem isn't so much the  people diving or the hosts because you can only do so much with nothing. No my problem is the grading system and the obviousness of who they are eliminating. Let's start with the grading of the dives. I am just going to get this out first : I think Diving and swimming are the lowest form of sports. All you are doing is falling in style and preventing drowning faster then the other guy.  But it's so obvious that the show is fixed.  More then the 1919 world series. They kicked off Rudy Huxtable , Ndamukong Suh and they kicked off Kendra ( who may be the worst person alive) Wilkinson who if she just fell into the water they would of given her a 7.50 for over coming her " fear of heights" so they could kick off Kareem. Do you see a pattern ? They did pair diving which was dumb. But they pair 60+ year old Kareem with 900+ pound Louie Anderson. Seriously what could they possibly do when they spread out the more athletic talent elsewhere? Come on ABC I see what you're doing and I do not like it. They  the way you started to judge the dives where based on how the competitors got over their " Fear of diving" or what ever sap story they puke out to fill their wallets. I understand that people might be afraid of heights. If you are there for the drama of the whole thing then fine but seriously you are just making people who are honestly terrified of heights look like giants pussies.

   Enough of that noise. What I really wanted to talk about is what feels like absolute laziness of the New Releases / recently added section of Netflix instant. Look I love Netflix instant, frankly my life would suck with out it but  with their increasing new content they haven't made it any easier to find it.  I don't know if it's just my Netflix account  but I have seen the same four videos on the new releases since I subscribed.  But I do like every move they have made in the past 6 months. The Big deal with Disney which will brings in  a lot of cool family movies and shit like that but mainly the  Marvel properties that it will come with it. But in the last week Netflix just uploaded a ton of content from WB animation Like I said before with the Justice Leagues and Batmans. But they went H.A.M on cartoon network shows. I'm talking about Samurai Jack, Power Puff Girls, Codename Kids next door, and the {Adult swim} line up. Netflix is making power moves to stay #1 on the instant game but I just wish that they'd clean it up a bit. Make it fun to be on the site because lets face it if their site was more interactive then just a scrolling bar of content , it would blow Hulu + out of the water.

 Well that's it . So until the next time I guess. Hit up the Facebook page and twitter .

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