Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hangover TV: The Neighbors

Back again, with another "Hangover TV" review. Only this time I am hungover on tears and Nashville (no connection). Oh and maybe a few brews, but who's counting? I hope that sounded melodramatic, because The Neighbors is being "reviewed" today. 

For those of us who didn't read the original post, here's a recap: 

Hangover TV (noun): a TV show that requires minimal thought and/or concentration; it's only to be watched intermittently in moments of physical recovery or mental boredom. See also: "filler"

Let's use in a sentence, spelling bee style (ZOMG episode reference):"I watched everything in my Hulu queue and I refuse to get enough rest for work tomorrow or go to the gym; I will watch some Hangover TV." 

Everyone got it? OK, let's get down to it. I like this show. I remember seeing the adverts before it aired and thinking "wow, what an original concept for TV" (translation: who greenlight this show).  I thought it looked hilarious and made a mental note to watch it. Then I completely forgot. Oh and also I moved and refuse to pay for cable, which brings me to how I found this show on Hulu Plus. I was browsing popular shows in a desperate attempt to find something to watch one Sunday, and I remembered the logo. Thrilling? Definitely. Nice work ABC marketing team.

Here's the premise: a NJ family moves to the suburbs and their neighbors are a group of clueless aliens named after famous athletes. Naturally, miscommunications and earthly hijinks ensue (it's a comedy after all). The critics hated the show, but luckily I didn't discover that until after I'd watched it (and LAUGHED - though not at everything). 

Watch it for the matching outfits!
Here's what I like about the show: 

  • It's a little cheesy. Or a cheesier than a Wisconsin wine tasting, depending on who you ask. Sometimes the acting/plot/dialogue is a bit much, but the show is improving as it goes along. The acting is a little over the top, but I think that it works well within the "weekly, semi-no plot comedy series" genre. (Sidenote: I actually just wondered if sometimes the director makes everybody re-shoot their scenes because they're not forced enough.) 
  • The lady-actors are bringing it. While basically all the actors deserve some props - I mean, who can deliver some of these lines with a straight face - I have to call out a few ladies. Specifically, Debbie Weaver (Jami Gertz) and definitely Jackie Joyner-Kerse (Toks Olagundoye). Well acted, ladies, bravo. Although maybe I'm just calling out Toks for those fabulously toned arms, amiright? I also really like Tim Jo as Reggie Jackson, but he's not a lady and only gets a brief mention. Actually, no one is supremely annoying on the show, except for Max Weaver. Man, I don't know what it is, but sometimes I just cannot stand that kid. Not a bad actor though, just the stereotypical overly-mature kid character. 
  • It makes me laugh. What else can you really ask for? I have definitely LOLed on more than once occasion while watching this show. Does that say something about my level of kla$s and taste? PROBABLY but idc (that's cool textspeak for "I don't care"). Oh and speaking of texting, there's a hilarious joke about paper-texts (aka letters per Amber Weaver) in the last episode I watched. That's right, I watched 1.5 hours of The Neighbors tonight in order to drown my sorrows/convince you to watch it #WorthIt. This show is fresh and FUNNY. If you don't laugh, you'll definitely smirk at least once. Or ABC will give you a full refund. 
Like I said about 1600 Penn, you don't need to watch The Neighbors live - or even regularly. Watch it when you procrastinate or when you babysit terrible children you want to punish. Whatevs, it's Hangover TV. It's like reading a tabloid mag at the nail salon. 

Have you watched the show? What'd you think? Let me know in the comments. 

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